A table that belongs to one's own table, two people who love each other, is happiness!"

The legend says that when the penguins find the other half of their lives, they will spend their whole life watching for love and never change.On a small island called Ishigaki in southern Japan, a couple crossed the sea, crossed their nationality, created the first taste of Japanese Shigaki and replaced each other with a name called Penguin. They wanted to talk to you about their journey from scratch and find a true formula in the spicy oil.

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Fits from penguins

Bargin (bar) is the same as PENGIN in Japanese, and the Silver and Penguins are the only others in Japan, so they are called couples > .Their special, understanding of each other can be seen.26 years ago, the bank's peak was a photographer who came to Beijing from Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi, to Beijing. Originally, it was the hymn of the photographer who was a dancer. He met with a freelance writer at the time of a Chinese film shooting.A series of coincidends with the two men make the decision to follow the love of love and love to Tokyo and to the end of the world." When I first met the peak, I felt that it might be an arrangement.His father, who grew up in China, often told her about her love for China, and was brought to China by her love for her love of nostalgia."Like my name," Love ", in Japanese and in Chinese," Tick it, " which makes me think that I have a special relationship with China."I love penguins when I was a kid, but I wasn't cute, but it was a penguin that looked a little bad," she said.At that time, it wasn't found in China, but the first penguin that I saw in the first peak family was the really cool penguin I liked.After that, Ary was convinced that there was a reason for the two men to return to Japan, and that they had decided to return to Japan with the peak of their hands.And penguins, from the very beginning, have a red line of love for them.

When you hear it, we can't help but ask the most interesting questions: In Japanese, almost no person has the same pronunciation as the animal.So, what did the two people choose to call silver?" Everything is starting with a joke!The grin gave us a surprise answer, saying she suggested that the Japanese nationality be naturalized during the marriage, so the two needed to decide on a new surname." I originally wanted to change my name to Cui Aixe, but because there was no Cui as a Chinese character in Japanese, there was no way to change the surname."The two people who could not be able to do so decided to go to the house to drink and get bored," he said. "I didn't expect to see the names of the two people in the future after drinking a few jokes.""At the time, it wasn't as if we were a photographer than we were a photographer," he said.I said, "I'm going to have a penguin."The next morning, the bedside, the hygros, have already filled all the application forms with silver (PENGIN)!"I can't bear to ask for the love of the hysterosis to submit an application to the office of the public office," he said. "I didn't expect that the process was going well."The penguin Chiu Beat, who loves the penguins, has kept the two of them from beginning to date, and the penguin doll has been extended to life throughout the life.

, that is to add spicy

For many people, the original flavor of life is bitter and acidic. How can you be willing to join any spicy?But the silver couple and their Ishigaki spicy oil stories are the beginning of a sudden appearance of spicy flavor from life.When the peak and love were not easy to start steadily in Tokyo, the publishing house of Mr. Xiaopeak's work suddenly closed down suddenly and forced to become unemployed." The only reaction I had was: Lucky!Why don't you go on your trip now?" I was excited to share with us the joyous mood of the time, as if unemployment was a gift from the heavens.Despite this huge shock, the silver and the couple cheer them up like they were busy.Such optimism has suddenly filled hope for the vagrancy that begins with unemployment.At that time, at Ishigaki Island, it was found that Okinawa, Japan, and a little bit of China were syncretic to the island, and suddenly felt like returning to their long-gone home.During his visit, Mr. Xiaopeak, who was not much talked about, began to talk about this temporary trip. " My hometown, Xian, didn't rely on the sea. At that time I even had five kinds of fish in the world!The food and scenery seen on Ishigaki Island are so novel that they only want to stay for a year, but they have not been aware of it for their entire life.He came to the peak of Shigaki in the hope of a brilliant idea, and never thought that two of them would find a way to return to life.

One decision settled in Ishigaki Island, where he found a job in a Japanese cafeteria, while the peak was helped by the ginger in the ginger field to patch up the household." Looking back now, the days of work are really the most memorable days."It is a rare experience for him to take the opportunity to take the opportunity to film," he said. " This is a rare experience for him, and therefore a lot of precious moments. penguins > There is a scene in the movie that eats buckwheat bread in the neighborhood's grandma's home, and then I start to make the scene of a smile, really exactly the same as that.Looking at the screen, looking back on the images in my mind, I even returned to the illusion of the first place."It is no longer easy for a couple who now own a cafeteria on Ishigaki Island to run a business with a spicy oil business, but the important memories that were left of them were that they had the courage to welcome the new life on Ishigaki Island."

