Five ways you can make him feel loved in bed than saying "I love you"?

Do you like to be intimate with your other half?

Do you know that you love him and understand that sex is an important link between two people, but sometimes you always feel like it's a little empty to finish love? It may be because life is too busy, you begin to forget how to do a good love, or it may be that together for a long time, sex is like a routine, naturally lost to each other to expect and feel satisfied. (Editor's recommendation:"Go long because it's still going to be able to move" to your partner's "Seven-Day Building Deep Intimacy" challenge)

So, how do you continue to feel love with each other in bed? The "Five Languages of Love" proposed by Dr. Gary Chapman of the United States, which includes positive words, elaborate time, gifts, physical touch, service, can actually be used in "beds";

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Five ways to make him feel loved in bed

1. "Your body is beautiful" words in bed praise words, can remember for a long time

Dr. Sharmila Majumdar, a sexologist and clinical psychologist, says speech is important to women in bed. The words "I want to make you happy", "Hello sexy" and "feel good" can make the other person feel at ease, special, and appreciated.

As you can imagine, it takes courage and trust to be completely naked in front of a person. Even if you are already old wives, we are faced with their own physical changes, old anxiety every day;

2. "Honey, I'm not wearing it today..." Create a surprise, I'm a gift for you

No matter how long the relationship, moderate "flirting" and a sense of surprise, the effect is very good. For example, suddenly prepare a sexy pajamaset, buy a set of sex objects you've been watching for a long time, or learn different skills . . . . . . . If you really don't have time, just a little cautionary machine, such as deliberately not wearing leggings to climb into bed, these lovely hints, can make the other side feel your intentions. He'll know that you care about the time you have sex with each other, and then look forward to every intimacy you've had!

3. "I know where you are comfortable" foreplay is done full, my head has built your sensitive belt

Do you know the other half's sensitive belt? Do you know how he likes to be teased and touched? Sex therapist Cyndi Darnell recommends that you draw a body map of the other half and explore his body's sexy belts, including the neck, shoulders, scalp, ears, inside thighs, back, buttocks, and try to use different speeds or frequencies to ask and feel his reaction. Simply put, don't omit the feeling of enjoying each other's pleasures during the "foreplay". Your service behavior will make the other person feel valued, and this body map is only the emotional code between you.

By the other, remember to cut your nails!

4. "I feel like we're completely overlapping" try to embrace position and experience the feeling of skin close fit

Do you know? It's not just intimacy that promises intimacy. Especially when you treat sexual activity only as a routine, you are more likely to ignore the opportunity to convey love and trust through your limbs.

It is recommended to try more in bed like a missionary or spoon-shaped position, whether face-to-face or from the back, and try to wrap your hands around each other, which can give you almost identical skin contact. By the way, you can also touch his sensitive belt, such as, such as places, you know he will love you more from now on. (Guess what you want to see:"Before orgasm, slow breathing" couple's late-night hours: Make sexual excitement deeper and more lasting to Tantric Sex)

5. After the passion of "To hold him with love" passion, we can't afford the long flow of fine water

The sex process causes your brain to secrete oxytocin and to be loved more. Research such as those of sexual relations researcher Robin Milhausen has shown that sex can make people vulnerable, need to confirm relationships, and be loved, and that "the play" becomes an important time to improve your emotional relationship.

Including hugging, kissing, showering together, or dressing gently for him, these actions will make him feel like you can be passionate together, but also in the face of the passion slowly fades, each other still love each other's time. (Extended reading: "Why doI have a great sense of loss when I'm done with love" CoupleS Late Night: Do you have the "six-minute rule" to do the post-mortem? ) )

Sex educator Jamie J. LeClaire says that in relationships we should feel confident, safe and satisfied, and that being "love" is a transmission of love by name. It's not just the satisfaction of desire, it's not routine, your sex should be an important channel for each other to feel expectation and trust.

Now, start practicing to say love with your body!