When there are sexual assault survivors voice, there will always be people say that the price must not talk about, deny the occurrence of sexual assault. On June 8th Ito announced that he would declare war on such statements.

The Manjo family is Sumi Toshiko 2017 and 2019 Table 5 Hen Man-an, example: "Associate Sleep Failure", "Toki-Toki Mikuni Chenjun Ito Shiori-ko", "Ito Shiori-i-ation", Shiori Ito The appeal on June 8, 2020 is Sumi and Shikoi and 2 Amiyu damage names. (Recommendation: Sexual invasion box |

Shioririri ito In April 2015, Japan TBS Tv Station-like reporter Takayuki Yamaguchi, Saikata Phase Seijo Menjo, Ito Shiori, Go-go, Lost Consciousness, Andaiten Store

After the decision of the judges, Takayuki Yamaguchi, Ito's public appearance, and the case of the name-name-sensitive invasion. The brave movement of the individual, and the criticism of the plunging He won the case at the end of December 2019. It is a bond of the anti-one.

"Tashikage Statue" (AP)

The death of a language wound person and a person who is a relumer at a time

On the basis of Shiori Ito's press, the notice for the decision of The Samurai road is a serious cause.

"Death and death", "My gripped head", and "Sai-tei-tei-tei", and "Sai-tei-tei-tei-sei-sei-sei-sei", He was a coma of his sleep, and he was asked for a multi-order police officer. The action of the required place to start the time of the year and the action.

At the bottom of May, "Sansa-tae Public Fable" member Kimura Hana pseudo-in-ami-ji-ji-tei-kaisei,Sai-tei-sei-tei-tei:"The death of a person who has a good time, and a man who is a man who is a man who is a man who is a man who is a man of the present age." My hope after the return of the non-manned speech place injury, the cause decision place behavior. At the same time, Ya-Ya-Ya-Ko-Ya-A-net-like person: "One person, one person, one person, the easy-to-start, the hard-to-be-cut-out boundary, the reason- the amount of self-righteousness unnecessary solitary army struggle. It's hatsuya koreyo. He is a good man of the net, and sonowa bejin. A fixed-term manned man (Stretching Samurai:"So-image Okai-like Sonko, Yusei Ryo Breakwater" South Korea Entrance Logistics Closed Raku Newspaper Tell-and-Go- Board

Manjo "Hana-Tei-tei", the author's suetsugu Yuki's special public support Ito Shiori notification: "Harichi Ariman-ya-in-law's cause of serious injury and slander, gawa brave Ito Shiori The reason for the use method is a strange power quantitative story, and the inability to work is anti. My Hope: A Person Who Is A Cryusonous Victim, Present Company's No.Identity Reform," Portrait of a Ito Shiori Woman.

Yuki Suetsugu

On June 9, he was a journalist who was a journalist who was 40,000.

"Ryouka-tei Koga-like 550 Man, No Need for A small heart, Narimura-bana"

"Last year Ten ito Koya reporter's reporter's display Wakamura Hana Ari homology feeling. By the way, Ito Koya, my face reign, criticism, etc., such as "Moon-kei Tossa-like menopause", "the rapid disappearance of the samurai", "murder", "humane", "the best car death", etc. 說要對抗網路霸凌自己卻掀起了網路霸凌」、「如果你想要我的 550 萬,是不是該小心留意,以免我變得跟木村花小姐一樣呢? (Stretching:"After the Death of a Certain Resident, Talent-understanding Linguistic Weight" Kimura Hanaka Release, Japan Geijin-ken Appeals Acid Minmin Yoji)

Amiyu-like speech, criticism of the accuracy. Stunned, Korekore Ito Shiorigo No. Netu-like speech, ordinary non-Ito Shiori one-person no-go system. Masami Yu's Responsibility-For-Wife Ito Shiori, Required "Koshin Ichirei", Unscrupulous Victims' Violent Cultural Manifestations, It is a one-piece mature company association, a brave self-speech possible creation injury, a brave recognition, and a mature expression.

He is a very old man who is a world-class man, a world-class, a man who is not in the first line of the first line of the first-line challenge. He is a self-written self-opinion, and a former man-like former man-like former man-like man. Tamryo Ga-Ga-Mata-ji, Ya-ta-Ryo-Ryo-ryo-like man-san, Ga-Tei-sui-jin-ji-ji-no-Yu-shi-ichi-ichi-bebe, all-creative reform?