Interview Tang Feng, she talk about the future we will gradually get used to, gender is to fill in the blanks, not to choose the question, you show the gender temperament, just like clothes, just on behalf of you, today and tomorrow, can be different.

Through the gate guard, the right hand side of the Administrative Court, walk to the end corner into the office space, is Tang Feng in the Administrative Council office space, this is Tang Feng as the digital political committee for the third and a half, out of interest, he walked into the House, open the door, open the spirit of openness and collaboration into, quickly interview a Tang Feng office partner, he said, here work feeling, like a new creation, feel free.

Team busy preparing the scene, 12:00 arrived, Tang Feng on time from the dark door break out, said, "Everyone busy first, I go to pour a coffee bar, is there anyone who needs water or tea?" 」

Interviewtang Feng for more than an hour, we talk about the future of the post-gender (post-gender), talk about marriage not marriage initiative progress, talk about the sustainable contemporary values, talk about pride to do their own meaning, but also talk about the change of official culture. I feel her broad, romantic and pragmatic, letter hand, with word restraint, network extension, wide range of security, she said she is not prepared to visit the outline, ready to start, big to all questions, she has already thought early in the mind.

All along, what Tang Feng is doing is also an increase - how to spread an idea, inviting people to do it together.

Don 鳳's sex is the 鳳 Tang, you show the light, just on behalf of you

Tang Feng cut into the perspective of gender, but also Tang Feng.

She talks about technological progress, artificial intelligence and facial recognition, one of the biggest controversies, that is, gender. "We're going to those face-sweeping events, and it's an invisible frame - how do you dress up today, what your temperament looks like, and what kind of gender the machine helps you figure out." "Maybe my face, showing one gender, side face is another gender, you can only choose the side station, there is no possibility of flow." 」

From this point of view, you will see how narrow the gender dictro, and the technology circle, there is indeed a change is taking place, for example, the expression illustration of the gender presets, in the past are all male, several technology companies joined forces to change the presets to gender-neutral (gender-neutral), jump ingons of the past presets for men, add female modifiers to show the premise of femininity.

"When these AI suites, by default, are gender-free categories in it, invisibly deliveraes a message - the traits you want to show, not necessarily gender-related, the temperament you want to show, just represent simply you." Gender can be like a dress, plus outside of your body.

If gender is not just a spectrum, but more, "a person can be very masculine at the same time, very soft, this is not two offset temperaments." For example, Tang Feng's "phoenix" word, the word itself is very mobile, phoenix head is male, and the head of the dragon phoenix, phoenix with negative temperament refers to - "phoenix" also has the time flow of words, the earliest origin of this word, the original genderless, and then with the masculinity image, still the book cloud has the phoenix, the metaphorical gentleman's air, and Qin Han, after adding the color of the emperor.

The change of phoenix's temperament is natural, and so is the human nature.

Eastern imagery, Western veins, Tang Feng mentioned judith Butler early also pointed out the existence of gender show (gender performance), the exhibition on the one hand consolidates the system set the gender norms, on the other hand, let people construct sex/other. She said that the gender show as a #hashtag theme tag, we can identify with the theme label, but we will not be framed by that theme label. She looked at me and, for example, said, "It's like you're called Audrey, but that doesn't mean we're the same person, and in short we can have a topic." 」

Open definition, Tang Feng's gender, is Tang Feng, and what does it matter.

Gender is to fill in the blanks, not to select questions

Everyone is ID, Tang Feng said, the network is relatively easy to accept the flow, "we began to see gender as a blank, rather than a choice of questions." 」

In 2014, Facebook added 56 gender identity options, including neutral, asexual, gender-cooler, and more, such as LGBTQIA plus, which has an infinite imagination behind that, and the choice question will one day be inexhaustible. "It's like you go to a home office to fill out a form, you don't expect to tick one from a hundred family names, and you'll fill it in yourself." Fill in the blanks this matter, because of the network culture, become accustomed to, we are very willing to accept the 'gender is to fill in the blanks' this matter. 」

Filling in the blanks means - space open, no presets, welcome additions and expansions, welcome change, or fill in, with deeper understanding and communion.

