Dew. Kaur's "Milk and Honey" talks about pain, love, heartbreak and healing, bruising, self-rescue, recording the hard-to-tell truth. The pain and the wounds, bring you three poems, and join us from simple and straightforward text, understanding of physical autonomy, positive consent and #MeToo movement.

Read poetry for you, read Milk and Honey with you today, chapter one of pain.

The author of this book is a writer and artist. Rupi Kaur, five years old, gave her a pen to draw what she thought, and from then on, she began her creative journey.

This collection of poems, talking about pain, love, heartbreak and healing, record the sincere words that are difficult to speak for themselves, there are bruises, but also self-rescue, more is the true feelings of women's hearts. Let it accompany you who are trying to live, give you some strength to move forward.

The pain and the wounds, bring you three poems, and join us from simple and straightforward text, understanding of physical autonomy, positive consent and #MeToo movement.

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Your body, born for you.

The first boy to kiss me
Put my hands on my shoulders.
It's like he's riding.
The first bike.
Press the hand to put
I'm only five years old.

He's on his lips.
The smell of hunger and thirst
It's like four in the morning.
His father tasted his mother like that.

He was the first boy.
Tell me, my body.
It's for those who want me.
I should have thought
I'm complete.

Oh, my God
I feel so empty

No matter how old you are or what situation you are, any unconsensual touch is inappropriate.

You have your own body, you can choose what you want to dress, you can build the lifestyle you aspire to, and you can certainly decide whether to touch someone, how to touch it, how to touch it for a long time.

No one in the world has the power to take away your body's autonomy.

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In the discourse of the women's movement, there are many different interpretations of autonomy, and the common western saying is that autonomy is seen as individual independence and women's self-determination, free from interference by others. Correspondingly, individuals are also responsible for themselves. A large part of the positive goal pursued by the feminist movement is autonomy, and it is hoped that women's bodies and lives will be free from coercion and freedom.

Reference:Gender Education Small Thesaurus. Yu Meihui.

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You don't say yes, you just don't.

Sex is the business of love.
If one side just lies down and doesn't do anything
Maybe it's not ready.
Or not in the mood.
Or just don't want to do it.
And the other side is still with that man's body.
That's not love.

If you don't explicitly express your desire to have sex, no one, even a partner, has the right to ask you to do so.

"Positive consent" exists to enable everyone to truly take back sexual autonomy. "Silence", "no resistance" and "no refusal" are not consent, and non-consensual sex is sexual assault.

If you still don't understand, you can watch this film.

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Positive consent

Only Mean Yes S Yes

The perpetrator must first express his or her desire to have sex in words or positive acts, confirm that the other person has received the message, and respond to the sexual invitation with language or positive physical action, i.e. "Only yes yes yes yes", in which case sexual behavior is legal. Consec consensual sexual behavior", conversely, if the perpetrator did not even ask, or if the victim did not give verbal consent before the sexual act, and did not respond to the other person's sexual advances with positive physical action, even if silent or not to do any thing, in this case, sexual activity would constitute a sexual assault offence.

Reference: From "positive resistance" to "positive consent" to "positive consent", learn "women say what is necessary" in gender education. Women's New Knowledge Foundation.

On "positive consent":

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You're hurt, you have the right to speak.

You're so scared.
My voice.
I've decided
I'm scared, too.

In the moment of harassment and abuse, he asks you to stop his crimes from being discovered;

"Are you dressed too exposed" "Who calls you so late to wander outside" "Drinking is inherently dangerous" "Many victims are not easy to summon up the courage to reveal the facts, society can not properly catch them, let them fall, even more painful."

We must create a social atmosphere in which survivors feel safe, in a world where he is not to blame for doing wrong, he can feel supported rather than doubted, and he can have more courage to speak out about his experiences.

#MeToo movement encourages the voices of victims and survivors.

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#MeToo Movement

The concept of "#MeToo" was launched in 2006 by Tarana Burke, a social activist. In October 2017, actress Alyssa Milano made hashtags a global focus after a sexual assault scandal broke over Harvey Weinstein, a high-profile US filmmaker, who used hashtags to "#MeToo" on social networking sites.

Reference: Use your influence! TIME's Annual Person of the Year The Silence Breakers: #MeToo campaign to speak out for victims of sexual assault. position news.

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