Apart from the diverse aspects of Ishigaki itself, the island's characteristics also attract the hearts and minds of the couple." The most important thing to go to school on the island is how to be a straightforward person." Gently, not gently, it is the treasure learned from the people of the island after the city of Aixo left the city of miasma.In the past, it was only a euphemia for not hurt people, but on the island it was found that only desperate tolerance was not enough to make oneself unhappy. In fact, it was not possible to bring happiness to others."It's just like the stimulation of life. It tastes good. Sometimes it's a way to express yourself, so that it can convey the real meaning of it.""Proper arbitrability is a good thing. It's the most scary thing to be patient for too long," he said." Disengage from the city and be affected by Ishigaki Island, which is surrounded by the sea, the thinking of both the silver and the silver couple has become a big part of the ocean.

Tent, the Most delicious

and the Ishigaki Island dream hot oil, how do you enter the life of the couple?" The reason why I live in Japan after getting married is because the peak will speak Japanese, but I will not speak Chinese.At the peak of the day I left my hometown and worked hard outside, so I wanted to make at least the best food for him!"We sigh with the success of the spicy oil, but the love is gentle with a smile," she said. "This whole day's fantasy chili oil begins with the simple love of the peak." We both like to cook, often to make dumplings, and I do some seasonings.At that time, I thought, if there was a special sauce that belonged to us, it would be very interesting!"We love to travel," he said, "because of the growing interest of the couple from the silver and the silver couple."When we went to Shizuoka, we went to Okayama, and we went to Okayama, and then we had a little bit of a Siza. These were collected from all over the place, and were added to the spicy oil in the hot oil."

In addition to the best of all places, there is a single prescription for the silver and the silver couple:" A lot of factories have invited us to produce spicy oil, but they have been turned down.Because our hot oil has an irreplaceable component -- the older farmers made good food."I believe that even the same material will infect old people with the strength of the years," he said. "We believe that the accumulated luck of the elderly depends on the inclusion of food in the hot oil."It is not that we have given the hot oil life, but the elderly who provide us with the raw materials. They have created the hot oil today with the power they possess." From the husband and wife describing the birth of the hot oil, we saw the passion for Ishigaki Island and the most sincere gratitude to the people on the side.From the chefs of the two, they were selling out of the flea market, and they had no choice but to turn the badly-sold hot oil to their friends and relatives. But now that the hot oil can stand on a full-day dance bench, I believe it is not just luck, but the pure and grateful heart of the people.

Whether it is a movie for penguins > or when the silver couple shares the hot oil production process, they are always unconsciously feeling the hunger of a happy starvation. This movie, if you're feeling hungry at the same time you're enjoying, then feel happy.And that's what we're most happy about.When you talk about keeping people happy, love and hysteria have a smile on their face; now they're running their own restaurant on Ishigaki in the same mood.

You don't need to exaggerate the praise, just one word " tasty!" It will make us happy for a long time.It would be most gratifying to us if we could let the picketing people start to try because of our food.

Happiness, good medicine for

In the interview, love and I share a dialect of Ishigaki that touched her most: "Life Medicine" means that when you feel happy in your life, it's like getting a cure for life.Eyes to both eyes, and we explain the origin of the medicine: "No matter whether it's tasty, or the moment that we love it, the people of Ishigaki say," This is my medicine!"If you hear this sentence alone, you feel hopeful!"During the entire interview, Mr. Xiaopeak was always listening to Miss Love's memories of the two on the other side.Although rarely speaking, the face of the peak is the sweetest expression in the world.We can't help but think, love, should be the best medicine in the peak life!

More than ninety percent of the film is a real drop in the life of the bank and the silver couple, without much embrendling, just to present the most primitive appearance of life.When we envy the warm and warm lives of the two of us away from the dust of the world, Alotoshi said:


is actually not the point where it is.As long as one table belongs to one's own table, two people who love each other will be happy!

If you want to add one flavor to your life, what would you taste like?From the , we find that life is like a bowl of hot soup, and so on, you join your own ingredients.You and I have the power to make spicy taste into happiness. From today, together, you will discover your happiness.

Happy to live
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