"Forgotten Life" won the Cannes Film Festival's "One Eye" best picture and other film festival awards. The story tells the fate of a Brazilian woman in the 1950s from a female perspective.

"What is your child?" 」
"Boys. 」
"He's so lucky. 」
Forgotten Life

In this scorching summer, The Forgotten Life (The Invisible Life of Eur?dice Gusm?o) takes us back to Brazil in the 1950s. Directed by Karim ANoUZ, the film won the 72nd Cannes Film Festival's best film, "One Eye," which will be released on Stage sits on July 3, 2020.

The story takes place in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil, sitting in the blue sky and sea, when you think of it, the heart also followed the rhythm, enthusiasm and thunder.

Buried in the beauty, food and beauty behind, but a generation of women's sorrow and sorrow. The Brazilian woman of that era had to be attached to her father or husband, had no freedom of choice, and had no room to decide anything.

In that patriarchal society, some women die of neglect, while others live more painful lying than they are to die.

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A pair of sisters, sister Jida and sister Julius, were born in a traditional family, taking care of each other and relying on each other. Jida has a longing for love and can't wait to find his true destiny and get married;

Although the sisters had different dreams, both were struggling to dream because they were in a deeply patriarchal society. The film tells the story from a female perspective, such as fathers, husbands and other male figures, but everywhere.

You know, it was Brazil in the 1950s, and it's no stranger to us.

That's "he," not "us."

I particularly want to talk about a few sex scenes in the film. They are legal, perhaps even reasonable, and why they are so uncomfortable.

The first sex scene was the wedding night of Julius and Anthony. It's not free love, it's fatherhood.

Julius had been ready for the first night. "It was a little tingling at first, and then it passed. Before the wedding, the aunt said to Julius. In this narrative, sex is like a ritual, with no romance or pleasure, something a woman must "put up with."

That night, Anthony sloppyly took the foreplay and soon tried to get into Ulysses' body. Julius fell into the bathtub, and Anthony took off his pants and bounced out to Ulysses, and to the audience.

The whole sexual process was filled with Anthony's violent groans, while Ulysses was just wide-eyed, his eyes full of confusion, and even a little ripple, without a trace of joy.

But she also does not resist, perhaps she thinks things are the same: husband wants, husband has needs, I give.

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The second sex scene took place when Ulysses was practicing the piano.

After getting married, Ulysses still remembers her musical dreams. She practiced the piano at home and plans to apply to the Conservatory of Music. Anthony ignored that Ulysses was focusing on the piano spectrum and keys, and began to caress The back of Ulysses' neck and back.

Julius: "Don't you want me to practice the piano?" 」
Anthony: "You go on." 」

It can be seen from everyone that Anthony is just a false response. He then pulled off Ulysses' dress and carried her to the piano.

Ulysses did not allow and did not want, he entered her on the beloved piano.

Julius: "Don't go on the piano and put us on the couch." 」

Julius's voice was weak, protesting four or five times in a row, before Anthony finally held her on the couch.

Through the vision, we can hear The moans that Anthony enjoys, not the voice of Ulysses.

There's something wrong with that. Julius started shouting no, she can't let Anthony, if she's pregnant, how to go to the music academy interview?

And Anthony seems to lose his hearing - I don't know if it's true or false, even if Julius resists desperately, where he's overpowering his unstoppable desires. In the end, he shot in Theulis.

Anthony apologized, and Ulysses was furious. But you know what? The only thing Julius can do is wash her body in the bathroom. Then came the fact that she was forced to accept the fact that she was about to become a mother for a few months.

Julius can't refuse her husband's favor, or defend her future. Not only did her physical feelings not be taken seriously, but her dreams seemed insignificant in her husband's eyes.

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Unwanted sex, not called love.

After watching the movie, I kept thinking, why do these episodes and pictures make me feel uncomfortable? Even peer-to-peer friends think so.

"More terrible than a ghost story is the story of me" author Lao Wang also shared on Facebook: "Clearly is "the right name" and "legitimate" sexual behavior, but the picture is difficult to look straight at, even sitting next to me, the male audience, with their hands to cover their eyes." 」

Later, I figured it out. The point I'm stuck with is that these sexes may be legal, they may be reasonable, but they're not entirely consensual.

At least for the two sex scenes, I can't see any enjoyment or pleasure in it, more of a panic, a maze, a loss of confusion, and a robot-like collaboration.

Even in a marriage, whether the husband is interested in a wife or a wife to a husband, an unwanted sex is called. Read:"Gender Watch" "I'm more like a sex toy than a wife" Why should we talk about marriage? )

In the book "The Analysis of Sex", the issue of marriage is also mentioned: "A retrospective study of marital literature ( 2004 ) found that 14 per cent of married women had experienced marriage , while the proportion of abused married women was 40 to 50 per cent . 」

Back in the film, although Ulysses may not think she was being met, it is also because of the social environment in which she is in, women are often expected to meet the expectations of their husbands.

If you enter into a marriage, you agree to have sex. In fact, it's some kind of myth - today, whether a person is married or becomeanother's wife or husband, he has the right to say no to his partner.

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Every woman has been forgotten under the parent society.

"Forgotten Life" is about sisterhood, women's stories, but the male figure is everywhere.

The sympathetic sense of female experience in the film often comes from the unpleasantly cheerful experience of the opposite sex.

When Jida came home with her pregnancy, her father thought she had brought shame on her family and kicked her out of the house; when Ji reached the factory job, the male workers next to her wanted her to be grateful, or a woman like her should go into the sex industry; and when Jida sent a letter, she couldn't reach Julius because she was stopped by her husband.

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The title begins, is That Eulis and Jida in the sea to see the sea, they look edifice, like looking at their dreams. Later, the two people in the forest, they call each other, but can not find each other, as if suggesting that the social system such as the intricate branches, they are tightly tied, difficult to get away.

For many women, the blue and free sea, the dream is always out of reach. And the only thing they can be thankful for is having each other.