Interviewed by Tang Feng, we talked about seeing Taiwan shipped out the blueprint, participating in world discussions, and feeling the pulse of the global village under the hashtag " taiwancanhelp"; Seeing a problem is like seeing a gap, but it's also the entrance to light, roll up your sleeves, people think, and everyone can push for discussion and change.

(Interview: Interview with Tang Feng: Gap is the entrance to light, your difference is very much contributing)

Leaving the last picture of Tang Feng's office, we filmed her sitting and watching. She said it was a habit she had developed at about five or six years old, and had probably done it since my memory, feeling panicked and returning to herself. The room black background, Tang Feng wearing headphones to sing poetry, lookextremely serene.

Tang Feng sit still, the whole environment is quiet a little divine, the poem is like a metaphor for her,

"The clock can ring when it rings, and there is no hope for it." Everything has a gap, and the gap is the entrance to light. 」

"Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your offering perfect. There is a crack in all, that's how the light gets in"
Leonard Cohen

That was a hymn, read this poem, Tang Feng tone is very light, like watching the light slowly join, complete a more rich community.

Or maybe, everyone has a divinity, and divinity comes from completing yourself.

What I've been doing is increasing.

Tang Feng has published a publication called 姤 Si. I asked where the name came from, and she said it was gossip.

"At that time, my nickname on the network was the wind, the wind is in fact two gossip, together is 姤 gossip. The meaning of 姤 is from the easy passage, meaning, to give orders to the Quartet. When you have a new idea, how to pass it out quickly and accurately. She smiled, "Now everyone knows it, it's called growth." 」

姤 gossip, there are five yangs on, a yin in the next, yin and yang meet, when born, like a word, 姤 gossip, wind 姤, the world has the wind, 姤 gossip is dry (wind) on (heaven), meaning that the wind under the sky, the wind is equal to all things, the Queen will know to implement the order, admonishthe the quartet, so that the common people feel.

When there is an innovative idea, Tang Feng wants to do is rapid diffusion, from point to line to face of the dimensional process, such as the wind blowing, before the birth of the term "social innovation" she has begun to roll up the sleeves to do, "My belief is that one thing can not be done by myself, but invite son to complete, so-called people help." 」

She put forward the concept that it can be very dynamic, and that many smooth government projects may be full of negative energy behind them.

The tax filing software, which was done with great efforts, began with a public proposal called "The Tax Return Software Is Difficult to Use In The Explosion", which had already left a message inviting the finance minister to step down. Two days later, the Finance Ministry's Special Committee said, "Well, all disgruntled friends, next week we will meet at the Center for Finance and Intelligence to do next year's tax return system." 」

After the invitation was released, 80% turned to put forward very concrete proposals, which is an open innovation process, four months of continuous renovation projects, to the final promotion of the tax system, users have more than 90% satisfaction.

The system, which this year was modified to become a real-name map of masks, and then, with the stimulation of other designers, became a three-fold coupon delivery system. "Just this morning, I received a notice, Dr. Bao (Ge Ru-hing) feel that the triple coupon system is not good, on their own trimming grammar, I pressed the OK to accept, our website, there are new updates. 」

This circular system, in short, is also called "you can do it", Tang Feng said, "Yes, we go into the kitchen together to stir up vegetables, the dishes are particularly delicious." 」

There are many ways to change the government, and the able to act.

#Taiwancanhelp, the mask is a try bag, we're going to get the blueprint out.

It's a #hashtag era, we talk about labels that can be torn, and I ask her which label you love now.

