A life experience can also contribute to a series of beautiful photographic works ! Murad Osmann and his wife Nataly Zakharova all over the world, also came to Taiwan. Together to see the overflowing sweet "follow me" hand Photography set. (Recommended reading: wife Confession: In fact, Sweet is very simple )

As a Russian photographer Hadji Murad and his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova on a holiday in Barcelona, Hadji Murad was attracted by the beautiful scenery and constantly photographed, resulting in a girlfriend angrily decided to pull him directly, but this did not stop Murad continued to take pictures, but triggered the series of photographic works, Named "follow me" (come with me) and upload it to his Instagram album. A piece of sweet hand shines, swept the world.

From 2011 onwards to now, the couple stalls for more than four years to travel to many different countries and attractions, including some of the world's most famous and exotic places, like Big Ben in London, Sleeping Beauty Castle in Hong Kong Disneyland, Barre Falls, and so on "follow me"(with me) series of photographic collection. Overflowing sweet Two people, married this year, also came to Taiwan!

(Photo credit: Natalyosmann )

both the husband and wife The first attraction, selected in Kaohsiung Fo Guang Mountain Memorial.

(Photo credit: Natalyosmann )

Then to Jiayi's Alishan teahouse.

(Photo credit: Natalyosmann )

(Photo credit:Natalyosmann )

witness the beauty of Taiwan, wife Nataly sensibility said: "On this trip, we saw the most secret place on the earth." We are always looking for the scenery, warmth and love that will not change. But no matter how many times I travel, I learned that you have to find yourself before you find the most beautiful scenery. See the world from your eyes, see yourself in the eyes of the world. 」

What kind of hand-holding photos will the couple leave behind in Taiwan?




這系列中的每張照片都是從 Murad Osmann 的視野從後方看著妻子 Nataly Zakharova 拉著他的身影,往後的日子,她將繼續領著他的手,走過世界的各個角落。


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