Even as the demonstrations heat up, there are still warm-hearted images at the scene: regardless of gender, regardless of ethnic group, regardless of identity position, we all pursue equality together.

In 2014, a man named Eric. An African-American man from Eric Garner was restrained by police on the streets of New York and was unable to move. In the process, he shouted, "I can't breathe!" I can't breathe! But the policeman remained unable to let go, causing Garner to suffocate to death.

The incident drew the ire of the American people, with thousands taking to the streets of New York to protest racial discrimination and police promising to retrain police. However, the same incident has unfortunately happened again.

On May 25, 2020, a police officer kneeled on one knee over African-American man George W. Bush. Freud's neck, which led to Freud's death. (Extended reading:"I can't breathe" U.S. police officer kneels over Death of African-American Man, Sparking People's Demonstrations

A succession of similar incidents has sparked anger in the United States and prompted people to take to the streets. However, it is not just people of African descent who are on the streets. White women and men are also involved, and even police officers agree with the protesters and show their support.

Photo: Dazhi Image Courtesy (AP)

The protests were widespread, with peaceful demonstrations and violent clashes. In a deteriorating situation, in order to prevent both sides from reducing harm, white women spontaneously formed a human chain separating demonstrators from the police.

Photo: Dazhi Image Courtesy (AP)

The mother, who cares for her young son, also expressed her support for the initiative. As she breastfed, holding her arms high, she said, "Can you give my baby a society free from fear?" 」

However, the police are not all on the opposite side of the demonstrators. Police supported the demonstrators, clapped their hands to give encouragement, gave warm hugs and held placards together. There were even police and demonstrators kneeling on one knee to remember Freud's death and demanding equality. (Same-on-the-spot:"Don't do this this time" The death of American Floyd, why do Starbucks and Nike talk? ) )

Photo: Dazhi Image Courtesy (AP)

Even if you're not African-American, you may be discriminated against because of your identity. For example, you are white, but you may be treated unequally because you are a woman or a sexual minority. What we want to overturn is violence derived from unequal power relations.

Discrimination is not just a single-ethnic problem, it is a common problem that each of us may encounter, and we should not be left alone. If people, like the people in the picture, regardless of race, gender, regardless of identity, are willing to join hands to give their love and care, perhaps one day, these stacked love series can bring us peace.