Perhaps this challenge will not only test your strength, but also the relationship between the two.

At the end of 2019, there were serious forest fires in Australia, which were not fully extinguished until February 2020. The devastating natural disaster killed 33 people, damaged more than 2,000 homes and left thousands of animals without shelter. (Extended reading:"Dad, I will love you until heaven is old" firefighter killed in Australian fire, child receives medal in place of father

According to ABC News Australia , the Royal Commission of Australia has begun an investigation into the wildfires , and at their May 25 hearing , they gathered advice from experts from all walks of life , including stories from all sides , to help rebuild their homes in the future and to remember the experience and avoid a repeat of the future .

But the fire not only evoked Australia's face to the natural environment, but also raised concerns about human action around the world. FitAID, an Australian fitness drinks company, has launched the Challenge Without Ayms Challenge on the community and will donate $5 to help residents affected by the Australian fires and animals who have lost their homes. (Extended reading: Wear more clothes, use your feet: How to protect the planet from life after the Australian fires?) ) )

What is the Tailless Bear Challenge?

The tailless bear challenge originally required the challenger to lie on the bench, then move his whole body under the bench, and then return to its original position, the process completely can not land, like a tailless bear holding a tree around.

But after the tailless bear challenge broke red in the community, a more creative human tailless bear challenge began to emerge: replacing the bench with a person, the challenger had to hold another person's body around and stay on top of it to be successful. The progressive version of the Tailless Bear Challenge has attracted a response from amateur sportspeople, as well as celebrities such as Jennifer Gates (The Daughter of Bill Gates), Li Yanxian and Alex, who have posted videos of their challenges on the community.

Do you think a tailless bear challenge can only be done by a partner? There are a lot of people posted with children, friends challenge the picture, but also very interesting!

Some films look easy to do, but in fact this sport not only challenges the muscle endurance of two people, but also challenges the feelings of two people, if you want to develop a more intimate hugging posture with the other half or family members, it is better to challenge to see!

Of course, no more human challenge son can be more than it is.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash