Youtube hosts an online graduation ceremony in which former U.S. President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce and the South Korean group Bulletproof Junior Group offered their blessings to the graduates to organize Beyonce's powerful graduation speech.

Youtube online graduation ceremony, star-studded, the last for you to organize the bulletproof youth group warm graduation speech, talk about insist on doing their own anxiety, this one, Beyonce talked about the unfair reality of society, and how to set up their own stage? Read:BTS Bulletproof JuniorS Warm Heart Editing Message: There are many things in life that can get out of hand, and the only thing you can control is yourself.

Here's how to organize Beyonce's powerful graduation speech for you:

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"Congratulations, 2020 graduate, you're in the midst of an epidemic crisis, a global outrage over the police killings of unarmed African-American men. But you're still here, thank you. You're proud of you as you come together to make a voice and let the world know about Black Lives Matter. 」

Freud's death, the Ahmaud Arbery shooting, the death of Breonna Taylor, and the many heartbreaking events that prompted the community to collectively find answers. When we choose to act aggressively, we will see people rallying, enough to turn the gear sway of change, and real change will begin with your generation, high school and college graduates. (Extended Reading: After "The Death of Freud": There is a kind of communion that is non-racial or gender-neutral)

"I don't have college experience, i don't have the struggle to go to school after the party, even though I know it's all fun. But my parents have always taught me the importance of education, how to show truth through action, how to celebrate independent self, and the importance of investing in myself. Dear graduates, remember to take a moment to thank the members of your family and community who have supported you, who have achieved beyond what your family could not have imagined, and who have been the answer to many prayers in this generation. 」

"You may be the first person in your family to graduate from college, you may not want to go down the path that people expect, and you may question all the decisions you've made, but the best way to explore yourself is to take the first step, and I know how difficult it is to make up your mind and put it into action." 」

"There was an important twist in my life, many years ago when I decided to start a company. I had to believe I was ready, and my parents and mentors gave me a lot of success, and I had to succeed, but it was a terrible thing to start a company. 」

She further revealed the reasons behind it:

"The film and television entertainment industry is still sexist, it's a male-dominated industry. As a woman, I didn't see female role models being given enough opportunities to run a personal brand and management business, direct personal films, and build my journey. And to do these things, symbolie that I have the leading power, to dominate my own work, my own future, to write my own story. But on this table, there were no African-American women, so I had to cut down the wood myself, build a table, and invite the best people to sit down, that is, to hire women, men, excluded people, those who were waiting for the opportunity to be seen by the world. 」

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"Despite their skills and talent, these people are often excluded from senior positions because of their gender and race, and I am proud that I have provided them with their place on this table. Over the years, the greatest goal of my work has been to show the world the beauty, history, and the values and power of the African-American community, and I have done everything I can to appease those who are disturbed by the excellence of African-Americans. Read: Beyonce Documentary "Homecoming": I'm going home and Breaking Black Women's Limits

Beyonce then offered a message to women and men, and to people who felt excluded from the world:

"To the young girls, you are the future leaders of this country, you will turn the world upside down, I am with you (I see you), you are the one that the world lacks, shake the world with strength, be a good person." As for the young boys, accept the vulnerability and redefine masculinity. To listen to your own heart, you can be a talented person in many different ways, I believe this is a natural gift. Don't let the world limit you, mistakenly think that life only a specific model of success, you do not have to use the same way to succeed. But you must use this gift to help the planet with the truest of yourself. 」

"To everyone who feels different, if you're the "others" in a group, someone in a group who can't be at the center of the stage, go and create the stage and let everyone see you." Your eccentricity is a kind of beauty, your black is also a kind of beauty. Your empathy, every time you stand up for different ethnic groups, is a kind of beauty. I hope you will continue to insist that the world know that you will not stop being yourself, and that time has come for the world to see you. 」

Don't stop being yourself, don't stop speaking out about the world, as long as you have the value of faith, it's a force that turns old ideas, including gender, race, and environmental parity, like Beyonce's words on stage: "A revolution has begun."