Why use the votes to comment on a person's beauty or ugliness? Nominated as Japan's top 100 beauty Shiko Suwon said: with the appearance of a person is absolutely wrong!

The American film review site TC Candler selects the "Top 100 Handsome/Beautiful Women in the World" every year. As usual, there's an account on Instagram called "The 100mostprettfaceofjapan", which is full of photos of actresses saying they are nominees and will select Japan's "best" woman by the end of 2020 based on the likes of youtube videos and IG photos.

And actress Shiko Suwon, also on the nomination list, and quite dissatisfied with this, in a limited-time dynamic criticism of such beauty pageants. (Extended Reading: Miss World Entertaining Who: Beauty Contest, Just a Collective Promiscuity?) )

"Inexplicable!" Suwon Shizi 4 sentences of bullying counter-attack

"It's starting again. What's really disrespectful in the top rankings. 」

"It's already 2020 years, and there are people who are really sick with their looks to decide the best and the best of the list. There is also a problem with the media on this topic. It is clear that everyone's standardof for beauty is different. It's really weird. Somehow. 」

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The highest number of votes is the most beautiful woman, that low number of votes, is not beautiful? In the unwitting situation of the nomination, was involved in this subjective battle, by the head of the foot, score, and finally in involuntary situation, was rated as "looks less than others." Even if this review mechanism does not have credibility, it will be hurtful enough.

In addition to expressing her anger at being the nominee, Ms. Suwon expressed her concern about the follow-up to the list.

"It is not only very disrespectful to nominate and comment on others, but it is disturbing to think that you may be unwittingly promoting appearance supremacism." It is absolutely wrong to judge a person by appearance. And to pursue the root, the most beautiful person what the fundamental can not be selected. I don't want to see the aesthetic and stereotypes that this leaderboard conveys. (Recommended Reading: Gender Newsletter , Reject single aesthetic!) French big size model's wonderful lingerie show )

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The rankings don't just influence the mood of the nominees, they affect all the aesthetics and confidence that see it. In the aesthetic view is not enough multi-dimensional situation, by the vote to choose out of the "most beautiful" beauty, it is easy to be very close to the mainstream aesthetic appearance. However, people who do not conform to the mainstream aesthetic see this result, what is the mood? Is it possible to form "my skin is not as white as hers", "She is not like me, she does not have a double chin", "Why can she be so thin" and so on the inferiority and self-doubt?

Finally, Suwon stressed the importance of inner beauty.

"The standards and definitions of beauty vary from person to person, and everyone is different. Besides, if a person is not kind and has a bad heart, no matter how beautiful he looks, I don't think he can be called a beautiful person. I think people with beautiful hearts are beautiful people. (Recommended reading:"Beauty is not caring! The Wisdom Of Ten Atypical Actresses )

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Whether it's "TC Candler" or this Japanese account, their approach is to rank a person by its face, judging whether a person is beautiful or not, reflecting the importance society attaches to appearance. What Suwon is critical of is the kind of behavior that uses appearance to judge a person's merits. Although some netizens commented: "Don't you just eat by face?" But as a model and actor, Suwon Shiko, can stand up to the community not to compare the appearance of the high, promote the beauty of diversity, emphasize the intrinsic importance, is a very important move.

Times to promote diversity, beautiful standards open 2020, such a leaderboard, should not be eliminated? It doesn't matter that the outsiders of the unknown life think that we are not beautiful. As long as the people around us, even as long as we feel beautiful, it is enough. I hope that when we build our confidence to love ourselves, there will be no more ugly comments to undermine our confidence.