"You know what? You and your body are addicted to me. IG illustrator Lisa Chaby, who paints a red-faced lesbian couple everyday.

June, Gay Pride Month, take you to see the love and desire of gay couples.

Illustrator Lisa Chubby has created a series of love-lust illustrations of lesbian couples on Instagram, attracting more than 10,000 followers.

Here' you'll find five pieces. Lesbian couple's cuteness is bad, you can also see the red heart beat?

The thought of you/my legs is open/ Like a canvas easem/ Longing for art - Milk and Honey

Come home from work, temporarily wash off the whole body of pressure and irritability, I just want to hold you well, playful.

At the same time, I knew you wanted me.

I like you to gently untie my bra, my body is free in your hands.

Every touch you touch, let me heart.

I also want to 馴 you.

When I'm down there, I feel your loving eyes, and when I come to the top, you become the gentleness in my arms.

Love you a lot of ways, and you do the way is also, enjoy the beauty of each pose, you can always surprise me.

Our desires can spread over each other for a long time.

After being tired, we snuggled up to each other and warmed each other to sleep.

Dear, have a good dream.

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