Next episode, chat about Thai spicy and husband's love. This relationship for Thai spicy, perhaps a kind of identification, led him into the side of life calm. "I never sought stability before, and it was only after I found the right person that I became more and more yearning for it. 」

On the set:"The World, It's So Horrible" Interview with Thai Spicy: When I Lie Alone on the toilet floor, I realize how bloody bullying is

June is gay pride month, with the passage of same-sex marriage in Taiwan last year, through the wind and rain, rainbow face, gay group image gradually clear. And what kind of life does same-sex couples live? We shouted #proudtobeme, but who are we?

There are often two types of gay images common in the media. One is extreme sadness, the first is extremely free-flowing. A single-shaped description, sometimes ignoring their truest appearance. In fact, they and us, but are ordinary people.

Many things are spectral and do not have to be black or white, such as gender, such as personality. Like a dress made during the wedding, a top suit, a skirt on the lower body, it has a gender-flowing taste, and how beautiful it is.

Through my inferiority and conceit, I sealed myself as the queen

Always self-proclaimed queen, Tai Spicy is the "Censor" and "Such as the Biography" of the theater fans. In particular, "Censor", the character portrays incisive, each episode has a human face. That's why he took his husband to China to shoot the second set of wedding photos, and to make the rooms quaint.

I am curious, the play is so many characters, why want to be quiet and calm queen, rather than the high-minded Princess, or resourceful screening?

Tai said the queen was like a quiet tiger in a cave, "No one can move her, but she doesn't bite casually." As for The Princess, who is running and hunting in the wilderness, she is proud and has a sense of existence, but after all, she is prone to fatigue, "I later found that if I wanted to be a woman like Hua, I would die." 」

From tit-for-tat to round melting world, Thai spicy has a good heart.

The big four years, is the most inflated hubris of the stage. "My character, the highs and lows are very high, I go through the mountains, I go through the sea. He would have thrown things or scolded as soon as things didn't work out, and he laughed and said, "I might have climbed up from the toilet and accidentally climbed to the top of the mountain." 」

Low self-esteem, self-confidence, conceit, three words line. It's best to stay at the median, otherwise once you cross the line to the right or left, they will almost collapse. The extreme character of the transition period, let the Thai spicy in a year or two to lose a lot. He and his best friend Molly turned heads and quarrelled, broke up with their boyfriend of six years, and overnight.

There is a lot of time to reflect during the gap. Tai Spicy began to think back, what is the most important to themselves. He broke up with his then-ill new boyfriend to clean up his life and mood, and then reconnected with Molly, and the two said they were fine.

This experience led him to discover that being himself does not necessarily have to be equated with hurting others. "I can be very 'real', but not sharp." After all, as long as the law does not harm people, who has the right to point to themselves?

My sharpness is not always to show.

Thai Spicy Tyla

Even so, the queen is not good.

For example, when something happens at home, Tai Spicy is the one who has to stand up. When the people who bear together break down, if he falls again, it is a total collapse.

"No, as before, it's going to go." The tone of the Thai spicy is relaxed, but there is probably a little bit of a must-have to ughness. Because for many comrades, some of the pain will pass, but the scars have not disappeared.

"I think this is the Queen. "The queen's real function is that when something big happens in this back court, she takes on it, " he nodded. It was a difficult and glorious time for her in that position. To be a queen, but also to be Thai spicy to their own expectations.

A good love, enough to take you

Thai spicy is the queen, then the husband is the emperor? When they were married, the two flew to Beijing Forbidden City, in order to take wedding photos, round Thai hot a dream.

In fact, the Queen herself may not be too positive, because she is an accessory to the emperor. "So I'm the queen's next decision: I'm my own queen. Tai said with a smile, even at the wedding, he also pointed out that his husband is his own crown, "because I am the queen, you are the emperor." 」

What I've done in my life is the queen, but not anyone's wife.

Thai Spicy Tyla

Presumably because there is no obvious gender role between gay partners, the husband has no problem with this.

Thai spicy natural high-profile, husband nature low-key. Between the two, is complete trust and acceptance. Husband knows what it looks like to be crazy, Thai spicy also knows the husband's most yearning state for life. Because of such pure but strong love, Thai spicy also willing to put themselves, with the same.

