Interview Zhang Yi, dress up and create, he opened the cloud to talk, each reply is carefully detailed, seriously true, turn the psychology philosophy book to find the vein, is not want to casually throw out an answer. Asked what he felt most about reading the books, he said, "Don't have a baby in a mess." 」

If you try to search for Zhang Yi, point out his film or all kinds of dress up: Penang stall hottie, love adventure Dora, uniformed female high school students, the first may be silly eyes, the second may be quietly watched, the third time when you do not consciously say "good to see the fafyane", then congratulations, become an art family.

The network generation, as long as you dare, know how to grasp the taste of the community, you can become famous. However, among many internet celebrities, Zhang Yi's image works are different from the delicateness of ordinary people.

Regarding "Zhang Yi", read carefully, otherwise you will not be able to stop.

In women, I see all sorts of possibilities.

If because of a branch beyond the ordinary understanding of the image works, Zhang Yi positioning as a net red, it seems premature. And when we are anxious, for Zhang Yi to find a more precise title, it is better to slow down, because he wants to show everyone the creation and sensory stimulation, not a simple noun can be summed up.

The "Plant Not Grow up Lab" began in 2016 has become an important representative of Zhang Yi, followed by a variety of female dress up, or artistic, or evil, plus the upper limit of the dynamic interaction with netizens, so that Zhang Yi has a group of die-hard fans, or commonly known as: Yi family.

Why do you dress as a woman so often? Zhang Yi laughs, may be because of the shape of the small, dress up fit. And playing a woman, there are many kinds of appearance sons and roles: "Maybe people think it's a 'hysterical' woman, I think she's hot." I often use the term 'spicy' to describe a girl. For example, dressed as a small three, the man's mother sent to the nursing home, and his son sent to the orphanage, I think God is too hot. 」

Because the family opened goose meat stalls, Zhang Yi from time to time to observe the behavior of guests, more and more impressive, and then gradually will imitate the campus or the workplace personality of the girls, in Zhang Yi's reinterpretation, those as "crazy / crazy" female characteristics, become an omnipotent, no bottom line and limits, such as Aunt Xixi, "Rose Bell Eye" on behalf of the red and purple rose women. Zhang Yi interpretation of the woman dare to court, wearing a wedding dress to ask whether to marry me in the end, they make no secret of their jealousy and anger, love lost when crying a snot of tears, or can not love to say to the predecessor "give me a roll."

In women, he says, there are many possibilities, and from the creator's point of view, it's natural to choose to go in a developmentable direction.

So, Zhang Yi began to be labeled crazy and unexpected.

When I was a soldier, I was actually panicked.

But you think Zhang Yi, not all Zhang Yi.

"I didn't like myself very much before, because net red is very similar to Wenqing, feeling very negative words. But now I feel that the title is given by someone else, if I know what i am, regardless of what others say. 」

So, what kind of identity does Zhang Yi have?

In addition to image creation, he said the most happy thing is to be able to communicate with you, such as to go to the university to open a symposium, share life experience. Although not a money-making job, the pre-assignment is also long, but he always likes to slowly comb, a little idea, think of himself is not, can also give some substantive help;

I asked, why not type and record?

"Speaking is more emotional than typing, " he explains, for example, replying to "oh" is a simple one: "With the words there will be uplifts of "oh" and "Oh!" The recipient will feel differently, as if a friend were chatting. People who add tones are more emotional, and those who receive messages will feel valued.

In the era of fast food, the message is fast, even more than two words are too slow. Can Zhang Yi is very cherish every opportunity to contact with people, how much time others pay, he carefully live up to, so he read, check information, make a clue, and then carefully reply. He kept saying that there was no need to waste everyone's time.

Listen to Zhang Yi, often feel that if he is only 50% of the ability, will definitely not give 51% of the people, but if you can do 100%, it will definitely pay 100%. In everyone's eyes, he seems to be versatile, will cut the film, but he shook his head and said, no, I know I am very inadequate.

Like enlisting at the end of last year, four months of military life, he said, at that time very panicked: "I am afraid I am derailed with the world, afraid of my self-made stupid." He thought for a moment and slowly opened his mouth, "Because 90% of what's actually done inside doesn't make sense, but I know I can do a lot of things." 」

He was so frightened that he tried desperately to read a book while in the army. Because the military camp class can not read their own books, Zhang Yi will use the most time: ten minutes after class, after a bath, waiting for the monitor to speak before he read Ernest Thompson Sidon's "Sidon Animals", read Kawakubo Kangcheng's "Sleeping Beauty", Alice Hibard "Sussy's World", also read a variety of psychology and philosophy books, because he wants to answer the question of the conversation, you have to make sure that he speaks correctly.

By the end of his military service, he had read 23 books.

I asked, did you get anything from it?

"I'll feel like you don't have a baby in a mess. He laughed and read so many psychology books that he found that the frustrations he encountered as a child often stemmed from childhood trauma. Then very seriously said: "Living is actually full of hard work, life is a practice." So even if I want a child later, I'll want to adopt, like pulling a person, rather than pulling someone out of the sky. 」

Life has its value, just as he does not neglect every cloud story, he seriously respondto with every choice in life. Zhang Yi always knows what he can do and how far he can go.

Dad's subject should be solved by him.

