"Rather than looking for a job, look for something you really want to defend." Every job has the essence behind it, and the value to defend. Women fans editor-in-chief into a graduation speech, adults said graduation means entering a cruel society, but we can give themselves three reminders to support themselves through every challenge of life.

Principals, teachers, parents, VIPs, students good:

Today, I am honored to be a co-host of the 109th-grade graduation speech, three weeks ago, received an invitation from the secretary's room, in addition to feeling afraid, I began to recall in these three weeks, my school number is B97, this year is my 29 years old, and also my eighth year of graduation. Eight years ago, I was sitting under the stage listening to my graduation speech.

I've always been a person who loves to listen to graduation speeches, and it's efficient to hear a person's best stories in 20 minutes. I also believe that every sharer must concentrate on all the things they want to say, carefully select, delete and change, and concentrate on these 20 minutes. One of my favorite graduation speeches came from Drew Gilpin Faust, the first female president of Harvard University's 380-year history, who said, "Please start thinking, who's going to tell you your story?" The answer is you, you will tell your story. "

At that time I was deeply inspired, to tell the truth, the end of life, we just asked for a good story? And I didn't think that one day I would stand here and say my 20 minutes.

Preparing for this 20-minute process is like another life-runner. A lot of things flew by, and I started to think about what stories were important to me. What story do I want to tell?

I asked my friends, if back to graduation, I most hope someone can tell you what? About eight out of ten people told me, "Please tell students, this is a very cruel society and you have to be ready for yourself." Post-graduation society is really cruel, cruel comes from the fact that you will need to start practicing completely and taking responsibility for your own life, and you will begin to realize that in this world, no one has an obligation to help you, no one has an obligation to take care of you, no one has an obligation to understand you, and you will begin to realize that the world needs to support you and affirm you, but you are yourself.

Standing here today, I looked at the students under the stage, feel as if I saw eight years ago that lost me. What will it look like after graduation? How do I choose my own way? What if you choose wrong and fail? I was sitting under the stage, asking myself these questions.

So I thought, this 20 minutes, if there is something I can say to myself, I will want to say something. Today I want to share three things, these three things, accompanied me through this after graduation of this key eight years.

I can do it, I can't learn, I learn the muscles

The first thing I want to say is that after being out of society, you will have to face it continuously, that is, you will never be strong enough about this matter. Never strong enough this thing, in fact, from another point of view, that is, you can always learn.

Isn't it a popular phrase called "You can come?" In fact, I think it should be changed to this, "I will come, I can not i learn." Continuous learning is a gift you can give yourself.

From before to the present, I have not been the best in the team, and never thought I could be a leader. I remember in 2012, when I was 22 years old, I got into a summer internship with a woman, and there were five interns in the same period, and I was probably the least dazzling one in the world - I wasn't writing particularly well, I spent a week or so writing an article; I wasn't the most familiar with the media ecology, I graduated from the foreign language department; I wasn't even the most creative one.

At that time I was in the team, for everyone has a lot of envy, I see everyone's starting point, far in front of me. And in the first month of internship, I was the founder of the women fan, Yin Xuan, was selected as the month's small editor-in-chief, that is July, to take everyone to think about the topic, do the hair conference, the time. At that time I remember my mood is anxious and angry, I asked Xuan Xuan, ah, everyone is very good, why choose me. Yan Xuan looked at me and said, Try it, I think you're a good fit.

Try it, you're a good fit. This sentence, much like there is some kind of magic. I continued to this day, and I am very grateful for the affirmation of The Xuan. She seemed to believe me earlier and more convinced lying to me. I told myself that I was right, everyone was great, so I could learn from them, because learning from the great, that's the fastest growth.

Learning this thing, like exercise a muscle, the more learning, the stronger it will be. Let's say, starting with understanding yourself, what are my strengths and weaknesses? Find a clear learning goal for the team, tap and snip etheally, understand what the other person thinks, how to do it, and then think, if I can replicate this experience, if I am him, what can I do? Or faster, you can ask each other directly, hey, what do you think? Why would you want to do this? 我记得当时团队里有人非常会拉表格,我就说,你在拉表格的时候,我可不可以坐在你旁边看? I want to know how you think about the logic and structure of the table.

