Days can be ordinary, but not ordinary enough to forget each other love; the instinct of love needs to be well run, want to continue to have happiness, go a long way, perhaps we need to consciously do these daily.

Have you thought about it, too? If marriage is a long road, how can we go on together? What if one day you find out that I'm no longer cute, that life is not fresh, or that we don't talk?

The low tide in a relationship is inevitable, but what we have to discuss today is our ability to save to fight the lows and continue to fall in love when our feelings are stable. Read:"Love is simple, it's hard to love for a long time" Therapist suggests 365 questions to make your partner feel intimate)

Suzann Pileggi Pawelski and James Pawelski, psychologists who study forward psychology, note that mature partners will know that happy days don't happen on their own, and that it comes from building "healthy habits" over time. Like a gym you've been going to all your life, exercising your feelings regularly and steadily, you'll find that you'll be able to get through a lot of difficulties together. For ways to improve relationships, a total of two important exercise directions, the following detailed instructions, please enjoy taking:

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Emotional intensity exercise: Every day, you just need to do these two things

From a positive psychology perspective, it is recommended that partners focus on finding and feeding "good things" in your relationship. The study found that a partner who is in a good relationship is more focused on how to maintain one's relationship, rather than just "what's wrong with us" and "how to fix it", because the latter can make you more addicted to small worries, or the other person's shortcomings.

However, you have each other's own strengths, you also because of appreciation of each other to enter into marriage, but then it is easy to forget these. So these two exercises may be helpful to your savings emotions:

1. Regular "exchange dialogue"

Don't guess what he's thinking! And don't just make the other side guess. To go on a good day, you often chat!

You must have your own way of expressing yourself, trying to get into the habit of communicating with each other through regular conversations, perhaps by sharing daily time for ten minutes of sleep each day, or by having a brunch on the weekend. Even if you are a couple, you are still two individuals who are alone, somehow facing their own lives, so keeping you updated and understanding their frequency can keep you close, and you won't suddenly find that you've not followed some of his steps.

In the process, you may again feel how different you are, whether it's thinking about the pattern of things or expressing your form; And how do you think yourself? You will have more understanding because of communication, and then be willing to actively accompany him to grow, lose, happy and ordinary. (Extended Reading:"Often quarrels affect feelings?" Counsellor: Happier partners, and keep these habits when arguing)

2. Weekly "exploratory dating"

See this you may want to ask, we eat together every week, watch movies, shopping, that is not a date? But the dating model is a little different.

First, you have to find the strengths and interests of both parties, and then arrange a dating option where each other can take advantage of them. For example, you love outdoor sports, and every time you do these things you regain energy, and your partner has a passion for learning, and as long as you challenge a new thing, he will be full of achievement. So at this point, maybe you're well suited to try extreme sports that are acceptable to each other, or a trip to the depth of monuments. So your desire for adventure will be satisfied;

You'll feel happy in a dating arrangement like this, you'll see the other person's attractive side, and you'll realize that the fun things in the world can be done with him, even if we're not the same.

When you encounter challenges in a relationship, the first thing you need to know is that this is normal. And it may be a great opportunity for you to get to know each other better. The key to getting through the lows and maintaining relationships is actually "don't focus on happiness all the time"; rather than indulging in how happy you are, it's better to plan your daily routines and routines more actively.

Keep yourself open and more proactive in seeing each other's thinking styles and strengths; Because you will know that no matter how difficult it is, the question at this moment comes from either side, the one who will let you see the answer. (Recommended Reading: "Is your life busy enough to be lazy even with my relatives" Counsellor: A more stable partner who can do these six things only when you get up)