What would it be like without parents to accompany your childhood? Rob was abandoned by his father at the age of 14 and spent the adolescence of being forced to grow up independently; Youtube channel, filming a variety of life problems. 'I want to raise good children not good children, but good adults, because my childhood is broken, ' he said.

"Dad, I won't, can you help me?" 」

In many people's childhoods, this is probably a more ordinary word. Your first time learning to dress, tie shoelaces, pick up chopsticks; your school craft work, unopened sealing jars; your campus relationships, your first secret love and loss of love... Father or mother, accompanied by dental language children, adapt to this big world, little by little growth. (For children:"You have to grow up well and practice saying goodbye" A Japanese father's life guide to his son before he leaves.

And these processes are a distant dream for Rob.

When he was 14 years old, his father abandoned the family, his mother had a long history of alcohol problems, he rarely had the opportunity to ask every life choice or frustration, to ask my parents, what should I do. Now in his 50s, he opened "Dad, How Do I?" in April 2020. Youtube channel, teaching a child a growing process will require a variety of life skills. Today, more than 2.02 million subscribers have been subscribed in less than two months.

Like to say, no father around, than give you a few words of comfort, I would like to accompany you more daily, repair the sofa or wire.

Images from"Dad, How Do I?" "

Images from"Dad, How Do I?" "

"Dad, where are you going?" The boy asked sadly, but never heard back.

Youtuber Rob's story is reported by Youtuber Rob. As he was about to prepare for a changing adolescence, one day his father suddenly left behind their eight children and never came back.

In fact, before that, his home had already had problems.

His mother had been drinking heavily for years because of the intense pressure to raise eight children because of her marriage. And it all started to deteriorate when his father changed his job. The couple's suspicion and uneasiness led to disputes and divorces, while the father only gambled to obtain custody of the children, and eventually abandoned them for lack of responsibility and love: "Dad said he no longer needed us." (Extended reading:How does "unchangeable, unable to abandon" mentally unhealthy parents affect their children? ) )

From a dysfunctional family, Rob grew up alone and had a family of his own. However, when he lost his job, his wife became pregnant, which brought him to the brink of collapse. He later found himself still under the influence and mercy of the shadows of childhood, and realized that it was time to put aside the past and forgive his father. In fact, also in order to let go of their own.

"My childhood was broken, so I wanted to train more good growanpeople. "

He has reached the middle age, realizing that he still has a lot of wisdom, learning and insight, which will be a useful tool he can share with more people. Rob's Dad, How Do I? On the YouTube channel, you'll be taught about life-changing solutions, such as tie, shave, tire repair, toilet, etc., something that may not have taught you in the past, but now there's no grown-up around, and you can do things on your own.

Rob's scenes are simple and warm, like your real father, who is patiently teaching and accompanying you before you go out every day, or when something goes bad.

Images from"Dad, How Do I?" "

Images from"Dad, How Do I?" "

"I never want to be rich, and I never want to succeed. My goal in life is to develop good adults - not good children, but good adults - because my childhood was broken. 」

For him, doing these things is like telling the children that you can do well on your own; his voice and movements accompany the audience's inner children and grow together into better adults.

Growing up, we inevitably feel that we have many lonely moments, and Rob's story and action is also like telling people, the end of the world, a good life, a good life, life will give you more love and answers. Even growing up in a seemingly broken home, we have the ability to find our own home again. (Give you a little warmth:"Marrying a man like this, you'll be happy" Korean healing illustration, watching the super warm dad's parenting inner theater)