In an interview with Verizon Media International Managing Director Yu Kailian, she was most afraid of being told she was perfect, and she talked about all the truth about being a female leader, saying, 'We're always good enough to be a Leader.'

Walk into Verizon Media's office on the 14th floor of Southport, where the interview is on the run in May, layered, temperature-taking, office floor drawings of social ranges, and chairs with a safe distance. She wore a mask, a white top, apricot suit pants, and walked into the office, with everyone in the space, a very energetic greeting.

We call her Rose, and when she's there, she brings her own sense of presence, a two-hour interview, and sees her rich face - as a high-ranking manager in the multinational industry, as a leader of shoulder-to-shoulder team responsibilities, as a wife who enjoys time with two, as a loving mother in her heart.

She never hides her many faces, she is not afraid to raise her hand to say I can, not afraid to raise her hand to say that I need help. I feel that a leader, yes, can be true to herself.

It's not just girls sitting on the table, but I'm "welcome."

At the beginning of this question, probably sharp, or have to ask. "What does Rose think of the low proportion of female executives in the tech industry?" You mentioned a number that only 25% of the tech industry is women, not to mention executives. 」

She answered with ease, "the technology industry will present such a phenomenon, there are structural reasons behind it, the technology industry is a relatively high entry threshold of the industry, if from the path of professional education began to see, you will see - women from an early age have not been encouraged to understand, understand and enter the industrial chain." 」

The question is really big, and how can we solve it, "If we all agree, it's not the best use of the population, if we really believe in diversity, we will know that the more companies can reflect the real state of the world, the better performance." I would argue that it's up to the leaders to push it hard - you really believe in diversity, not treat it as a charity or as a slogan. 」

She's sharp, and our company has always been interested in people, not in gender. Verizon Media's CEO is indeed a boy, and eight of his 12 cadres are girls. Our technical director is a girl, a product strategy director, and a girl. 」

Rose shares Verizon Media's approach to diversity and inclusion, starting with the basic recruitment process and advancing one step at a head, "We highly respect cultural diversity and incorporate such care into the recruitment process, without affecting the selection of qualifications based on different backgrounds or genders; (Extended Reading:Between d and I's Strategy , Give Employees a Sense of Belonging, And The Fast-Growing D'amp;I? )

Has anyone ever thought this is a "gender-protected quota"? She said very good, I think it is a must-do investment, there is equal competition opportunities in the early stage, there is investment, there is a positive cycle. Opening up the space for talented women to join is a necessary investment for businesses.

A lot of people will continue to ask, hey, there are girls sitting on the table, what else do you want? Yes, and we want to, we want to create a good atmosphere (vibe), "to make everyone feel that I am welcome." The so-called inclusion is not just about being invited to a party, but feeling like it's part of the group.

Yes, if someone asks you what else you want, then answer him like this - I want to feel this i am not only invited to a party, i am also welcomed.

We're always good enough to be a leader.

How did Yu Kailian become The Yu Kailian? Probably a lot of people want to ask, and sometimes she thinks about it. From advertising AE start, all the way to the general manager of transnational business, the technology industry rolling for nearly 30 years, this is not the eyes of others, a flat blue cloud road, she has been practicing, how to do a Leader.

Ask her if she ever doubted herself? She said good questions, think about it, "Yes, problems are everywhere, from all directions, when I doubt, I tell myself, no matter what, I have been leading ah." 」

"I particularly feel that women tend to worry that they are not good enough and start to doubt themselves. When I start to think about myself, I start practicing consciously backing down, and I say, hey, am I being too myself? Self-doubt comes from the point where we want to be perfect, but perfection does not exist. 」

Now close your eyes and think about what a leader looks like. 'In our minds, there's a kind of image that says a good leader, 'looks like this, ' she said. He's always pretty sure that he won't have a time allocation problem, and he's not, it's not, it's absolutely not true. Yu Kailian hands overlap, than out of a big fork, super wrong. 」

Progressive thinking is not used to deny who you are now, but to lead yourself forward. She also repeatedly practice the release of power and show weakness, vulnerable is difficult to turn over, show weakness is not deliberately for it, closer to show their true.

She said she did not particularly like the word "strong woman", "a little stereotyped, when she heard, it felt very like high shoulder, high heels ah." And 'strong women' suggest that capable people must be strong. I don't think a capable person is weak, but it doesn't have to be strong, and that's not relevant. 」

A recent practical example is that Verizon Media's global colleagues are working from home during the epidemic prevention phase. This can be good, New York and Taiwan, the time difference of twelve hours, some colleagues in the United States, some in the United States and West, some in Europe, Yu Kailian every day from seven o'clock sitting in front of the computer, all the way to 11 pm, three to four o'clock in the middle of the night, and then climb up for a meeting.

After a while, she felt no, she was really tired. She raised her hand for help, "I can't do this." One of the co-workers said to her, "Hey Rose, I've been wondering how I'm going to write the minutes more clearly so that you can see at a glance without actually attending." I know it's crazy idea."