"I want to give him a secure life, and what he gave me is to take care of a stable life in the back." 」

Since August 14, 2015, nearly five years into the relationship, i have slept together in the car, walking hand in hand through many crying and laughing days. Look at each other's eyes, there is time after the soft, but also true love vow-like strong. (Same Show:Tyla Thai's Wedding Photo with Her Husband: If I Know I Love You, Why Prove to Whom to Show it)

Speaking of each other's changes, Thai said with a smile and said of her husband's sisters: "They said they had no idea that my brother would go to the Forbidden City one day to wear the emperor's clothes, or to live in a room with arches and blue porcelain." 」

This relationship for Thai spicy, perhaps like a kind of identification, led him into the side of life calm.

Recall that at the beginning, he went to the nightclub every week to play, as long as the eyes of the people can go home together, the year sadays crazy, did not want to settle down. "I never sought stability before, and it was only after I found the right person that I became more and more yearning for it. 」

Where you have, this is my home.

Thai spicy with her husband to go through a new journey;

The relationship is like water, thousands of shapes, can be boiling or can be cooled. For Thai spicy, the so-called good love, and what is it like?

"As for love, what I'm after, it should be to be safe." As he spoke, he stroked the ring of his left ring, which gave him a happy note of his relationship with her husband.

Life is the Google Map path, and you have to step forward

Thai's hot outlook on life, and he himself gave me the opposite of the feeling. Not particularly gorgeous and complicated, just hope that the years are quiet.

Dreams are interpreted in many ways. It is not necessarily a goal far from the other side, but a state of life.

Recently, just in time for the graduation season, Tai Hot received a number of student offers, recorded a blessing film to graduates, he and we said his sincere words: "Don't rely too much on the 18-year-old dream, you 18 years old, what can you think?" A little world-weary of witty, but also quite real.

As a graduate of this year, I feel quite touched. Isn't that the case? Your goals will come as you move forward. In the current thirty years of thai hot life, there are too many experiences, he thought he went the wrong way, in fact, it is around a bend, to see a better scenery.

What we can do is try to be seen.

Thai Spicy Tyla

The most important thing is that you are willing to take the first step. "You turn on Google Map and just go ahead, even if you go wrong, and it helps you re-plan your path, and that's what life is all about," he says. The important thing is not to plan the whole journey, but to take the first step, to try and wrong.

I think, thai spicy to a certain extent, much like the gay microcosm of this era.

He was the rose boy who wanted to die every day when he was 15 years old, but he was also the queen who had the ability to take himself out of trouble and even build the world. But he also knows that not everyone is as lucky as himself, and that some lives, some people, have not been caught before they are caught, have disappeared.

"At this age, I can't say "the world is beautiful" because it's a lie. "The world is so unfair, I can't tell you why, I don't know why everyone wants to do this to me, so you can only be strong on your own." 」

'You're like a cushion, when you fall, only you can catch yourself,' he said.

"Make your life better and live as well as you can." Thai also shows that, of course, we still hope that society can become more friendly, but after all, there are still difficulties, "you have the right to grieve, you have the right to stay, but the person who hurt you has no idea where to go, he has been to his life." 」

There is nothing eternal, only you live is eternal.

Thai Spicy Tyla

June, Gay Pride Month, Pride Month, that is how many people bleed edjee after, only to be replaced today said more than a lot, said a lot less progress. Without the Stonewall riots of 1969, the world's gay movement might not have blossomed everywhere. What was supposed to be a month of sadness, anger and revolution has evolved into a month of celebration.

"We're out of the cabinet and we're still alive." Through his experience, Tai has always hoped to bring strength to more LGBTQ. Even if only one person was inspired by him, he felt relieved.

Now happy thai spicy, also was a tearful rose boy. He adapts to the world's imperfections, embraces his gender, meets his husband, is in love, and walks from the dark to the light and lives again.

If your world, the light does not come in, you have to hit yourself, hit a hole, an exit, if you are injured, you have to heal for yourself, believe that the future is now blessed, will be in the distance, quietly waiting for you.