Miss Sports X Yoga Special, the moment of the yoga conversation, is to practice giving the action of the moment complete focus, so that every breath, take you to a deeper place.

The morning yoga class is the reason to get up on a Saturday morning. The only thing that used to make me want to get up was a good brunch.

For summer reasons, the course is moving forward to 9 o'clock, avoiding the midday heat. Into the classroom, the teacher asked us, this week's state is ok, and then we use peanut ball, the whole body slowly aroused, from head to toe around to say hello, I often feel, this is very much like the Check-in reporting process, hey, we are coming.

Today, living under this time, not to empty, said the old man. The present is where you pull your attention back to your body, don't half of you do the action, half you want to think east and west, give the action of the present to be completely focused, try to see your body support you to do every action, also observe every breath of yourself, observe the action to your relationship, as long as when you start to observe, every breath will get deeper and deeper, take you to a deeper place.

The so-called the present, is you willing to and at this moment you, good together.

We sit leg-splitting baby,leg-splitting baby, newborn posture, feet thumb overlap, body lying, hands forward, tiger mouth, weight to the floor, that is a zero posture, in front of their own can not be in front of, surrender and enjoy the fragile. I often do this posture, where the nest, feel back to the uterus, very safe, think of everyone has been a baby, but also waiting to grow a thought, the baby is actually a very powerful creature, nothing, so anything can be.

It's a starting act, waiting for you to create.

From leg-splitting babies to dog-like, observe the completion of a dog-like finish, and observe the body's exertion. The teacher said that all the reminders are just directions, your force, is a continuous movement, give the body a hint, and then stretch forward, buttocks push back a little bit, feet a little more stable, that is a kind of endless thing, no end, no comparison. Every dog-like, is different.

The teacher told me, Audrey, when you first did the action, you were a little short. Summer heat, sometimes difficult, I often drifted to think, My God, my sweat to slide down really can't open air-conditioning, ah, that and so on lunch to eat. That's the exercise that's going to be given to me right now, and this moment is just focusing on what's important right now.

When I do yoga here, I often feel the meaning of slowness. Originally is this, slow not only as a fast contrast and exist, slow is not a relatively bad thing, slow behind is you want to profound experience, in the head to grow aware, you do not choose to bypass, you choose to see, to understand, and in every breath, all to adjust.

Let me say I find that most of the force on the back of my thighs is actually from the hips; when I'm a hero, sometimes I forget to take care of my fingers, with fast logic, and slowness is the same. They do not exist to compete with each other, there is no problem of merit, fast and slow are your methods. After the big rest, back to the King Kong sitting position, hands out of the triangle, placed on the chest, I like the teacher's whitening - with a silent hum, back to the body of all the cells, all the life in the cells, and in daily life with you with things.

After class, I carried a yoga mat in one hand, while going to a nearby shop to buy a hoe, steamed with a hot exoized purple rice oats, with a can of sugar-free soy milk. Simple food, people feel very happy, right, you take a closer look, there are so many lovely things that support your day.