The poet Tegor once wrote a very beautiful poem, "The sky doesn't have the traces of the wings, but I have flown."" Some people say it describes a kind of transcation. Some people say this is a metaphor for the flying of the process, rather than what it leaves behind. We, no matter what it is, can lift up and see the sky and give ourselves a breathing space.

Jim Davis was filmed in Boston, the
's light directly rammed the ground and demonstrated the power of the universe in the quiet.

On December 13, 2012, womany made a reversion, and the universe also gave some gifts to the Earth, and the photographer, Michael Heinz, captured the flashpoint of the meteor.

If you have seen the movie

may have seen a similar situation after tomorrow, the photographer Martin caught an astonishing tsunami, the ocean could have been so close to the sky.

The year we live may be difficult to become an astronaut, from another altitude to look at the sky of the earth.But the Earth is really beautiful.

Do you look forward to the February of Taiwan?The Lantern Festival in Pinghsi is one of the most dynamic activities in Taiwan.But you know, isn't there a sky light in Taiwan?The photo is a blessing in the world for the light of the Republic of Croatia in Central Europe.

No matter how many countries in the world, how many races, how many religions, how many disputes, no matter what direction we are going to do, go forward.Just as the Taiwanese poet once wrote in the sun:

You ask my
, you ask me, "I look at the sky and reject
Answer cavity". In the human group, we
air, joy or
, and on the same piece of land

see the streets and the crowd
If you forget
the different directions, I will answer your
: "We all have the same sky"

" Hometown

This world is truly beautiful
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