The New Zealand government has launched the "Keep it real online online" program, and when online bullying and erotic content comes to life, parents can no longer avoid talking about some topics.

Knock! Knock!

"Hey, we're the male and female guys in your son's A movie, can you talk?" 」

You know, the Internet is a virtual world, each person can receive thousands of messages a day, including true and false information, adults are difficult to identify, not to mention born in the use of network technology Z generation.

If one day, the child to watch the film, the object of the message came to you, you will be scared to faint, scold him, or can calmly with him to a talk time about sex?

The New Zealand government did just that, and they let the "network" come true.

In June, the New Zealand government launched the Keep It real online scheme, which aims to promote the idea that the internet, while making it easier for children to absorb information, can also be targeted for crime and exploitation. So they launched four films in succession from the beginning of June, which are related to online bullying, online knowledge, online dating, and online violence.

When the network erotic content and friends are looking for the door, you still have reason to remain silent?

In real life, we wouldn't do that.

"Hi, I'm Shiti, this is Derek. We came to you because your son watched our sex videos online.
"Yes, you know, in the iPad, all kinds of play, your hands, your hand, the dragonfly." 」
"We usually shoot adults, but your son is a child and he probably doesn't know how the real emotional relationship works. 」
"We didn't even ask each other to disagree, did we?" We're just coming. 」
"Yes, but I would never do that in real life. 」

Picture , screenshot of the movie

The real A-movie male and female excellent to find the door, mother, god, who are they, my son in the end saw what they do?

Does this picture remind you of anything? Perhaps this is the time adults realize that ok, before seeing the TV couple kissing picture, on the awkward turn of the table; the film broadcast sex scenes, everyone quiet, bowed their heads secretly hope that this 30 seconds near the end; the news saw the picture of the base station, just one side scold "boring" and then turn off.

Adults miss edified every opportunity to talk about sex education, but can not erase the child's curiosity about sex, so even on the network, A film sex, undress directly, what right of consent did not ask, the child began to think, the original sex is equal to i want to do, the original body has a reaction is wantto, the original boy and girl's body must be like a movie A play, that is called love.

But you and I both know that such an emotional relationship is wrong.

The A-list eras tell you, hey, the right to consent is important, to get the other person's consent before you have sex, A is A, but don't ask anything directly, never in real life. Sex is a behavior based on respect for both sides. If the big man misses the chance to avoid all kinds of awkward scenes, of course, there will be no A-movie protagonist sings to tell you what the child has learned, but from then on, the child will think that love is like this.

Most moving picture: boy, I'm not angry, let's talk about it?

Although these four ads are only a short minute, but also have a moving scene: when parents know that their children on the Internet to watch erotic films, with strangers, they were shocked at first time, but told themselves to calm down, and then said to the child, I am not angry, but let's talk about ok?

Picture , screenshot of the movie

"Okay, take a deep breath, stay calm, you know how to get this right" the mother in the ad turns to her son, "Kids, it's time to talk about the difference between the internet and the reality." 」
"No criticism. 」

No anger, no criticism, perhaps because of neglect of the child's needs, forget that he also longed for answers. Two people sit down, honest chat about the relationship, what is love, how to love, if sex, how can respect others also protect themselves?

In this advertisement, the parents' response gave us a lesson, sex education is not necessarily a bad mood, competition, can be you talk about your curiosity, I say my concerns, can talk at any time, when also come to talk. The so-called family consensus is never a party, but to discuss, share, groping out.

Knock, ask the baby, would you like to talk to the other tonight?