Is one more female-dominated attack really just "random"?

The incident took place on 26 May.

A woman was attacked by a man in his 30s at a Seoul subway station in South Korea, causing lacerations to her eyes and surgery on her tibia. The woman later detailed the incident in the community, appealing that the public should not treat the incident as a case, but rather a problem caused by the collective social weariness of women. Local Korean Water -Elmo S-Elmo?-T

"I was in Seoul station when I had to be operated on an unprovoked "don't ask(no difference) attack" by a man in his 30s, resulting in a torn eye and a broken cheekbone. Even in the wide space, or deliberately close to the back with the shoulder hit me at the same time, but also cursing 'fuck you this woman'. Angry I shouted, 'What did you say? Then he seemed to be waiting for me to be so anti-trump, punching me in the corner of my left eye, and I got out of the way 2 meters away and passed out. I don't know.

After regaining consciousness, I screamed and rushed to the attacking man, who was going to hit me again, but I kept screaming, and then he suddenly ran away. 」

The woman then reported the incident to the Police and at one point because the location of the crime was a monitor, which made it difficult for the police to investigate. The man was finally arrested by police on the evening of 2 June.

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Is this just a case? The so-called random attack, the back of the point is the woman

Women in IG Limited Time Dynamic Representation (Local Korean Water-Elmo S. S.) Translation:

"If I were a healthy man, or if I was with a man, would I have suffered something like this?" 」
"It's not just my problem, it's about wanton violence against the weak, especially women, it's about our families, it's about moving towards a better society for our son. 」

When we talk about random attacks, we have to mention the killing of a woman four years ago at the Gangnam metro station in South Korea. On May 17, 2016, a woman was late at night dining with friends and went to the public toilet, and a 34-year-old man surnamed Kim chose the woman and was killed with a knife after she entered the public toilet. The 23-year-old woman died at the scene. The suspect told the police that he had only taken the attack because she was looked down upon by women on weekdays.

However, from these two similar attacks, this is not an ordinary random crime, it is more the victim son-in-charge attack, 2016 Jiangnan subway case, the killer said "because the woman looks down", and the 2020 Seoul subway case, the killer said "because she was insulting me, so the perpetrator." As the woman who was attacked said, if standing next to today is a strong male, or a male accompanied by a woman, the prisoner dares to do it? As a result, he had to choose women who were relatively good at fighting back. (Extended reading:"To Hyun-Namgo": Feminism rising in South Korea after Jiangnan's random killings)

When another attack on a woman occurs, can we simply take "It's just random"? Can we still be comfortable with the victim of the review because her neckline is five centimeters lower, she comes home late at night too late, and because she is not friendly enough, so prompted the attack? No, this reflects the place of the society to put the woman in what kind of position, is the passive, shaped, low weak. So women must and are forced to bear all kinds of social anxiety and anxiety.

'Because she looks down on me' Canada lists misogyny as a terrorist attack

When south Korea has once again attacked women, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has turned the number of misogyny-inspired crimes into terrorist attacks. Canada only in March charged a 17-year-old man with terrorism for killing a 24-year-old woman working in a sex massage parlour, claiming to have been under the influence of involuntary celibacy. (Extended reading:"Girls don't love me, it makes me extremely miserable" Islavista a "misogyny" murder case)

With cases like this, society should stand up for justice and public attention to reform, because violence against women/negative temperaments is not just about women's own rights and initiatives, but about the whole society that should rise up and resist.