Single diary, writing in 500 words about a single body and mind. Tian Yu-chen's new song "Hanging Day" invited Xu Guanghan to perform the regret and blessing of the lost love. We are all good people, but we are not good people after all. I have regrets, but I sincerely hope you are happy.

Once upon a time, our graduation season, white and purple scarf. Walk to the school gate, each other do not forget to look back at the campus last, that is the last time to see you.

Photo: Tian Yu-chen,""suspended" MV

The days when we met were long. Most of the time occurs on campus, as adults grow up, memories are gradually crushed, in the rapid pace of the city, with the point of star-studded.

You don't know, I've imagined our hundred future, but I've forgotten to add the possibility of you and others.

I met her first, then I met you. Originally, the scene of reunion, has never been more than reliving the old dream, but also regretful heart.

Photo: Tian Yu-chen,""suspended" MV

I like you and her very much, more than you ah
It's really open, it's not a lie.
No smoke, interactive health
Take out my hand, and let you see me, and don't mind

You know, I sincerely wish you happiness, really.

Although, there are many memories, lost also can not be lost. I miss you holding my hand, running on the forest road, no matter the rain, I miss you and I wear the same shoes, needless to say can let passers-by understand the relationship; I miss you mess edathed my hair, deliberately run to me, even if i always pretend to be boring you.

At that time, I, very much looking forward to the future. Just don't know the original those later, not our future, you and her later, and my own future.

Photo: Tian Yu-chen,""suspended" MV

I'm re-affected by the re-impact, how can my heart be so unstrong

After all these years, you seem to have changed, but you don't seem to have changed.

You are still so kind, so considerate but clumsy, and you are very much like you at that time. See you love her so much, think of you used to love me so much, see you kiss her, the first deep feeling, now I become a bystander, your feelings have nothing to do with me.

"Please, get used to the new life. I say to you, but even more to myself.

Photo: Tian Yu-chen,""suspended" MV

What's special about falling the same thing?
You're not the same, warm up.
Facing the impossible love
It's like a day, let it fall

We are all good people, but we are not good people after all. You finally have belonging, the direction of happiness so clear moving, you hang in my heart, and finally to be a long and distant blessing, fall into silence.

After sunset, I still miss you, but you must know, I also sincerely wish you happiness.