Dew. Kaur's Milk and Honey talks about pain, love, heartbreak and healing, and says the truth that you're shy about. Love, bring you three poems, I hope you like.

Read poetry for you, read Milk and Honey with you today, and love.

The author of this book is a writer and artist. Rupi Kaur, five years old, gave her a pen to draw what she thought, and from then on, she began her creative journey.

This collection of poems, talking about pain, love, heartbreak and healing, record the sincere words that are difficult to speak for themselves, there are bruises, but also self-rescue, more is the true feelings of women's hearts. Let it accompany you who are trying to live, give you some strength to move forward.

Feelings are the softest piece in people's hearts, often in a relationship that reflects your inner desires.

Love, bring you three poems, I hope you like.

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You touched me.
Without the need for
Touch me.

A good relationship, in addition to physical touch, I also want you to connect with my heart, feel your support and love.

You don't know, do you? You occasionally send a warm greeting, enough to make me feel like the last week of exhaustion has disappeared.

Even if, we are not each other who, may never be, but now gently think of you like this, has been i willing to swim in the romance.

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You're not my first.
But with your love
Let the other love

Since you appear, the pain of the past seems to have meaning.

I began to understand that the original previous break-up of the tearing of the heart and lungs, are to meet your appearance.

You may not be the best partner in love, but you make others small and make our love stronger.

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I don't want you to
Fill in the blanks.
I want to be complete.
I want to be complete
It just lights up the whole city.
And then
I want to have you.
Because the two of us add up.
It's going to start a fire.

We are not everything to each other, nor do we have to be the world of each other. Only wish you to lead me, I hold you, we hand in hand to watch the waves, side by side to see the sun rise and fall.

Love should never rely on who become sits complete person, we ourselves would have been a complete person, and then two people together, so that life is richer.

This is my most longing for the love look, but also the most suitable for our relationship shape, just you and i, happiness is very clear.