"It's Mentally Ill But It Doesn't Matter" describes the stories of several lonely children who grow up. If I was born for only some purpose, if I can't fulfill my parents' demands, then am I not worthy of love? Gao Wenying's "Dead Child" drawing book will let you see that the child never wants food, but the warmth of the mother.

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In the Korean drama "It's Mentally Ill But It's Okay," it's about a mental hospital, but it's also a story of a group of injured children.

Have you thought about it, too? Why, when you grow up, you'll be more excited about certain relationships, but when it's close to you, you can't help feeling scared. You know you're a little armed with the world, armed to protect your inner fragility, where you have a child who hasn't been loved yet. Read:"Why have I forgotten my pain, but still can't be happy?" "Though it's mental illness, it doesn't matter" a fairy tale about healing the grown-ups.

Through the story of the growth of the three characters in the play, perhaps, we also go back to our childhood to see.

"Does a child have to be of any use to parents?" 」

Kwon Ka-do (Guo Dongyan) is a patient in the "No Matter Stylist" who has psychotic disorders and will strip off his body clothes when he has a seizure. His symptoms came from his family, who was born into a political family, and his brothers and sisters were excellent, only that he did not perform as well as his parents had expected. As a result, he was seen as a child who had humiliated his family, and his father would keep him at home, unwilling to admit his existence to anyone.

He said he was in the house as if he were a sick child, and he was actually sick.

Photo, "It's Mentally Ill, It's Okay"

Actor Wen Gangtai (Kim Xiuxian), because there is autistic brother, from childhood mother told him, I gave birth to you, is to take care of the brother. Mother bet all the love on his brother, and he can only look at their backs, quietly take some love.

The heroine is also a fairy tale writer Gao Wenying (Xu Ruizhi), regarded by her mother as "the best work"; In this home, she felt no need to exist.

Mr Kwon's father had reasoned that his children were born because they needed their parents. But they want to say, what must be the use of children for their parents?

If you can love me, just because I am, not because I have any benefit or function.

It also reflects the situation of many Asian families, the birth of a child, will carry the face of many parents, expectations, you know you will be blamed for doing what makes them happy, less to do. The message these parents give their children is that love is conditional and I love you, but don't let you down. (Recommended Reading:"Make every decision, think about whether your parents will be happy" Emotional blackmail topic: You don't really have to hand over your freedom)

Photo, "It's Mentally Ill, It's Okay"

Dead Child: "Does the child want food, or is it the warmth of the mother?" 」

However, the plot has been going down, it wants to ask, if I am a strange child, if I do not meet your expectations, I can still get your sincere hug? Can you hold me?

Gao Wenying's latest work, "The Dead Child", describes a young boy born, the skin is particularly pale, eyes are particularly large, and then the mother understands that the child has no emotion, is only the loss of appetite.

So my mother shunned the villagers' eyes and ears, kept the children in the basement, stole other people's livestock every night to eat him, and secretly raised him. Sometimes it's chicken, sometimes it's a pig, and that's what it's been like for years. 」

The mother quietly hid the child from letting anyone know. But one day the plague ravaged the village, livestock were all dead, and everyone moved out of here. But for the sake of the child, she stayed.

"The mother couldn't leave her son, so she cut off one of her legs and ate the hungry child, and then cut off one arm, so she gave all her limbs to the child. She finally climbed into the child's arms and gave the rest to him. The
his arms tightly to her torso, and for the first time he spoke, "Mommy is so warm." It's not

What does the child want is food or the warmth of the mother?

After you were born, you are so unique, but even if the world can not accept you, the most painful child is not even their parents do not accept their own. It's like a wound that can't be repaired in my life - what I want most is not to feed me or satisfy any desire, but to be true love and warmth.

Photo, "It's Mentally Ill, It's Okay"

If you can be sure that you are loved, if you can get a sense of security from home at the beginning, children will be able to break through the world more independently and fearlessly, but perhaps in most people's growing experiences, leaving scars large or small, you will need to spend more time confirming your worth in the days that come to life.

If you're on this road, don't just be afraid; as the title says, it's psychosis, but it doesn't matter, we're together at this moment, we're together to keep warm, and at this point we're starting to recognize wounds and find a cure. You'll be better, you'll believe in love again, you'll love yourself and find your own home. Read:How can "I can't meet my parents when I was a child, i can't meet my partner when I grow up" How do I fix my childhood trauma? )