"The Life of a Wit Doctor" writes about how ordinary people live in their 40s and how they can live. I always felt that the play was a tender love letter for the 40-year-old.

Photo: "The Life of the Wit Doctor"

"The Life of a Wit Doctor" isn't the medical drama you're looking for.

Without a doctor who has a superb medical skill, who brings a patient back to life, or a medical system that receives kickbacks and layers of mutual care, you can't even find anyone who is a big villain. Then look at the title, doctor life, that is really about the daily, five friends who have been in love for more than 20 years, working in the same hospital, shuttle love, life and work, the pleasure of working is to eat meat and drink shochu.

The director Shen Yuanhao and the screenwriter Li Yanting, who shot the emotions of the small characters, are such people: filming prison life without suffering, filming doctor's life indisputable power, filming the group of young people who grew up in 1900, ah, is once young, in 懞 understand the understanding of the people who learn to love. And screenwriter Li Youting at the age of 46 launched five doctor roles, writing about the ordinary 40 years old how to live, how can also live. I always felt that the play was a tender love letter for the 40-year-old.

Most of us, life is not shocking, also has no intention of being great people, but we all strive to make a good life.

My life has no big vision, just do one thing with you.

Divorced father Li Wei thinking, eager to become a priest's political source, speak inglion vicious inner soft jinYu civil war, have strong medical skills and gentle Cai Song and introverted quiet Yang Shuheng, these five people depict the friendship, let us can not help but imagine, towards 40 years old, in addition to the cause of running things, single-mindedly run marriage, single life, wine and love, and 20 years of self-friendly, is not? (Extended Reading:The Life of a Wit Doctor" Cai Songhe: Forty-something, in no hurry, is the best time of life)

In the first episode, Yang asked for five people to reunite with an orchestra, saying, "I don't want to compete, I just want us to do what we want to do together." Because of this request, laid the foundation for the plot development of the 12-episode "The Life of the Wit-Tdoctor". In each episode, the five of them meet for dinner, chat about love, family, and then practice the band.

Photo: "The Life of the Wit Doctor"

The orchestra practice room is like a time machine, they will sing a young love song, they will think of the regret of the time, think of life want to love again, want to do. They put a question mark on the 40s and ask themselves what else can they do in this life? Then draw a comma, tell yourself, can also talk about a long-distance love, but also can change to become a priest, do not have to pursue the public's eyes of stability, such as starting a family, become Corey's director.

And I love it, they support each other's look.

The conversation at the dinner table, seven mouths and eight tongues, spitting slots with each other, who and the hospital colleagues in ambiguous, who opened a few operations today;

There is no stable life in everyone's eyes, there is no social expectations of the achievements, will it in fact, we can pursue a lot of things?

For example, a group of friends who can stay with you.

You can get old, but you'll have a good time with the world.

In addition to the gang of five, I like another pair of friends - Rosa and Zong Xiu, the wife of the president of the consortium, one of the directors of the consortium, who lost their spouses at the age of 70, their children started their own businesses, but did not lose their focus. The two are decades old friends, know how to live a lovely life, learn to take selfies with mobile phones, watch children play with the orchestra, learn young people play dark please close their eyes, play angry into anger, but also began to turn up the old old accounts of young people.

Particularly impressive scene, is the two people mouthfighting: Zong Xiu mouth shouting body old, but the heart is still young. Rosa retorted to him, saying that a young heart is useful and that his body should be young. As the two walked to the parking lot, Rosa couldn't remember where to park her car, and after a short time she crouched down and laughed, she said, I forgot to take a taxi today.

"ZongXiu ah, let's go to the nursing home together!" 」
"Do you recommend it?" I'd love to.

Photo: "The Life of the Wit Doctor"

This scene brought me a lot more moved than the ward depicted in the old and sick death. Perhaps, see ingest time, even if you and I are old, lovers have gone away, the number of times to wear black clothes gradually increased, there is a kind of eternity, is Rosa and ZongXiu's friendship.

How afraid of old, lost more, lonely and lonely gradually to find the door, in the service of old and do not accept the old struggle, but there is no possibility, is to have like Rosa and ZongXiu's friendship. Yes, old scary, if you can have someone standing around you, give you courage, despite the clumsiness of learning new things, still can have fun, while laughing and living in a nursing home.

Because you are still, so I can still have love for the world.

"The Life of a Wit Doctor" averages 10.9% in South Korea, the top three in Taiwan's Netflix rankings, the first season is not over yet, the news of the second season, the classic songs singd by the play such as "Aloha, Lonely Night, if there are good people to introduce me to it is constantly being turned out of the discussion."

Such a vast echo, perhaps all point out one thing: less extreme roles of good and evil, no thousands of twists and turns of the plot, when a play returned to the truth, in fact, can also be in the hearts of everyone to impress. Also because the story of most people is so, day after day work, plain but hard life, because young have a lot of regrets, and now is trying to chase the dream run, and such a life, how can you say it has no meaning, think it is not beautiful.

Photo: "The Life of the Wit Doctor"