She thought, "#taiwancanhelp, I'm on my business card." 」

#taiwancanhelp significance is changing, taiwan used to export products/goods, and now Taiwan is slowly shipping process out. "Like our masks, it's not a day-to-night mask, it's just a bag." Now we are shipping blueprints out so that people from other countries can make them locally. 」

The product is a try-to-eat package, what really matters is the operating logic behind the communication with the system. 'Because of the outbreak, we have the first opportunity to see the world deal with the same crisis, consider whether to seal the city, discuss how vaccine research and development, everyone on the same time scale, deal with the global scale of things, we first feel that this is really a global village, ' Tang said. The global village is more than an imagination. 」

At the moment of the crisis, we understand that each other's destinies are close and that breathing is connected. This also has her particular concern about the issue of sustainability, "we began to think, the whole human civilization and the ecological sustainability of the earth, reflect on the development of our generation should not cause the sacrifice of future generations, we want to leave a better environment, a healthier society for future generations, countries no longer behind closed doors, but open the door to discuss, because of the epidemic, we have to rediscover this vision." 」

Gender practices are also an important export to Taiwan, citing the example of the Executive Council's promotion of gender impact assessment (GIA) to implement gender mainstreaming through gender impact assessment. "The practice of gender impact assessment in the Executive Council has been 12 years, including the composition of sexual fairs, important gender statistics and so on, which is rarely known, but it is a very significant achievement." 」

"The most important reason is that gender impact assessments (GIA) form the process of making our decisions, whether it's a medium- to long-term plan or a bill. The idea of gender mainstreaming is deeply rooted in the minds of each of our civil servants, and no matter what policies we do, there are sexual lysons who follow, and all the gender assessments are done. 」

When government decisions are made, gender considerations are present. Through the design process, let this thing, form a habit, become a daily routine, but also like breathing.

Cabinet% 4% behind what structural problems are seen

Of course, there are also shortcomings, and we really have to face it.

"In Taiwan, CEDAW has the power of domestic law, and many core commitments we did eight or nine years ago, but there are some principles of proportionality - no gender ratio of any professional committee can be less than one-third, and we are still working hard," she said. 」

I asked her what she thought of the second cabinet in Tsai's administration this year, when only two of the 42 cabinet ministers were women, or 4%, a record low for the proportion of women in the cabinet. Read more: A list of Tsai Ing-wen's new cabinet: Is the disappearance of women accidental? Or is it inevitable? )

Tang Feng said that this is to work hard, behind the problem there are two pieces, one is to recommend the official, the female senior executive cliff-like decline phenomenon, the higher the level, fewer women, women generally lack of management experience, so the optional pool head female ratio, from the beginning is low;

This is actually a ring-link problem, as long as we start to solve, both pieces have the possibility of loosening.

She referred to Marisu's case on the Public Policy Network platform, which was simple in its proposal - a half-day leave of absence and a change to an hourly leave mechanism. Because of the work of the holder, there is a real need for a more flexible leave system. It took a year or so before and after to complete the discussion, to loosen the public service system to the owner of the unfriendly.

All in all, the real question is, have we really built an environment that is friendly to women on the job and even for advancement?

"We also want to reverse society's stereotype of the owner, and today it should n't be more relevant or irrelevant to your job because of your gender or gender. Holding a home is one of the things that everyone shares. 」

Many people will say, come to the twenty-first century, should always look at capacity, not gender, and the fact is, the ability behind the gender issue, how to enable capable women can be appointed, how to make the owner more open definition, Tang Feng said, this is the goal of efforts at this stage, how to continue to introduce post-gender (Post gender) initiative, that is another paragraph of the post.

Growing up, I looked back and supported this society.

Tang Feng from a young age, small two on the paper to write procedures, the country, a lot of legends, newspapers and magazines often write her 13 years old at home self-study, in fact, 14, 15 years old self-study, is not behind closed doors to read, but to start a business, go to college to listen, go to all the places she is interested in.

There are so many places to learn, she saw early on, knowledge is not a discipline, but I want to understand what.

At that time, Tang Feng called Tang Zonghan, his mother Li Yaqing in "Growing War" wrote such a paragraph: "In kindergarten, Zonghan had been because of the toilet was beaten by classmates, and want to take a knife to school; 」

I saw such a child, born genius, labeled as alien, do not feel this society effective and specific support system, so she sought to explore, find their own way, in the final growth, she became a capable, back to support this society.

