In Taiwan, nine chengdus of child sexual assault cases are acquaintances sexual assault, watching the society's endless cases of child sexual assault, parents and adults, how to prevent the tragedy?

In 2019, Taiwan's first children's book, "Butterflies," featuring acquaintance sexual assault, was published, and although yu Jiahui, the writer, died in 2019, the influence of the flower was gradually fermented. (Extended reading :"Dodo often screams and wakes up in the middle of the night" Yu Jiahui for children's rights, write down the acquaintance sexual assault, 228 incident picture book)

In Taiwan, sexual assault occurs every 37 minutes, and 60% of cases of child sexual assault are experienced by acquaintances. In August 2019, the entertainer was approached by the Kaohsiung Heart Parents Association,"""Butterfly Seed Instructor Training", and realized that in addition to letting children be ware of strangers, adults and children should also pay attention to the topic of sexual assault by acquaintances.

So she launched her own "Sister's Dodo Project" and went to the campus to speak, through storytelling, to bring children to recognize physical autonomy, learning and emotional education, and more importantly, to identify potential victims and assist them.

Photo from the Facebook Fan Page

"Can I change the answer?" A girl wrote a distress message on a piece of paper

On June 15th, she posted a Facebook post about a girl's long-term assault by her uncle and nephew, sparking public outrage and discussion. At that time, she told a story at a campus in Hengchun, and finally secret questionnaire time, the stocher opened all the children in the questionnaire to share their inner words. When the questionnaire was retracted, a girl asked to change the answer and write down the distress message again. Tweet:

"Over the past few months, I've met more than 20 children who have been viciously sexually assaulted, and many others who have been sexually abused, but no one is as calm and decisive as she is. 」

After listening to her experience, she told the little girl how she would deal with and what she might encounter after the briefing.

Even after listening to her, when I told her what I would do next, and what she might encounter after the briefing, and what she might be asking for, she nodded with nods, and she had been previewing it thousands of times in her mind, waiting only for this opportunity for her to say it.

In order to protect the parties, Zhai has made some changes to the information, however, this post prompted many netizens to call the Pingdong County Education Department, asked the county government to face up to the problem.

Pingdong Education Department's response: 'Little girl was subjected to forced indecency'

According to the Central News Agency, Pingdong County Education District on the 17th at 9 o'clock issued a clarification that the girl was not sexually assaulted several times, but forced indecent assault, and in the press release pointed out that the text led to speculation and misunderstanding of the masses, is another kind of harm to the child. However, the education department's press release directly revealed the children's situation, reigniting the public's attack, and the 17th afternoon, the text was revised.

In a post on the evening of the 17th, he said that the purpose of his message was not to give the victims more assistance, so that children have the opportunity to speak out about their pain and be supported.

"Each of us has a place to stop child sexual abuse from continuing," Chen Jiexuan, a painter of "Butterflies", also affirmed his actions on Facebook. 」

Chen Jiexuan, who confessed in his book No More Silence, began to be sexually assaulted by her mother's family at the age of 3, and chose to re-deal with the pain and treat the pain through writing. As for the action, he sees another kind of call to society, meaning that everyone can do their best to "prevent and prevent child sexual assault" and give children a chance to get out of fear.

As Yu Jiahui believes, "Butterflies" want to create a social movement, the issue of child sexual assault is a protracted war, the need for support from all walks of life, and support behind the support is to let the victims / parties feel that the experience is safe, will be accepted and handled, these need multi-person cooperation.

What can adults and parents do to start?

Child sexual assault cases are endless, every day watching the news, we began to fear, in case of children, people know what to do, we have how many resources in hand, enough to support children?

If you're a parent, encourage you to start talking about physical autonomy with your child, and no one can touch their body without consent, not even close family or friends. In the course of communication, you can give examples, such as when adults use the way of inducement, threat to invade their own body, you can resist and refuse. Then, parents need to let their children know that when anyone today tries to invade or hurt themselves, you will be his strongest support and free-flowing place.

From home to undertake, build a protection network, parents can use each current event, with children to discuss the importance of sex education and emotional education.

If you want to end child sexual assault together, then when someone sends you a distress call, don't ignore any voice, listen to their pain, and avoid saying blame or questioning the victim, such as "Why don't you say no?" "He's just playing with you, isn't he? Sometimes you think of it as "appeasement", but it can cause secondary harm invisibly, which may lead to the victim's reluctance to dictate. Read: Don't Let The Sexual Assault Victim Silence: Six Courses To Accompany Him through the Pain

Each of us has the ability to prevent tragedies from happening and become part of a social support network.

For child sexual assault prevention and treatment, you can begin to learn: