The Korean drama "Though it's mentally ill but it doesn't matter" redefines "unusualness" in society, and we can all be a part of it, and most of us grow up hurt. So, how to face the inner wound? How to pacify your inner child? Through the plot, perhaps you will hear the dialogue and method of reconciliation with yourself step by step.

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"Don't forget to overcome the past, if you can't overcome it, you're just a child with a little soul." " Though it's mentally ill, it doesn't matter"

The Korean drama "Though it's mentally ill but it doesn't matter" features the hero's mental hospital caretaker, Wen Gangtai (Kim Siu-hyun), who dies from childhood with his parents and has to take care of his autistic brother alone. They often move, in the bottom of society, in the narrow rental house, brother most like to lie on the ground to see children's book writer Gao Wenying (Xu Ruizhi) painting works self-talking.

What world is it in the story of getting him to sleep?

One day, Wengang too read one of his brother's favorite picture book, "the teenager who grew up eating nightmares", also found the secret - once a childhood you hurt, you later grew up withnothing, but found that they can not really have happiness. Why? Where did you make a mistake?

PhotostvN Iron 라마 (Drama)

"The teenager who grew up with a nightmare": Can you, don't let me have nightmares again?

The author, Gao Wenying, left a permanent wound for his mentally ill father. Her father could not live alone in this world, nor would he die alone; Gao Wenying finally escaped his father's "magic palm" to survive and began to write children's books. Her work is not a fairy tale of white flowers; she writes about the wonder of the devil, and reflects her heart - I'm going through a childhood without light.

"The teenager also woke up from a terrible nightmare today. In the past, the painful memories he wanted to forget, every night reappeared in the dream, constantly tormenting the young. "The
teenager who is afraid of falling asleep, one day went to find the witch, and begs her, "Please delete all the bad memories in my mind so that I don't have nightmares." Then I'll give you what you want. " "

An exchange with the devil is that in the face of pain, you may choose to stay in the face of pain when you are too young, or for any reason you can't afford it. Whether it's escapism or forgetting, you want to be free from pain for the time being.

However, carrying the trauma of childhood, can we grow up well and have a home of our own again? (Extended Reading: TaroCham: Where was the most influential part of my childhood? )

PhotostvN Iron 라마 (Drama)

"Only those who hide these memories in their hearts can become stronger"

The truth is that when he grew up, he stopped having nightmares, but he didn't know why, he didn't get any better.

"He yelled disgruntledly at the Wonder Woman, and all my bad memories were deleted, but why, why can't I be happy?" The
Witch took away his soul according to the agreement, and told him that painful memories, deeply regretful memories, memories of hurting others and being hurt, abandoned memories, only those who buried these memories in the heart of life, can become stronger, more enthusiastic, more resilient. Only those who are like that can be happy. It's not

The witch's answer is a little cruel, but it's also very real.

We're going through different pains, and when you look back, you'll want to complain, why me? However, it's yours, but it's a fact; some people have autism, some people are entangled in a mentally ill home, some one lives at the bottom of society. Some of the wounds are revealed, and most of the rest have been hidden in our hearts.

It is not easy to face the psychological trauma of shen, however, we will learn to get along with the pain, let the soul grow up, become a real adult. (Know Yourself More:Type 16 Childhood Personality: See your inner child's needs from your character)

PhotostvN Iron 라마 (Drama)

"It's Psychotic But It Doesn't Matter" from the plot set to the content of this picture, let us reflect on our own inner children; we all have some gaps, but most of the time, will choose to live in this city without anything, smile, and walk away.

Do you often feel broken in your heart? Or, after entering some relationship, inexplicably find yourself unable to solve the life problems?

Nearly 80 percent of South Koreans suffer from mental-related illnesses, and 20 percent rely on drugs to support their lives, according to a profile on the theater's website. However, in this era of high pressure and great gap between the rich and the poor, who can distinguish between "normal" and "abnormal"?

Dear, if you find your soul hurt, you do not worry, the pain of life can not be avoided, and you will eventually become a warmer person through more companionship and understanding. Because you are not the only one facing the wound, in the face of vulnerability, you are not alone. (To your mind antidote: Facing Family Trauma: What You Have to Do Is Reconciliation with Yourself Than Forgive Your Parents)