ROLAND, A MAN OF PUBLICIST WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN A CONFIDENT FIGURE, ADMITTED IN HIS GRADUATION SPEECH THAT HE WAS NOT A TALENTED PERSON. But it is because he has no talent, he learned to face the attitude of work seriously.

"There are only two kinds of men in this world, me, and me. 」


None of the gold sentences he said went viral; he set a record monthly turnover of 60 million yen; and his books hit a record of 16,000 copies in the first week of their sale. Presumably everyone is no stranger to this legendary man, the king of public relations, ROLAND.

Such a positive-energy self-confident maniac, invited to address the graduation ceremony, to encourage graduates with a sense of uncertainty about the future, can be said to be more appropriate. During the 2020 graduation season, ROLAND was invited by vantan Tokyo, a special school, to give a speech to graduates.

Say the dream that will be laughed at, only the value realized

Among the many graduates are people who don't know their future direction, or who know exactly what they want, but who aren't sure about whether to continue because of the real-world environment.

IN RESPONSE TO THESE STUDENTS, ROLAND ENCOURAGED: "WHEN I SAID I WANT EDITED THE PUBLIC RELATIONS WORLD, BECOME THE UNPRECEDENTED PUBLIC RELATIONS EMPEROR, THE LEGENDARY PUBLIC RELATIONS, WE ALSO SAID THAT IMPOSSIBLE." But listening to them sing, my confidence did not diminish. At the time, I was thinking, 'Well, if 100 out of 100 people say it's impossible, I'm going to prove you all wrong.' After eight or nine years of working as a male publicist, I can now look up and say they're all wrong. 」

Maybe you're a little less confident, but don't give up on your good intentions. A winning heart can sustain the energy you need to challenge yourself.

"If you say to someone: you want to run 100 beauty salons and want to be the best stylist in the world, and everyone says it's impossible to give up, I think it's a great pity. Many opinions are necessarily correct, and sometimes a smaller voice is correct. If someone says you can't, they're going to prove them all wrong. 」

The dream of being laughed at can only be realized.

ROLAND encourages everyone. "Being laughed at is a sign that the dream is large and prehistoric. So I hope that we can set a dream that will be laughed at and realize it. If there is no precedent, it will be the first case. 」

Then he took his own as an example to illustrate this passage. He says he aspires to be a male publicist who doesn't drink and does a good job of providing the same quality from start to finish. But in the industry's culture is drinking is a matter of course, do not drink public relations is not to do. Although there is no precedent, he thinks it would be nice to be the first case.

"People who have a history of youth are people who break the rules. Of course, it's not the kind of break-up that hurts people. If there is any idea, even if it is against the rules, as long as it is their own belief in the road, I hope that we can hold the spirit of breaking the rules to go. (You'll love it: Humor saves the crisis!) Japanese male PUBLIC relations ROLAND: I'm not asleep, Just looking inside the eyelids)

No talent, it's a talent.

In addition to giving everyone the courage to dream, ROLAND also comforts those who think they are not talented: No talent is also a talent.

"Although people may not believe it, I am actually a talented person. In my first year as a male PR at 18, My performance was completely unaust. I was living in a 60,000-a-month apartment in West Shinjuku. Because there is no heating, I have to ride my bicycle to a nearby gas station to buy kerosene for heating. And I didn't have much to pay for, and I went to a nearby convenience store to pick up the high-calorie bread to fill my stomach. 」

"But it is because there is no talent, in order to find the right solution and repeated experiments, good face of their own work." Looking back now, if I had been talented and had done my job perfectly in the first place, I wouldn't have looked at the way I worked. It's not going to be good enough to do it in a mess of inertia. Of course, I hope that we will soon start the day, early performance on the job. But what I want to say is that if you encounter something that is not satisfactory and it is difficult to make a result, it would be better to think of no talent as a talent and tell yourself that 'no talent will take a good look at how you work'. Even in the days to come, you'll think' 'I'm a talented person'! (Same show: Confident full to Japan can not be installed! MALE PR ROLAND: THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD, AND I,

When you're out of society, your only partner is yourself.

Finally, he expected everyone to cherish themselves.

"Although this is an old-fashioned conversation, I hope that we can cherish themselves. Now everyone should be playing IG, Twitter. In IG, Twitter envy other people's lives, like girls will say 'this bag seems to buy', as if into an easy comparison between themselves and others era, resulting in the idea of 'what like me' and difficult to affirm themselves. 」

"But when you're out of society, your only partner is yourself. When I first came to Kabuki, I was often hurt by the unsuspecting words of my guests, the words of the supervisor, the words of my predecessors, 'You are so useless'. But who's on your side if they think they're useless? It's hard to do if you don't stand with yourself. So we have to love ourselves, cherish ourselves, always be their partner. 」

He gave an example: "If your boss says you're useless, you go back to him: "Yes you won't take it!" That's how I got back. But my example is a bit extreme, but what I want to say is to always be on your side. 」

"I like to adapt the famous sayings that have been made. We often hear people say 'no rain doesn't stop', which is really great. Even if something bad happens, he will end one day. But on reflection, this sentence seems to be just a sideline to what has happened, and it sounds a bit passive to expect time to fix it. So if I say it, I'll say, 'It's better to try to get on the clouds than to think of the rain that won't stop.' 」

"So when something bad happens, don't just stand by and expect time to solve it for you." I expect everyone to climb into the clouds. Read: Proud and unapubeable! Japanese male PR Roland: There are only two kinds of men in the world, i am, with the rest)

Perhaps you may think that ROLAND's most red and gold sentence" "there are only two men in this world, I, and I other" is an arrogance, but he in the end cited this famous quote to encourage everyone, the true meaning of it: "Everyone in their own life is the protagonist." Please hold the spirit of 'there are only two kinds of people in this world, I, and I are outside' and do the protagonists of your life. 」