On June 3rd, YouTuber "The Huang Brothers" uploaded a public video, tearfully exiting the family and encouraging others who might still be in the deep cabinet. Dear, you have done nothing wrong, here is a letter to the brave and gentle you.


Want to talk to you first, these two days have been hard. But I know that the moment spending your time because of sex must be far more than that 48 hours.

Do you know? June happens to be Gay Pride Month. In 1969, a stonewall movement in the United States sounded the horn, it was a bloody struggle, comrades began to speak out, and the world's gay movement blossomed everywhere. In 2019, taiwan's same-sex marriage is finally legal, and the rainbow flag is flying around to protect basic human rights for all who love each other.

However, change is not a one-off. We know that there are many people who are sad because of their gender temperament, gender identity, or sexual orientation, and live hard in this world. Sometimes they have to pretend to be happy while weeping, and sometimes they have to wear masks for fear that others will not love their true looks.

I want to ask you, do I'm a proud son? 」
Mom: "Yeah. 」
"So no matter what I become, you believe I'm the son in your heart, right?" 」
Mom: "Whatever you have, I will support you." 」

Crying to watch your film, even if I did not experience the cabinet, but also feel your difficulties. You tremble and call your mother, a scene that may be common in our society, and many comrades' experiences seem like walking on a thorn's path, tingling but real.

And there are a lot of people, out of the cabinet and family from then on. It is gratifying that your mother can unconditionally support you and accompany you, she wants you to be strong, said you are the child that she will always be proud of. May you no longer feel afraid, and you have known that your mother and brother, ZheZhe, will always understand you.

I hope you don't feel guilty and sorry. You didn't do anything wrong from start to finish.

Like you said, you are the same person, whether you are in front of the screen or you are gay. You don't change from inside out to different people because you like boys or girls.

The world has always been diverse, but some people wear colored eyes to see. This is the subject they have to solve, not your responsibility.

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You mentioned in the film that you are a 23-year-old adult and that you are responsible for your actions. In fact, whether or not you have made an appointment, no one else should criticize the teaching - lust is not shameful, it is a very normal thing, you do not need to condemn yourself for their own desire.

Apart from gay rights and interests, "sexual stigma" is also an issue that we wish to appeal to the community to face up to and understand. Everyone has physical autonomy, what they do or don't do, and as long as they don't hurt others, they don't break the law, they should be respected.

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You say, that's not the way you expect to be public. This sentence, perhaps the most unshearted and painful part.

You are a public figure or an ordinary person, no matter what, no one can come out for you without permission. Only you can decide for yourself when and how to tell you.

The world is not good enough, even sometimes bad. I hope you don't think it's your fault, don't feel sorry. Sincerely look forward to the future society, comrades can live a good, secure life, do not have to bear the pressure of inexplicable, but also let the cabinet no longer exist.

Many people who know you - like your family, friends, fans, or people who know you because of this matter - are with you. Don't be afraid not to panic, as your mother said, to make yourself strong and resist the imperfections of the world.

I want to tell you, yesterday was the first time I saw your film, thank you for being injured, but also willing to stand up to encourage more comrades who have nothing to say.

Thank you for the strength you have given us, and we hope that when you heal, you can continue to treat yourself gently. Blessings you can be very good and well, you also have our greatest support and love.

Women's Fan Editor Irene Lei and Womany Team