Massive protests across the United States over "The Death of Floyd" have angered companies across the country, leaving Disney and Starbucks in the air, while Nike uploaded a one-minute video on Youtube that read, "This time, don't do this." (For once, Don't Do It.)

On May 30, large-scale protests broke out across the United States, with curfews issued in more than 20 cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle, and more than 11 states using the National Guard to respond to demonstrations.

The whole incident must have been brought back to May 25, when a shop assistant reported to the police that an African-American man, George Floyd, had paid $20 for counterfeit money, and then police at the scene single-handedly crushed George Floyd to the ground, floyd repeatedly asking the police for help , "I can't breathe," the police ignored it, and Floyd died at the scene because he couldn't breathe.

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Images of police law enforcement abuse circulated in the community, and even more caused the African-American community to suffer from racial discrimination for a long time, have taken to the streets. (Extended reading: Madonna: Racist rebels, I'm white, I'm multiracial)

Anger rages across the country, and these businesses speak out.

Celebrities in the United States have written in the community denouncing the various persecutions of diverse communities, and the anger and protests have left businesses such as Disney, Starbucks and Nike open.

On May 30, Disney executives announced a letter to employees on their official website: "Determination in turbulent times: a message to their peers. " The letter points out that Floyd's death shows that the society still believes that some life is no more precious than others. They are sad about the status quo, but they also realize that more than ever, there is a need to reinforce the company's commitment to diversity. They will continue to look for ways and support to talk about diversity and inclusion until they can really make a difference. (Extended Reading: The Illusion of Asians Looking At the Little Mermaid: Why Do We Always Think That Reduction Is More Important Than Diversity?) ) )

Last weekend's demonstrations escalated into riots, and tensions even affected operations at major U.S. chains, including Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Nike and Apple. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson wrote to all employees on May 30: "A letter from the CEO: Brave Dialogue After Freud's Death. "

The letter points out that the most important issue now is how to heal each other and how to fight injustice in a positive and constructive way. Starbucks also held a partnership forum on the evening of May 29th, inviting African-American employees to share their life experiences and discuss how to take a big step forward in the future, said Shaun Spearmon, a Starbucks product manager, who learned from an early age that his life was not valued by society in real life, and that he feared that his children would feel the same way in the future: "I'm afraid that all his experiences will be like mine." 」

At the end of the letter, Kevin Johnson says people may not get all the answers, but you need to muster the courage to talk to the people around you to take the first step.

"We believe that Starbucks is a different company, and today we demonstrate that we will continue to talk in the future." 」
"We are a family, and we act with the same feelings and empathy, and we are proud of our differences, as always." We support each other because that's what a Starbucks partner does. 」

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Don't do it: These questions, America shouldn't pretend it doesn't exist

In addition to the company's statement, Nike uploaded a video on May 30 thing:

"This time, don't do that. (For once, Don't Do It.)

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Nike responded to this serious discrimination problem in the United States by changing the classic slogan Just Do it to Don't Do it. "Don't pretend that this is not a problem in the United States, don't care about racial discrimination, don't accept that any innocent lives have been taken away, don't have any excuse, don't think it's not going to affect you, don't back down and silence, don't think you can't be part of the change," the film says. 」

"Together to be part of the change." 」

Freud's death, perhaps shaking not only the hearts of the people, it is more to promote the enterprise to act, and play a part of the drive for social change, the more in times of turmoil, the more the enterprise needs to use all kinds of resources to drive the public brave dialogue, as said before, we may not get all the answers, but we will open the dialogue, so take a big step forward.