Tang Feng said, in fact, a lot of daily interaction, it is slightly more contitial, you will see that perhaps the structure of the education system shaped the current results, "teachers seem to have to corporal punishment, with high pressure or deprivation of participation in the way of teaching, because a class size is too large, it is difficult to take care of each student." It feels like a case of our personal experience, but as long as we can find out the perspective of the case, all of a sudden it becomes the material that leads to a public dialogue. 」

He said that her father's influence on her was also due to critical thinking, "not to be indoctrinated by anything", "the so-called critical thinking, is to ask, this idea may be reasonable, but under what premise and circumstances to establish." Critical thinking is actually a very supportive questioning, is to attract the attention of the other side, to help the other side to think more clearly. 」

She saw early on that there were no standard answers in the world, and some were just explorations. (Extended Reading:"Often someone asks how to teach a genius like Tang 鳳" Tang Guangjuan: First, adults are not too self-righteous)

During the conversation, I felt that Tang Feng had a deep feeling for taiwan. When I asked about the imagination of home, she talked about the bigger picture. "There are many cultures and how many imaginations there are, and Taiwan now has more than 20 national languages, each of which has a completely different imagination." Especially in Taiwan, the advantage is that the island's immigration is very easy, if you feel constrained by the imagination of home, you move a little bit, you can move to different ethnic groups, to feel different from the imagination of a particular Han culture. 」

Before she dropped out of school, she had gone to the Ulai Taiya tribe to stay, one person closed experience, is a thorough finishing process, she walked out of the Taiya tribe, so decided not to school diploma.

Her nutrients, taken from all directions of Taiwan's fertile soil, are also taken from the Internet, with out of borders and endlessly.

Out of interest, it's a lot of kinetic energy.

Tang Feng is a genius, adaptto to the speed of the operation of the world, her eyes gentle, back to find a social interaction with the location and clever, from beginning to end, I would like to know is, what formed / formed Tang Feng.

So, asking her about a book that had a profound impact, she immediately said, "The Ministry of Education rewrote Chinese dictionary." And smile, that is the love behind the germ, in 2013, Tang Feng and G0V digital-style opening Chinese dictionary, the birth of the germ, the germination is a digital Chinese dictionary, including 160,000 republics of the Republic of China Chinese entries, but also included 20,000 Taiwan's Minnan language, 14,000 Taiwan Hakka entries, as well as providing English, French, German comparison.

"The ecological system of Mengpao is very special, including the expansion of the yiTai aiTai language, the author was responsible for the Ministry of Education's Taiwan language dictionary contractor, and later because of the spiritual inspiration, went outside to make iTaigi aiTai language, in fact, I found that the energy of internal innovation in the civil service is actually very strong. There's just a captain who's willing to let you innovate anonymously. 」

She also recommends Nicky Case's online interactive experience, whether it's talking about the evolution of trust, engaging online, flipping coins on both sides, talking about game theory and the prisoner's dilemma, or taking risks with anxiety, metaphorically about being trying to protect your big wolf, practicing good training for him, and talking about mental health through interactive games.

Nicky Case's Wikipedia writes that Case is a gender coolman who advocates not classifying gender in a dichyal way and wants to be called "gender-neutral." "His main initiative is to make sure that all readers of the game, after playing it, will be able to refuse to attend seminars where only a single gender is a speaker. 」

As if this is the case, there are too many places to learn, not limited to books, not limited to what kind of text, the way of action is also. Give an entrance, there are too many treasures behind it. Being interested in things is actually a particularly good kinetic energy. (Extended Reading: Tang Feng's Six Power Quotes: Everyone is different, and the same as the crowd is an illusion)

As Tang Feng said, "I am not on the political committee out of passion, mission, obligation or responsibility, I am motivated by interest." 」

Back to that question, what formed Tang Feng - perhaps herself, that all the way, she seems to find their real name, answer who I really are, my heart, find resources, hands-on test, with their own fly, phoenix, 翽翽 its feather, I see, she always accompanied by their own peer, bath fire.