Bob, the street cat, has passed away. Owner Byrne announced the news, as well as the grief of the heart. Also by their stories, to see how the love between life and life can be taken on, and how to face loss.

"I was a person before I met you, and we were a family after you met you. " - Meet the Street Cat BOB

Bob, the street cat, left the world on June 17, 2020, at the age of 14.

Bob is known for his performance in the film Meet the Street Cat BOB, and his owner, James Bowen, has now confirmed his death. "I feel like the light in my life has gone out, and I'll never forget him, " Byrne said sadly. 」

If you also feel that you are on the parting scene, you will often feel unable to accept the reality in front of you and want to show you their stories.

Photo:A Streetcat Named Bob Powder

"I messed up all the opportunities in the past, this time it's different" Spring 2007, they met.

Bob and owner James Bowen met in the spring of 2007.

At the time, Byrne was addicted to drugs, wandering the streets and singing and selling, with no purpose or care for life. From childhood to divorce, he had little connection from family to campus. Moving, dropping out of school, to the point where he seemed to be abandoned by the world; he lived on a low income, but was not alone because of his addiction, often living in the days of food or hunger.

And that's when Bob, the cat, appeared. It was physically injured and was wandering the streets. Perhaps because he could feel the same way about life, Bourne initially did not intend to adopt Bob because of financial problems, but in the end he decided to keep it with him. He almost spent his savings, but the cat became his motivation to face life again - he seemed to know that I would have a better life as i moved forward with you. (Recommended Reading:"He loves you, he's free": Love a cat, also like practicing how to love someone)

Photo:A Streetcat Named Bob Powder

Bob's gentle company led Byrne to decide to quit his addiction and start working harder to make money. Later, he also wrote the couple's story, "Bob the Street Cat: And How He Saved My Life" (A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life) and remade the film "Meet the Street Cat Bob." Among them, Bob also performs "himself."

In their relationship you will see that it is not one-way giving or acceptance, but the two to take each other's lives; we meet not very well, but life is not like this, in a corner of the city, the lowest point, you become each other's destiny. Read:"On Injured Days, Breathe A Cat" Pet Psychology: Why Sucking Cats Is So Healing? )

"There has never been a cat like it, there has never been, and no one will be there ever since. "

Veterinarians confirmed that Bob died at least 14 years old, a long-lived cat. However, an important link to life has since left, and owner Byrne is still heartbroken. He mentioned that

"He gave me so much company, with him, I have found a long lost direction in life. 」

"Bob has met thousands of people and touched millions of people. Never has a cat been like it, there has never been, and it will never be. 」

Photo:A Streetcat Named Bob Powder

When you receive this news, whether it is the people who have been touched by their story, or you have a similar deep relationship, perhaps there will be a moment of sadness and regret inside. And it's very real and there will be emotions. We build relationships while delivering our own emotions, and you will have happiness and happiness for each other, as well as worry and worry. (Extended Reading: Interview with Veterinarian Chen Ling: Life is fragile, 7 years old is old, sometimes it doesn't wait for you to go)

You see their story, you want to ask, one day to face the pain of loss, then what to do?

Bob had accompanied him at the lowest ebb of Bourne, and Bourne healed the wounds on Bob's body, and although someone left first today, the one left behind would be different from love.

He knew that he would remember each other all his life. Yet his life will no longer be fragile.

In the face of the departure of an intimate life body, in the feeling of pain and regret at the same time, we will eventually understand the meaning of this relationship. Although regret, can no longer accompany each other, but I will miss and love, never will never lose you.

Photo:A Streetcat Named Bob Powder