After this task, in that month, I slowly felt every day, yes, I can do, and I learn more every day than the day before.

Then I found out that "I'm going to learn / I can learn" is a powerful word, even if it is a sentence that makes you stop "fear", lets you no longer "look down on yourself" a sentence, and also makes you willing to act a word. I'm going to learn/I can learn so that you don't just stop and complain, so you can move forward, he's the best push you can give yourself - because it's not enough, so I'm going to learn.

In the process of women's career, to tell the truth, many things are i will not, most of the time, I hold the feeling of hating iron not steel grow up. For example, I was the first editor-in-chief, the first time to do more than 500 people large-scale activities, the first time more than 100 people speech, there are many first, are that "I will not / I want to learn", with me a long way.

And one day you find out that "I won't" is no longer something that scares you, but something that makes people "excited", and this "I won't" is actually a gift. (Extended reading:"Women fans say work" understand the shortcomings, is the beginning of rapid growth)

Find something you want to defend for a lifetime, work for it, give time for it

The second need to face, is, What kind of work should I choose, what kind of work and life, can let me become myself?

I remember after graduation, 23-25 years old, I spent a lot of time thinking about it, it was a lot of confusion, there were a lot of roads in front of you, but you didn't know what way was right for you. I thought later that modern people work about 70% of their lives, which means you spend most of your time in the workplace.

So instead of looking for a job, look for something you really want to defend. Every job has the essence behind it, and the value to defend.

In my own right, after graduation, I went to Lyon, France for a year as an exchange student, in France that year, in addition to the exchange school classes, I also went to the outside of the small class to practice French speak. At that time, an agency, looking for a group of retired French people to teach for foreign students. Small class system, every week can be fixed past practice mouth said, my class has Japanese, Albanians, and me.

My French mouth teacher, is an elegant French woman, about sixty years old, every class, I feel the French mouth speak teacher a lot of enthusiasm, she often asks us, want to know what? I made a wish to her, and I said, I wanted to understand Corbyn's architecture better, and the teacher drove off on holiday, taking us to the suburbs to see Kirby's La Torre monastery, telling us in French how to describe Corbyn's style and how Corbyn would apply light to complete his building.

I feel a lot of love for her in her teaching and sharing with us, for what she does. I asked her why she had to continue teaching French after retirement, making little money and taking time. She looked at me in amazement, because "to let more people know the beauty of French culture, like to speak French, and make me happy, I would like to take the time to defend it." 」

The exchange of student experience in France did not guide me and let me know what I wanted to do, but it made it clear to me one thing - you have to find something that you're willing to defend your life, and you're going to find something you're willing to give him a lot of love.

My life was never planned to work in the media or become a editor-in-chief. I'm just very clear, I want to defend the space for independent thinking and pluralism, I want to defend the value of equality and freedom, I want to stand in a position of common push on the gender initiative, I look forward to tomorrow can be better, and I believe in content multiplied the value of this matter. So I got the job and worked all the way for eight years.

In this day and age, I actually believe that there are more working patterns and imaginations, is left to your generation of people to create, your work, you can be you particularly care about the intersection of things you want to defend. The popularity of the internet, the flat decentralization of knowledge, the rise of emerging media such as Youtube and Podcast have actually made new ideas more likely to happen and be widely discussed, and in this day and age, you are particularly likely to get the fifteen minutes you've been famous for.

As long as you have something you want to defend, you give time to understand, you have the qualifications to discuss him.

In the method, you can try to list ten things you particularly care about, and then through the deletion method, to retain the next three most care, one by one to try, that may be your career direction.

Most of the time, in fact, each of us is very ordinary, we can not have a great story, but can not be without the things to defend. The things you choose to defend often mean who you really are, and that's something more important than your job title.

Women's Fan Editor-in-Chief Kircey

(Extended reading:"Women fans say work" To be a worker who achieves it self and makes others.

