Single diary, with 500 words to write a single physical and mental affairs. On June 29, 2020, Deng Ziqi and Zhou Xingzhe jointly launched "Don't Bare", confiding a pair of lovers who are not suitable for each other, how to learn to let go.

"Since we start with confession, we also end with confession." 」

I remember you holding my hand, walking through the long boulevard, next to a student riding a bicycle whistling past, I feel like we are so young;

As soon as I started, I started to get started.
And don't ask who gave up first.
A hedgehog who loves each other again.
The tighter the heartbreak
Can only blame us for not being a natural couple.

Photo" Don't Bare" MV

I also remember, after a dispute, when I gambled on the turn, you no longer chase dating like before, I remember, at one time I sent myself to make snacks to your company, you only said a thank you, and colleagues turned away to eat lunch, did not ask me to eat, hungry, I remember, we forget when to start, wait for each other to go home to sleep, gradually used to sleep.

At least let's know how much we have.
will love each other to the bruising
It's beautiful back, it's not just a meeting.
Just let it go and never go back.

When I first met, I loved you quite, and a few years later, I still love you, but also because of the injury. I know, so are you.

We've done nothing wrong, we've always loved each other, in the way we feel right.

Be strong, go to the side where you can't get to
Love is not strong against promise
You're tired, you're crying, you're late at night, you're awake.
I can't bear to make you too strong
You know I'm so strong
Alone I'll be here sooner or later
Don't just let this song go away

Photo" Don't Bare" MV

We were like two hedgehogs, too similar and attracted to each other, but stabbed each other to the point where they were hurt. And no matter how hard to heal each other, the more you drown each other, the better it is.

Do you know? Our love, as if those scars, one place after the hole. Even if we decide to start making up, intend to pull the strings, but no one can help the depth of the wound accumulated over a long period of time.

We think of the street as the moon.
I'm naive to wish our romance
Dream enemy but dawn, too free imagination
it hurts us all.

Dear, we say good love long after, but it should be stopped. It's not that love is over, it's that we're at an end and can't go any further.

Need to be constantly strong, tearing each other, or not good love.

I love you, but also do not want to hurt you more.

Walking the piano, the piano is still familiar
The ear wants to ignore the harsh sound
But i love you, it's necessary to know how to pump
This, or our last tacit understanding.

Once the heart of each other, how much I once believed in having the same future as you. But we have a step forward to understand that each other's future points to different distant.

Despite the next period, I hope you know, with you love, I have no regrets.

I wish you well, I know you will.