In an exclusive interview, as a photographer, she was convinced that "women are not "what can be done", but that we can do a lot of things", but through the practice of photography, equal rights and initiatives are diverse. She believes that in the moment of taking pictures, it's not just the appearance, it's the most authentic aspect of the person.

#UntilWeAllWin #BeTrue #Proudtobeme

You have to believe that there will be days of heaven and earth.

With the rise of Taiwan's sense of affirmative power, many people are beginning to know that a better society is to be able to accommodate differences and allow everyone to do their rights, which is called equality. But these processes need to be tried to communicate and prove: "I often tell the children that the parents do not accept, fear and abuse, but they are afraid that you will be bullied outside, there will be unequal treatment outside, because they are now the acceptance of society, they only know the traditional stereotypes of the past." 」

"So I often bring my brother and My Mom V to my lecture slot and show them that a lot of people are working together to create a more equal environment. Even Mango would say to me, 'The students who come to the studio today, six of them should be the rainbow. What do I say about rainbows, is it a short-haired girl or a gay girl? Yu only looked helpless smile.

She said that her dream from childhood to big, is that can easily like a brother, with the family to share their own and girlfriend's story, whenever my brother in the sharing, my heart will silently look forward to the arrival of such a day.

"But I often tell people that things are not in a hurry, " she said. " So a lot of things don't have to be broken, white and black to get recognized, but if you feel that this moment, now get along the state is very comfortable, that's good, until one day, things will come to fruition. 」

I want to take a picture of a man's soul.

Because they have walked through, Yu only more hope to be able to consolidate their own experience, through the text to undertake more people. And she also through the photographic practice of affirmative and advocacy.

As a photographer, Yu has his own perspective on things like beauty: "I often feel that when I shoot a woman, I'm not photographing her appearance, I'm shooting her soul. When the mainstream society passed the norms and standards of beauty time and time again, Yu constantly thinking, there is no other side of this person, is more should be seen, and they can be proud of it? Can photography convey positive value to more people?

Often pay attention to the rest of basketball, especially like to photograph the women on the sports field, perhaps more than the appearance, she is more fascinated by a person focused on doing things like the expression: the basketball court female athletes seriously engaged in play, these real pictures, she wants to record.

Yu said that the pursuit of gender rights has not stopped the road, and in the sports field, women can show lines and muscle through the same project, which is why in addition to basketball, she also loves to watch track and field and gymnastics, sports show women's unique beauty, full of gentleness and strength.

In addition, she has also opened the document photo shoot planning, open reader registration, this time the plan has nearly 100 people involved, she hopes to photograph the people who did not find themselves.

The participants at the scene were from north and south, and as far away as Pingdong, and although they didn't know each other, they could sit down and talk about work, lovelessness, and their life stories: "I felt like I was growing up. In addition to everyone's stories, many people also share, because my words or the state of life to gain strength, to be brave to make a decision, or to start a new life. These feedbacks make me feel empowered. 」

The action of photography, originally wanted to let everyone see their own diverse, true side, and she gradually found that this is not only a photo of the document, for the participants, is an opportunity for their life to change, is to give the future a new possibility.

You can't stop love, You can't stop bed youself - Yu

June Comrade Pride Month, we began to see the wind of the right, encourage everyone, do not be afraid to be themselves, do not be afraid to show their love. Because there are many people in this society who can support you.

Oh, and the eyes of love hold you.

When we talked about what had changed in society when she saw taiwan's marriage pass, she said with a happy and excited tone:

"Before in the West Gate Red Building to see the back of two boys, clearly can see is a couple, but need to be far apart, but these years began to see hand in hand picture, it is very cute!" When they are willing to accept any vision hand in hand, are very brave to do their own performance, so sometimes see those pictures, will be very want to give them some love of the eyes.

The eyes are full of love and stars. Like this era of polyseparation, every one who has love has stars in his eyes.

Postscript to an interview

As a long-term tracking of Yu Yu, often feel that Yu is only a photographer delayed talk.

She often felt that she had the ability to make everyone feel at ease to tell their story, "Of course I have no way to tell everyone privately, but I will put a lot of people's mood into a message, hoping to let everyone through the text to find solace." 」

While recording the film, she wanted to share the theme of proud to be me, and she thought about it, saying that many people wanted her to describe who she was. But her answer will only be one: "I am Yu Yu".

Needless adjectives and labels, everyone is who they are, and they are proud to live every moment of their lives.