The film "Silence", directed by Ke Zhennian, is a remake of the Tainan Special School sexual assault case, which came to light in 2011. In two years, the school has seen more than 100 cases of sexual violence against students, and only 300 students were killed and killed on campus, ranging from two to three years old. However, sexual assault continued to occur for at least two years after the 2011 incident came to light. According to the human-based survey, because throughout the system, teachers have become accomplices that encourage and silence.

"Don't be sad, as long as we get through graduation, we won't be bullied." Chen Zhaoru, "Silence: A Mass Sexual Assault at a Special Education School in Taiwan"

The closing film of the 2020 Taipei Film Festival, "The Silent Forest", which features a deaf teenager with his favorite girl at school, discovers one day that a brutal "game" in the last row of school buses - the girl is being surrounded by her killers. She was bruised, and he was frightened; we couldn't speak, but the inner voice was hissing. In the movie trailer, the children have no voice, this silence is playing out, will anyone stand up for them?

The film's remake of the film is based on a long period of sexual assault on campus at a special education school in Tainan from 2009 to 2011. At that time, in this campus of only more than 300 students, in two years there were more than 100 cases of sexual assault and sexual harassment of students, killed and killed students up to more than 70 people, ranging in age from junior two to high three, places throughout the classroom, dormitory, library, teacher's home, classmates, trains and school buses. However, sexual assault continued to occur for at least two years after the 2011 incident came to light.

The People's Foundation, which is involved in the investigation, points out that it is not the unhinged dumb children who are silent, but the whole campus that contains reaching out to their collective voice.

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"If the teacher helps you, who will help the teacher?" When I askford, I didn't care

According to Chen Zhaoru and others, "Silence: A Mass Sexual Assault incident at a special education school in Taiwan", the Human Education Foundation's blog report mentions the beginning and end of the whole incident.

The incident first occurred one morning in the fall of 2005, when 16-year-old Yuju (pseudonym) was interviewed by a student on campus:

"After raising three days after the morning more than 7 a.m., soft by the same early arrival, strange brother B sheng strong pulled to the sexual abuse, want to resist her can not shout, sealed inside there is no urgent help, she was slapped, choked the neck breathing, escape and was caught, after being afraid to say, not to find the black society of her family." 」

Afterwards, Lulu wrote down the diary with the tutor, but has not been approved the record. Six months later, she finally plucked up the courage to write a note twice to her tutor, writing:

"Yesterday morning... I came back to school no one went to the classroom, I walked alone to see no one... There's a boy whose name is B-born,... Come twice to call me to bed, I said no, he was made by me to have sex, don't bother me... Miss Li don't tell B students... He used to say I don't tell my mother so tell the teacher, punish B after the birth. B Students will be angry to tell the black boss a lot of boys. ... B Sheng and the mafia boss's friend killer knife me... I was so annoyed that I couldn't sleep last night, and today I hope to tell the teacher. Can be legal. 」

But this is replaced by the teacher angry clap table and said, "If the teacher helps you, who helps the teacher ah?" Things then waited until the mother found out that the child was strange, only to make the revelation. However, when the mother angrily questioned the school, the tutor first said that she thought it was "sexual invitations of male and female students" and therefore inconvenient to ask, and the principal also called to ask for "high-handedness" and "it turned out that everything had happened, and it was clear that the two children were getting married." (Common concern: Taiwan's campus sexual assault case: what children know, why do schools ignore it?) ) )

Photo: "Silent"

"Kids Are Playing" More than 100 Campus Sexual Assaults Sheltered by A Master's Collective

After an in-depth investigation, it was found that several similar cases continued in this corner of the campus:

A country two boys: "At that time was before dinner, the country also has. There are two countries on the second, and last week. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I've never cried, I want to cry, but I've had to be patient. 」

A country two girls: "OOO grabbed me to attack, because he very hard I very pain on the cry, but no one heard, he told me not to say, once almost to hit me, like a black road." 」

A country two boys: "On the school bus, XXX asked me to grab OOO, mouth to grasp OOO's hand, I grabbed my feet and opened OOO's feet, XXX called off her trousers, and then stretched into the underwear inside ... Later XXX put his hand into OOO's clothes to touch the chest, touch many times, I also put my hand into OOO's clothes to touch the chest, mouth also touch ... Things happen almost every morning on the way from one place to another...

These incidents continue to occur, to some extent, by the disregard or even connivance of the master. If a student's father because of a visit to the school, inadvertently in the principal's room next to three male classmates in an obscenity of a female classmate, the father informed the teacher, but got the teacher so responded: "Children are playing, don't be so nervous!" Ask another teacher, but get even more appalled: "Don't you know it's so common?" There are female students before the school, parents will take her to take the uterus off! (Extended reading: Reluctant to face the truth of campus sexual assault: adult sensitivity is not enough, children have to help themselves)

In such a serious system of schools, how many children continue to suffer in the corner, self-destruction is unknown. In 2011, the Ministry of Education began to intervene to understand and investigate, the Ministry of Education's final list of punishments, including the current principal was recorded and punished, two former principals were recorded and overtaken, responsible for supervision of the Director of the Central Office of Lan Shunde was recorded twice, the head of the business section, inspectors, related business personnel were also sentenced to the admonition, but no one stepped down. In the case of the Public Punishment Council, 16 persons impeached by the Court of Supervision were subject to only light or even impunity.

It can also be noted that an additional 53 cases were reported between the start of the investigation in 2011 and the corrections announcement in 2013;

This son, the harm of the law on his back.

The exposure of the sexual assault case at Tainan Special Education School is eye-opening, and the result is anger and powerlessness. And what we care about, and the children we suffer from, will always bear physical and mental wounds. And that's something that no amount of discipline can be done.

After the incident, including 2014," Chen Zhaoru published a report on the literature "Silence: The Collective Sexual Assault of a Special Education School in Taiwan", and by 2020, Ko zhenydity had filmed an adaptation of the film "Silence" in an effort to write down these unforgotten events. Their aim is not to expose the pain, but to look forward to more institutional and conceptual reforms that will lead to more institutional and conceptual changes, so that victims can no longer appear and that the campus becomes a safe corner. (Editor's recommendation:"The Dark Ness" Chen Zhaoru interview: desire is not dirty, desire is actually very painful)

Director Ke Zhennian said, "This is a story about the deaf, but also a story that, no matter how cruel they face, still want to live hard." The film is also expected to be released this fall.

In recent years, similar incidents have occurred in different schools. Nearly 50 teachers have been dismissed each year since 2011 since 2011 since the 2009 revision of the Teachers Act, and according to the 2014 Ministry of Education, there have been 1.2 sexual assaults a day on campuses across Taiwan, and almost every campus sexual assault has been uncovered, Chen said in his 2018 book, "Silence Island: Campus Sexual Assault". As you can see, it is not a single case, but it does not stop only in deaf schools.

Whether it's walking into a theater or reading a literary story, and paying more attention to a case of campus sexual assault, perhaps we can save more of the children who are being victimized. In this way, you and I can no longer be just silent bystanders. (Recommended reading:"Chen Jiexuan' essay: No longer silent after the case of sexual assault: everyone has a lonely injured child inside)