Zhang Yi in the 2017 Spring Festival and mom and dad out of the cabinet, not long after the cabinet, dad found zhang Yi has two Facebook accounts, one used to paste women's photos, dress editing film, the other is the right 800 accounts, to the family to see, this image of the hard father, is undoubtedly the impact.

Out of the cabinet and women's clothing things at home set off a small wave of waves, mother can try to understand, dad has never explicitly accepted or not to accept. Still, there is a subtle interaction between Zhang Yi and his father, who occasionally points out his films or asks him how well he's doing. (Extended Reading: Interview with Zhang Yi: My Father Can't Accept My SexualIty, but He Never Scolded My Mother)

At first glance, the relationship is on the right track, last September, Zhang Yi but ran to calculate the star dish, he said, he wants to know how to get along with his father.

All along, there was a line between the two men, who clearly wanted to get close to each other, but as soon as they crossed the line, the dispute came.

Recently, for example, he wanted to rent a space in Taichung Shengang that could be arranged. 'It's a very happy thing to be able to find, rent, and have no plans to move out of the house,' he said. Dad heard the present is good, after drinking wine in the evening asked Zhang Yi, why rent so far space ah? Is it necessary?

"Tell my dad what he thinks, he'll get angry when he's drunk, but if he doesn't talk to dad about work, he'll feel like I'm alienating him." So it's a dilemma, I don't know what I'm talking about, it's going to turn into a mine he's drunk at night. 」

Xingpan teacher gave advice, when Zhang Yi thought, in fact, early in their hearts understand: "Every parent has the problem they have to face, but this is their life issue, not children." All we can do is give them strength or courage from the sidelines. 」

Perhaps, dad drunkenly said words, because of the lack of security in the heart. In the face of the choices made by children, the day when the heart is full of contradictions, a few glasses of wine under the belly, only have the courage to say. Zhang Yi went on to say: "If dad is insecure today, it should be that he takes the initiative to find the inner balance, not his love for the unlimited induction between his children." 」

The teacher told him that the best relationship with his father should be like a brother. So, when the dialogue between the two is no longer up to the bottom, Zhang Yi off the heart defense, to listen to his father complains under the hidden uneasiness. And the father can also directly vent emotions, no longer by drinking pressure, the two people get along, gradually have improved.

Life needs to find a reason to support your life

Zhang Yi's life is full of wonderful encounters, every encounter, in the life of the silent fermentation, which may also explain why he wants to create, give, far more than the "net red" word can be described.

"I met my eight-year-old sister in 2016 because of my camera. The two men didn't meet very often, but they spent many wonderful moments with him, such as when dad found out that he had two Facebook accounts, zhang Yi was staying at his sister's house, and once, accompanied him on a 2018 gay parade.

"The sister watched me create all the way, and she said to me, "You have to cherish your feathers." 」

Zhang Yi with gratitude, eyes have sincerity: "This sentence I have been in the heart." Do the network to worry about a lot of things, such as shooting bottlenecks, and we are all playing shake sound, even if the heart is not willing, but will want to do their own do? But sister says: Do what you really want to do. That's why I'm always on the ideal path. 」

After retiring from the army in March, he was barely idle and worked in Kaohsiung, Taipei. Zhang Yi work, is a few points to do a few people, but the work often comes quickly, the row is compact, even if you want to prepare more, the world is slow, at any time he catch up.

"I later discovered that the only thing that can be fully prepared now is flower arrangement. 」

Zhang Yi is very persistent about flower arrangement, every Thursday, he must rule out all difficulties in flower arrangement class. He said that flower arrangement slots don't have to be rushed, always ready to prepare themselves, and then put out what he wants to present, which is the state he enjoys most. (Extended Reading: Zhang Yi's Essays, Planting and Home: The Belongings That Can't Be Found Outside, Let the Room Give You)

"I actually don't like the slash very much, I would like to hope that I have one thing, is to show it to everyone, will be very confident. He laughs and laughs at himself, still likes to cultivate the "skills" in the bones.

Ask Zhang Yi, when, will be proud of their own, he did not hesitate to say, concentrate on a good thing. Find an interest, find something worth your time, good combing, mindless, even if not make money also does not matter, let it become the driving force of your life.

For him, it's about flowering.

Zhang Yi has always liked the phrase "to ask for a clear conscience".

Because to say like do not like, full of dissatisfaction with the present self, he is absolutely able to give a positive answer, can take some money-making work, but also do like illustration and photography cooperation, he felt that such a life and efforts of their own, but also grid.

On the day of the interview, we were filming in Da'an Forest Park. He is like a plant, trying to absorb the sun, slowly growing, not impatient, and then try to give.

Because live out the ideal appearance, so in any case, are well-deserved.

Edit postscript

Zhang Yi occasionally interacts with fans live on IG, and he will keep it well and put it on the community. A long time ago he and a female netizen live chat, because the signal is not good, the two left a funny picture.

But last month, the female netizen's relatives and friends told Zhang Yi that the girl had died unexpectedly, very young, only in her twenties.

"I know that at the moment, there's really no emotion, because it's so sudden. He said softly. Relatives and friends thanked him, said it was good to leave this film, but also to see the girl happy look.

Originally thought interesting record, but did not expect to become a girl's relatives and friends miss her way: "I feel that the original serious to do a thing, the deep meaning that comes with the next, is not what you can think of, although the starting point is not so." 」

He thought, his community page, not only take their own lives, there are many people's stories, it is time to take the girl's share, work together.