Out of the cabinet, should be in the state of psychological preparation of the parties, initiated by himself. In order to protect comrades from being forced out of the cabinet, Japan's Sanhe prefecture is to be prohibited by law.

To the company, school, found colleagues, students see you're not the same eyes. When you haven't digested your faults, laugh, and make a difference, row the mountains down to the sea. YouTuber Tae-Hyun once shared that one day his parents accidentally found out he was gay, and rushed him back to Nantou, causing him to struggle to figure out how to confess his secret for 20 years. (Same show:"On the wedding day, Dad first said I was beautiful" interview with Tai Spicy: Father spent ten years practicing accepting that his son is gay)

Even though society is relatively friendly today, there are risks for sexual minorities to disclose their sexual orientation and gender identity. To expose the sexual orientation and gender identity of others is likely to lead to the other person's danger.

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On June 3rd, Japan's Mitsui Prefecture issued guidelines for the subsequent development of a minority anti-discrimination law. "Forced out" can lead to family and employment instability, more likely to cut off interpersonal relationships, leaving the person in isolation. In view of this, the conduct of leaking the sexual orientation and gender identity of the parties to a third party without the consent of the parties concerned, i.e. "forced out of the cabinet", will be prohibited by law.

In Japan, the supporting minority "support hotline" has received 110 calls for "forced out" in the six years since its inception. And recently, a young man, because the boss to colleagues exposed his sexual orientation, resulting in mental health problems, proposed to pay for labor. It can be seen that being forced out of the cabinet and living is affected, is a real problem. Read:LGBT Horror Lover Issue: Can't Tell Family and Friends to Make Them More Dangerous? )

In 2015, a law graduate student at Ibridge University chose to jump off his life because he was publicly gay. As a result of this grief, in April 2018, the city of Tokyo, home of Itaka University, introduced a ban on "forced out" and other anti-discrimination laws, the first in Japan. But the three-county anti-discrimination law will be the first of its kind at the tudor county level. I hope that the enactment of anti-discrimination laws can expand to the prefectures and counties, and even become a national bill in the future.