5/28 World Menstrual Health Day. How much do you know about menstruation? Do you know what kindof of physiological products are available? "Paying attention to menstruation is taking good care of your body. I know, sometimes you find menstruation annoying, but you have to admit that you can't live without it.

Good morning, dear! Did you arrive on time for your menstruation this month? What physiological products are you used to using - tampons, tampons or moon cups? Do you often suffer from pain?

May 28th, World Menstrual Health Day, was launched in 2014 by Wash United, a German non-profit organization, to draw public attention to the issues of menstruation, health and hygiene.

Hey, menstruation isn't just about girls. If you're a boy, don't think it's none of your business! You should also know these menstrual things, to partners, mothers, sisters and female friends more understanding and concern.

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What do we mean when we say "menstrual stigma"?

Menstruation is closely related to half the world's population, and a woman spends about 60 days a year with her from puberty to menopause for about 40 years. Menstruation is so natural, yet it is rarely valued or discussed openly and healthily.

"Menstruation, blood, blood, nausea, secrecy, cover-up. Why? Menstruation is a physiological process that every girl and woman goes through, but it is considered taboo. Aditi Gupta. Founder of the Encyclopedia. (Recommended reading: Reform India with menstrual encyclopedias!) The gentlest TED speech: "Menstruation is not a disease, nor a curse"

"That", "MC", "Great Aunt" a girl's growth process, may have heard a wide--cut means of referencing menstruation, and even extended tampons can not be called directly, to say that it is "apple bread" or "cotton".

When the early tide of puberty comes, in the school want to change tampons, to cover up, or from the bag to take out a special set of tampon bags, to the convenience store to buy tampon, the clerk will ask you do not need a paper bag.

Why is it clear that it is such a close physical phenomenon with girls that it is difficult for the public to look directly? This is closely related to menstruation stigma. (Same-field plus: "Gender Watch" menstrual stigma only in India? Oscar anonymous review: "I just think menstruation is disgusting!" "

The sociologist Erving Goffman defines "stigma" as the fact that people are forced to add a certain attribute (attributes) that distinguish him from other members and that the attribute is the less so. So he was demoted from a whole ordinary person to a polluted, demeaning person who was not treated with the society he deserved, and society systematically reduced his social opportunities.

What happens when the month is not taken seriously by the public? Gradually, we may become less and less able to talk about it in public, making it taboo, and even girls feel ashamed to discuss their physical and physical condition. And if vocalization becomes a difficult thing, it limits women's rights in this area. For example, sanitary quilts are taxed on luxury, tampons are considered to be second-class medical equipment, meaning that women need to spend more money to obtain essential physical supplies for themselves.

If you want to learn more about menstruation inequality, we have chosen a good book for you:Menstrual inequality from ancient times to the present, women's menstruation is taboo.

Understanding physiological supplies: tampons, tampons, moon cups

Once upon a time, most people thought that they could undertake blood-borne physiological supplies only tampons, and then with the rise of environmental awareness, as well as in response to different needs, the product also new, with the cotton, tampon, moon cup and moon pants and so on, to provide women with more yuan choice.

If you want to get a simple understanding of tampons, tampons and moon cups, you can refer to the picture below with a very clear description.

Pictures : Women Fans

Less known at the moment, perhaps the cotton and moon pants.

First of all, the use of cotton and general tampon is no different, the main difference is in the material, as well as the adhesive part of the button replacement, the average one cotton can be used for about two years. If you want to know more, refer to the First Time at the Environmental Information Center! Cloth tampon ultra-complete demystification teaching.

As for the moon pants, think of it as an improved material after the underwear, about 10 c.c. can absorb about 10 c.c. the amount of blood, equivalent to a piece of tampon blood. Therefore, the moon pants can not completely replace the abandoned physiological supplies, only recommended for use in a small amount, when the amount of time, with the existing use of other physiological supplies. To know more, read also make yourself better off being gentle on the environment! Physiological period painless waste, Taiwan's first "blood-sucking" moon pants.

Pay attention to menstruation, can take good care of the body

Dear, have you ever known and observed menstruation well? In fact, the frequency of the tide, the length of menstruation or the state of menstruation, are closely related to your physical state, if not good communication with it, it seems a bit too sad!

I know that menstruation can be annoying at times, but perhaps as a girl we can stop seeing it as a monthly check-in problem, but use it to understand our physical condition.

The body is a dark room in the wilderness / the touch of no one smoke, the distant sound of gunfire / I wash edgy silver-red negatives / Floating on the distant mountains / Wanton display of savage style - ye-period music

In this era, all kinds of human things can become festivals, the purpose is to recognize and remember.

On 28 May, World Day for Menstrual Health, every year, there is an annual call for menstrual destigmaation and an end to menstrual poverty and inequality. At the same time, also tell everyone: have menstruation is not a shame, and should be proud of things.