Miss Sports X Yoga Special, Imagine your body is a whole, and every breath you take supports this continuous occurrence. You also practice again and again, accept your body, and don't rate it.

Saturday morning's MRT was overcrowded, with a pair of eyes on the eye, and found that the eyes had revealed enough information. Some people's eyes are very bright, some people's ride for days of tiredness, I was thinking, then which one of me.

Morning yoga on a few classes, still like the teacher's lecture logic and ideas, according to the peanut ball, for the fascia to fill the water, pressed to the back of the shoulder and neck, or pain in the face entanglement. The teacher said that stopping on the pain means to separate an objective distance from him, not to bear the pain, but to observe it, and then to sort out.

Today we also talk about links and veins - imagine your body being a whole, your dog-like, from the back to the calf, to the hips, along the back, to the ten fingers and palms of your titado, with a continuous, supportive together. And your breathing also supports this continuous. So, also observe your breathing. Read: Practices of modern people , we breathe every day , but we rarely really pay attention to breathing methods .

The teacher began to speak of Chinese medicine, mentioned in and out of the body air, to rest, the more quiet, and do not gasp, prop the wall, you practice quiet down, in order to let the environment good things can come in, practice the body is actually more important to exercise. There is a Spanish classmate in class, I do English translation, while the heart would like to take the computer out to take notes.

A few reminders from the teacher are also interesting. For example, my palms are always stuck unstable, moving to move, the teacher said, ten fingers are actually like the root of a tree, if the movement, it is easy to be unstable; Or I wear a jacket short today, the stomach has been flying out, the teacher will remind, that is the cold easy to run into the place, you have to start paying attention to Oh.

Probably what I like about it, is yoga, non-crash class, also non-specific medicine, physical examination of the body, there is a degree of grandlliness, no negativity, no evaluation, no strong. On the way to the destination, hold on, relent, slowly and slowly, reminiscent of the "Long Man Swordsman".

The teacher said, in short, you go to observe, good feeling is good, bad feeling is also good ah, you are not in pursuit of good feelings, just stop there. And the greatest thing you can get in this lesson is the ability to observe your own body and develop a complete objectivity.

Probably feel that yoga is a training vision, practice quiet, small steps slow, stick to, is at this point in time, into life.