Youtube held an online graduation ceremony, former U.S. President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce, South Korean group Bulletproof Youth Group have given the graduates a blessing, for you to organize a warm graduation message.

On the evening of 6/8 (1) Taiwan time , Youtube hosted an online graduation ceremony , which was broadcast live for four hours , and former U.S. President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama , goddess Kaka , Beyonce , Alicia Keys , Li Zhu , and the South Korean group Bulletproof Youth League all offered their blessings to the 2020 graduates .

In this year's biggest graduation speech, everyone points out that 2020 is an extraordinary year: the Australian bushfires, the global outbreak of new crown pneumonia, and the racial struggle triggered by the death of Floyd in the United States mark an important page in history. Graduates in 2020 face a tougher and more difficult future, but the more so, the more they need to fight for their beliefs.

For you to organize the bulletproof youth group's warm graduation speech, they also have a lot of uncertainty, feel that they do not have the talent, can not keep up with the rapid change of the world, but they choose to stand firm, with the most suitable for their own pace, to meet all opportunities. (Extended reading: not only strength, but also talk about topics that others dare not talk about!) Bulletproof Youth League was selected as one of the 100 most famous people of the times)

Rm, the captain of the Bulletproof Junior Regiment, begins to bless all the graduates:

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"Dear 2020 graduates, it's been a strange year, but you've come here and you've done it. Today, you may not be able to present a bouquet or throw a graduation cap, but you may have the most special graduation ceremony in history. Never before have so many people come together to celebrate their dreams and achievements for graduates, and you may sit alone in bed or in the living room watching a live broadcast, or with someone, wherever you are, you are on the verge of the next stage of your life. 」

Then the members of the Bulletproof Youth League, each recalling their graduation and their frustrations, and how they insisted on being themselves along the way. Member Jin says:

"My memories of graduation are not the same as those of others, before I came out as a member of the Bulletproof Junior League. I was only 20 years old and had just entered college. The "becoming an adult" thing is a little scary, I am a little anxious about the coming into a strange world, and I'm cautious about what I say and do. 」

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"I sometimes get very upset when I watch my friend step forward. Every attempt to catch up with their footsteps, finally just let me breathe. I soon realized that it was their pace, not mine. So I made a promise to myself: 'Slowly, step on their own pace and steady forward', and this promise accompanied me through many moments, became a habit, always give myself some time. "If
you feel confused and face all kinds of doubts and uncertainties, pressures and unknowns, don't worry. Take a deep breath and you'll find that all the moments are an opportunity to let yourself go, and take only one step at a time. You will find that the important things that have fallen will eventually move in your direction. It's not

Suga said: "These days, I feel like I'm falling in a race and getting back on my feet and i've got no one around me, and I'm being abandoned on an island." Many times in life, may not have the same handsome ending as you think, from the 'new beginning' and some distance, but I want to tell you: don't be afraid to worry, because the end is another starting point, and the beginning and end of things are closely linked. 」

"Let go of what you have in your hands, and catch the meeting that you can change." On the road of life, there are many things beyond our control, and the only thing we can control is ourselves. 」

J-Hope said, "I'm no different from everyone." Sometimes, I feel that my music creation and performance has come to an end, sometimes, my mind is blank, can no longer take a step forward, in fact, this is my work is very often happened. That's when I thought, 'Just hold on one more time, ' and then get back on my feet, and I decided to believe in myself again. 」

"The next attempt may not be perfect, but the second time will be better than the first, the third will be better than the second, and at this time, I will be happy that I did not give up." There must be the same moment in your life, and you'll constantly question every decision, question your profession, question whether you've made the right decision, questioned whether you're on the road to success, or on the road to failure. But always remember: you are the master of your own life, please repeat this sentence over and over again: 'I can do it, I can do well, I do better than anyone else.' 」

V Share how he found an interest in life and made it professional: "To be honest, I'm not a natural person who can sing and dance, or even have a lot of perseverance. I started late and lacked talent in many ways, but I soon found a passion for singing and dancing, and the enthusiasm and joy that prompted me to keep going and bring me here. If you don't know where to go, from now on, I hope you start listening to your heart. Read: Oprah's Warm Graduation Speech: You were born just to be yourself on this planet.

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"The situation may make everything more difficult, but luck and opportunity are waiting for you, and I believe so much that I will always remember today." Although this is not my graduation ceremony, but I will remember today, as treasure. And I look forward to the day when you will stand in front of us and share your story. 」

AT THE END OF THE DAY, RM HONESTLY SAID: "FRANKLY, WHILE SHARING THE GRADUATION MESSAGE, WE STILL HAVE A LOT OF UNCERTAINTY, AND THE BUDDHA ONLY WALKED OUT OF THE SCHOOL GATE YESTERDAY." Some would say that the Bulletproof Youth League has achieved a lot, but the truth is that we are not the same as you are in your 20s. The Bachelor hat still seems to be on our heads, and we are still timid in facing reality. Unpredictable events disrupt all plans, and loss and anxiety still surround us. 」

But RM says we'll go through all the difficulties together anyway.

"At this moment, we may be looking at each other through a small screen, but I know that your future will bloom in a grand bloom." 」

We can't predict that 2020 will be filled with changes and unease, and the outbreak and the struggle against countries will continue. And 2020 graduates, despite entering society at the most turbulent times, courage will lead you through hardship, and courage will give you the power to change the world.

Dear graduates, happy graduation.