I also asked her what she would think of the recent gender debate that J.K. Rowling has set off - who is a woman/man? How do we talk about the so-called "feminine experience"? Tang Feng said that when we discuss english, it is actually the concepts of "heart / psychological sex" and "birth / biological sex". "The word sex itself is taken apart. Read:J.K. Rowling's Gender Battle: We Should Ask ,Who's Female? It's not

She talks about her growing experience, "I was at the development stage, without the use of drugs at all, the concentration of born ketones was very low, and in the second development, i part of the development to the female side, and I didn't need to use that much anti-androgens." When we discuss it like this, we know that we are talking about other parts of life. Many times, I think it's a matter of using words. 」

Referring to different, and therefore chaotic, she cited the example of "marriage without marriage" to "super-link act of the Executive Council" (Note 1), in 2008 Taiwan changed from "ceremony marriage" to "purely registered marriage", the word "marriage" contains the inevitable relationship between family and family links, to change the rights and obligations between the two people;

As we discuss it, we will have a better understanding of what is being discussed and will understand that the whole society is actually engaged in an empirical focus.

"From a higher point of view, we will see that we have different positions, but we have common values, in this process, we all reflect their own importance." 」

Instead of deciding who was right or wrong, but seeing the need for community discussion behind an issue, Tang Feng said, "We have 100 percent freedom of speech, and any public discussion is a good thing." 」

That represents the ability of society to deal with and explore a deeper level of problems, without going around the road, understanding that consensus is generated through one discussion after another.

Not so good, the gap is the entrance to the light.

June Pride Month, origin is June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Uprising, it is also the fall of a wall, the end of a conservative generation, I asked her how to interpret the word Pride.

Tang Feng speaks the text,

What the word Pride means to me is that I know that my own life experience is always different from others, I want to see it as a puzzle, I am not the same, i can contribute to society, as long as I am willing to share, I am to help this society become more complete.

Tang Feng

And pride to do their own #Proudtobeme, not only hashtag declaration, but also self-completion /self-realization premise, "I want to first see my own life experience, with the social expectations of the part, this is neither a social problem, nor my problem." Live in peace with this gap, through sharing, to form the true integrity of a society. 」

Then, there should be no society, only a single value, a single culture, or a condition of other values and cultures in order to seek so-called progress. This is both cross-cultural and multi-interwoven value, Tang Feng thought, "Yeah, this is the gap is the entrance to light." This matter, only you can do it. 」

Not the same, it's a great contribution. Like the generation of "universal design", long before nouns appeared. (Extended Reading:"Gender Watch" Stonewall Riot Day: When We Try to Fight, We Find OurSelves Not Alone)

She points to the practice of dark dialogue in the social innovation organization, in an all-black environment where visually impaired friends act as guides and take them to group activities: "Usually we are very upset in all-black environments, and visually impaired friends are very determined and determined to lead you forward." Coming out of that space, you no longer feel - the vast majority of people can see, a very small number can't see, you feel - invisible friends, with his unique advantage, is the way he makes society more meta." 」

It is not weakness or defect, but it is different, and that is not the same, it actually broadens the collective imagination and inclusion of society.

We talk about social processes, from "non-questions" to "choice questions", to "fill in the blanks" series of actions - and our life is also the same, crack is the right and wrong, expand the choice of questions, and finally we believe that many questions, nothing but fill in the blanks, wait for us, to make up their own answers.

That's not the same truth.

A distinctive sense of community

"Everyone wants to be different, even different, and that's the norm. - Tang Feng

We follow ediles down the conversation, I ask, there are different desires, then you have ever had a sense of outliers or loneliness?

Tang Feng a face puzzled, said almost no, "because of the network relationship, even if you are interested in the matter is one in ten thousand people interested in, you can find the same interests as you in the community." In this case, the sense of alienation is very light. Just like before, ACG, anime two creations, the same people, called subculture, and now, when we see the departments will be small editors doing this every day, it has obviously become mainstream culture. 」

Tang Feng laughs and says, "Everyone thinks they are a niche this time, and it doesn't necessarily last too long." 」

The minority is not small, not the same very contribution, it is time to let the light come in, the achievement of this promised land. And then she read Leonard Cohen's poem for us, and she looked up to god,

"The desire of o longing of the branches
To lift the little bud will green buds
O longing of the arteries arteries
To purify the blood purification"

Tang Feng said, often from this poem, borrow energy, the heart is anxious when, then see, this poem has the energy of animals and plants, plant shoots, animal blood, daily struggle, plants and animals, if it is, but a cycle.

It feels like saying, there is one of you in everything, you learn from them, you are never alone, you have a whole group behind you and network support, and you see it? The future is coming through your participation, and your differences are coming faster.

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