Do you often hold hands with your partner? From psychology to science, it has been proven that holding hands can make each other's emotions more stable and longer. Holding hands is a message, tell him I'm here, I care about you;

Couples late at night, today do not talk about the peak circuit, or how to refine their own sexual skills, but want to take you back to one of the simplest but important intimate connections - the day of hand-in-hand.

When you meet someone, the first moment you approach each other, it's probably the first time you're going to hold his hand.

Why is holding hands so exciting? When you see the street there are grandfathers and grandmothers still holding hands for a walk, and why inexplicably yearning? From a psychological to scientific point of view, it can explain the meaning of holding hands with a partner. Whether you didn't realize it in the past, holding hands is an act of pure desire, a departure from your heart, and it also has multiple messages - I think you, I like you, you are important, and I want to protect you. (Editor's recommendation: When I get old, will you take my hand for a walk? Korean love sense illustration, painting we all yearn for hand in hand to the old )

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Hand in hand: a hundred reasons to move

Well, there's not a hundred reasons to move, but there can be a hundred heart-throbs, ready for us to start:

1. Our hands, which are very sensitive

Hands are full of blood vessels and nerves, such as if you would like to touch comfortable sheets or clothes and feel happy as a result, or have the urge to bring them home. Hands are very sensitive, also understand enjoyment, if the person you like holding hands, your brain will release oxytocin, so that you have a feeling of happiness.

2. Hand, it's like saying I love you

Psychologist Matthew Hertenstein, who has done the research, points out that we can accurately convey different emotions in our hearts through the touch of our hands and make your emotions feel. So if your partner is in trouble, you may not say anything, but hold your hand; holding hands will make you feel synchronized and emotionally flowing.

3. Touching will reduce stress

What was your first reaction when you suddenly received a shock or felt uneasy? Many times, we instinctively hold the hand of our partner next to us. Clinical psychologist James Coan points out that when people are stressed, holding someone else's hand can be effective in reducing anxiety in the heart.

4. Holding hands is the desire to be protected and protected

In addition, hand-holding behavior is also related to security. For example, parents hold their children's hands as they cross the street to ensure their safety, and this kind of childhood behavior can also shift to an adult romance - I want to pull you around me and make you feel comfortable surrounded by my love. (Extended reading: light touch, grip, ten finger stake!) Flirting Psychology: Holding Hands, Hinting at Your Relationship)

So dear, would you like to sleep with hands tonight?

See this and ask yourself the question: When was the last time you held hands with your partner? Walking on the road, the two people nest in the sofa to watch the movie, perhaps we often drag each other's hands of the scene. However, if you want to get a little closer, want to have a more intimate connection, start tonight to start sleeping with your hands!

During sleep, you think you've lost consciousness and your other half won't have much of an impact. But in fact, the touch of sleep is also considered to be an important indicator of the quality of the relationship. Even if couples have different sleeping positions, those who have physical contact after falling asleep will be happier than those who don't, richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, told ScienceDaily.

A person lying next to you, but when you just sleep each other, you can not help but feel alienated. At the same time, sleep is often our most vulnerable state. Therefore, if you can hold each other's hands at this time, the palm of the hand near the pulse, sweat glands, you feel his life at this moment, you will sleep more peacefully and happy. (Same-on-the-scene:"Temperature is more addictive than sex" Couples late at night: Swaddling sex sleep methods that should be tried between partners)

You may have had a few experiences, and when you wake up during the day, you find him holding your hand and giving you a sweet feeling.

Holding hands will calm you down, hand in hand means I want to walk with you for a long time, whether you are awake talking to me, or fall asleep into the dreamland, I have been.

Ask him, dream tonight, do you want to accompany me.