Build your body and support yourself

The third thing to face is that you have to have a good body to support you in doing what you want to do. Yes, I didn't think about it, I'm going to give such specific advice, you have to start developing and maintaining exercise habits, there are ways to build your support system.

I grew up as a non-sports person, sports basically have nothing to do with me. I remember the first contact of the national small movement, is to avoid the ball, a hit on the victory, the whole process I can only dodge the beat of the movement, I was simply frightened. Then to the country, when it was basketball, I remember the exam, the teacher said to me, special preferential treatment, you just throw a ball, there is ten, I remember when I got ten balls, and finally only took 40. So I missed the sport all the way.

I started exercising after work because I was about 23-26 years old, when I was very, very hard working and I got a lot of accomplishment in the process, and about 99% of my life was at work, and I was happy.

Then one day, I went to a friend's house, a friend's house on the fifth floor, no elevator. While climbing the stairs, I found that I climbed to the fourth floor, began to gasp, I supported my waist, feel good wheezing ah, at that time like a warning, my body could not support me to continue to go up. My body, who is only 26 years old, has started walking and can breathe.

Then I started with jogging, then retraining, boxing, and yoga. Exercise is not only physical exercise, but also like in the exercise of heart. You hold the face, you can't get the weight, you haven't run the road, you don't hold the second. The insinuation sinthats of exercise can make you challenge the hardships you haven't challenged in the past.

Then you will find that each time you cross a difficult, you give you more strength to meet the next may come. Just like in electric, continuous level up, scientifically speaking, the constant secretion of endorphins lets you reduce stress, dopamine lets you feel confident about your goals, and gives you a positive cycle of happiness.

I borrowed some methodology about life from the sport and wanted to share it with you.

Life is like retraining, especially in the face of challenges, there is always a weight you never picked up, just like you can't compare with the person next to him, why he can push 50 kg, I can only push 5 kg, life is also, you always only need to compare with yourself.

Life is like a marathon, especially when setting a goal, the goal needs to be dismantled, you can't take five minutes to run 21K. So to disassemble, disassemble your goals, just like the mileage of the marathon, 8K rest and gasp, 13K eat a chocolate bar, 18K drink a water, the goal is far away, remember to give yourself encouragement, continue to run forward, one day will come.

Life is like yoga, especially when you're exhausted, you have values that you want to defend, it doesn't mean you don't need a break, you know, when you're taking a break, take a break, don't blame yourself for wanting to rest, and practice accepting your own needs peacefully.

In fact, in the course of the movement, I repeatedly feel that I am methodically, systematically support ingres with myself. Exercising is also a practice to support myself and do what I want to do. (Extended Reading: The beauty of theretraining of Miss Sport lies in the pain of experience)

Bless everyone as an adult who can see himself.

Back to the beginning we said that this is a cruel world, indeed, it comes from the cruelty that comes from it, it does everything it can to help you grow up, to help you grow up to be a better person.

And in the last few weeks, we've seen that cruel things happen all over the world. We've seen a lot of people in the U.S., calling for a more just society in response to the death of George Floyd George Floyd, and we've seen Taiwanese news reports help people out and a boy crying at her mother in front of the camera, and i want to talk about one thing, called power.

We often say that the world is full of power structure problems, and we are faced with violence, hurt and tear from unequal power and power imbalances. What I want to say is that, starting today, we must remind ourselves that we must stand up for others when necessary, and that we must use our power carefully from our own practice.

And when one day you have a great deal of power in your hand, don't forget the tears you shed when you were young, the battles and marches you fought in when you were young. Please remember to be kind to differences, please remember the value of diversity and integration, and remember that in any case, do not abuse your power as a weapon to harm others, even if it is easy.

Finally, I would like to give you some deep wishes,

First of all, I wish all students, can become a their own do not hate, see the adult;

I bless all the students, can find a thing you are willing to defend, when one day you have to tell your story, feel worthy of heart, feel that this is me;

I wish everyone, can sincerely become their own, because become ourselves, is our life, the most important, but also the only subject.

Thank you, happy graduation.