This very team-like story gives her strength, "I thought at the time that we were too well-established to work hard, and that i wouldn't be absent from any meetings." Not so, " is also a fragile time, but also there is something that can not be done, admit this matter, but let her real, let her have the strength to bring her to life.

It doesn't have to be perfect, we are valuable in our selves.

Yu Kailian said, the most afraid of others say she is perfect, "my mother, perfect this thing is too heavy, I really are not." 」

Of course there are a lot of times when you feel like you can be better, and that doesn't hurt her as a leader, "We're not interpreting, or playing a leader, we're finding one that belongs to you, the real, the whole thing, that's what you do as a leader." You are are valuable be of who you are, your existence itself is valuable, but it's such a simple truth.

She says she's recently developed a habit of stopping every day to write down three good things that happen, and to act simply, she feels deeply grateful. Whether it's heaven and earth, luck, or what you've done, practice thanking you and don't always think, "I'm not good enough." Sometimes it's just a matter of patting yourself on the shoulder and telling yourself, it's okay.

We are always good enough to be a leader, and we can always do a better job of being a leader.

Yu Kailian.

Workplace difficulties sometimes, Says Rose, and think about how many businesses have never had a difficulty? So more and more feel that the difficulty is the norm, to practice on the ordinary heart, just like the season has spring, summer, autumn and winter, enterprises are also. "When it's not going well, or things aren't going well, I often think it's the perfect opportunity to hone. How to say, "Without difficulties and challenges, how can you develop your character?" Character development is because of the difficulty of experience, you are getting stronger and stronger, can go the way ahead. 」

Suffering from patience, patience, seasoned students hope, hope not to be ashamed, she quotes the Bible in the Romans of this chapter, eyes have hope, the world is so ring-linked.

Your home is headquarters everyone's home is a headquarters now.

We also talk about epidemic prevention, when Twitter announces that even if the epidemic prevention phase is over, the long-distance work is endless, never enter the company, become steaming, new work patterns and patterns are being generated, the enterprise's adaptation and response speed becomes the key to forward or backward, we ask edile what she thinks, she shares three points,

"Startworking from home and in a video conference, you can actually see one thing - everyone is the same size on the screen. It's interesting that you're the CEO or the front line today, you're the same size on the screen, and what you say is just as important. 」

"The second is that you rarely have the opportunity to have such a personal deep connection with your colleagues, to have some colleagues in Europe and America, to probably sit in a meeting in the bathroom, and you suddenly have a new understanding of his personal life, his family, the whole person you see, and not just the way he looks in the workplace, it opens up a new understanding of each other, and you get to know him all." 」

"The third is that for girls, this is more of a chance to break the rigid working hours and forms. Is it possible that we do not need to "choose" again? More women, not really take a break, flexible openness, may be a new trend. She said she was staying at a multinational company, so many flights, "just a trip to the United States, about three times the radiation dose of the photo, if work from home to become a new solution, we can not need these trips no longer?" 」

Who really needs to stay in the office? "After the outbreak, we will not follow the old rules, we will embrace the new norms. 'Any change is a turning point, ' Mr. Yu said.

That is not a workspace that is more equal and closer to each other's real needs, disrupting established power relations and building true openness. Yahoo CEO also mentioned that everyone's home, the future is a headquarters, everyone is equal, your ideas, your execution, your strategy, all start from your home.

Forge your own chain and believe you are loved.

Ask Rose what's the best moment of the day, and she says in the morning, "because everything's new," sleep, wake up, everything is possible, how good.

She also expects herself to come with a new vision every day, asking her to give a few suggestions to the new generation of the workplace who want to continue to improve, she modestly said, "Ah, not just the younger generation, we should be like this." 」

1. Reinforce the nature and details of the field of professional work (enhance professional skills)

To do a good job in the professional work, there is an essential need for this job of skill sets sets. To exercise it, to strengthen it, for example, when I do an AE, I ask myself, Do I have a way to put these seemingly cluttered things in place? Control the whole process?

2. Strengthening common capabilities of a cross-cutting/working nature (enhance common skills)

For example, there is no empathy, will there be communication, there is no logical thinking, will not data thinking, can you turn it into a simple, find out the point? Many common skills are required for different jobs. The ability to think in data is important in speaking out of facts and results,

3. Interpersonal skills

The more senior you are in the workplace, the less dependent you are on the first skill, and the less task-oriented work should be. At this point, practice building your influence (influence power), and when you arrive, you have value in existence. (when you are present, you got a presence.) You only need to look at the whole professional part, but also care about interacting with your colleagues.

In fact, Yu Kailian most want to and the same struggle in the road of life is said - you are loved.

"Even if sometimes you don't feel this love, you are very, very loved. Don't be afraid, you're not just a tiny presence, you're part of a perfect plan. When she said so, her eyes flashed, and I'm sure she would have told herself that way.