Youtube hosts an online graduation ceremony, with former first lady Michelle Obama offering her blessing and sharing three lessons from her life in the hope that graduates won't stop speaking out about their ideas in the face of turmoil.

Just as graduation ceremonies in various countries were canceled because of the outbreak, online virtual graduation ceremony was going on hot. On the evening of 6/8 (1) Taiwan time, Youtube held a four-hour live online graduation ceremony, which could be called the biggest of the year.

In the follow-up to the South Korean Bulletproof Youth League and Beyonce's commencement speech, former first lady Michelle Obama delivered her speech, in the face of turbulent times, social justice is constantly being destroyed, she said, if you feel angry, don't hide.

We've compiled the wonderful passages for you from Michelle Obama's graduation speech.

Photo screenshots ofthe Youtube video

"Over the past few months, the social foundations have been shaken because the epidemic has taken loved ones, changed our daily lives and left tens of millions of people without livelihoods. 」

"If you feel scared, confused, angry, or overwhelmed by all changes, if you want to find a ray of life to stabilize yourself, you know, you are not alone, I feel the same way, I think we are. So, I want you to know that confusion is normal, and if you don't even understand your feelings, it's normal. 」

Michelle Obama then talked about the social unrest that has been made difficult because of the outbreak and Freud's death, but she said we need not despair and share further how we can keep moving forward in an unstable situation.

"The first thing you know is that life will never be fixed. 」

She continued: "At this point you feel that life is turned upside down, you may pray that life can go back in time, and I have had the same thoughts, and i was most impressed when I was in my 20s, feeling the world is falling apart, and I'm willing to give everything and get my life back to its original state at any cost, but this experience has made me realize that when everything is falling apart, I have to take a new step and take a path of focusing on the service of the population." So graduates, I hope that now what you experience, can become a ring ingm, not only to prompt you to think about career, but also urge you to think about what you want to be. As a result, you have the opportunity to learn faster than previous generations. 」

"And the second thing you should learn: honesty, integrity, empathy, passion, traits that can be tested in time, are the only assets of life in a world of uncertainty." Treat ingathing correctly won't disappoint you. 」

"I'm no longer naive, I know that passing false messages, blaming others for mistakes, and avoiding contact with people with less privilege can make you climb higher, but the cost of this survival law is heavy, it will make your spirits down, your heart will harden, and in the short term it seems like a strategy to win in life, but trust me, this life will trip you up." Your life is deprived of the most important thing: deep emotional connection with others. 」

And when you have more privileges, what can you do with it? Michelle Obama went on, "The third thing you should know: apply your privileges and voices to what really matters." 」

"To all you who feel they are not being valued: Please know that your story is important, your ideas are important, your experience is important, and your expectations and vision of the world are important. So never stop telling your story because others question 'you're too angry' or 'you should shut up'. There are always people who try to silence you so that you can only be seen but not heard, or they don't want you to be seen at all. But these people don't know your story, and if you listen to them, change won't happen. Read: Michelle Obama: See My Story, Don't See My Identity)

"It all depends on you, willing to speak for someone, it all depends on you, whether you want to say no to cruelty and lies, it all depends on you, willing to move forward hand in hand with your allies, with dignity and hope, to fight for justice." 」

"Graduates, anger is a powerful force, it can be a driving force, but if it's just anger, it only corrupts people and sows the seeds of chaos. If there is anger, with more will, history will change: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has anger, Sojourner Truth has anger, Lucretia Mott , Cesar Chavez, and the stonewall rioters are all angry, but they are sympathetic, principled, hopeful. 」

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If social justice is to be realized, the struggle must not stop on the streets, it must go into the halls of law; the unity must not stop at the workers, it must work with the senators and the house, and the president of the United States. We don't have to ask when change begins, says Michelle Obama, starting with social circles, starting with your neighbors and even a table at home, and changing from the people around you, because it's often harder to communicate with family members at the same table than to take to the streets to fight with strangers.

The spread of the epidemic and the ethnic struggle in the world is both a mess and a change, and life cannot go back to the past because we continue to create a progressive future. Graduates in 2020, bless you, the world at the same time, not forgetting love, do not forget the same reason, with the seeds of honesty and integrity, sowing a brighter and better society.