Have you ever had a low mood? Is it like a nightmare that never wakes up? "Embrace" has a very important healing meaning in "Though it's mentally ill." (Micro-ray in)

The village was born a little boy, pale, big eyes, is a dead body without feelings.
The boy's mother hid him, stole the villager's chickens or pigs, and quietly fed him to grow up. A village fire, no food can be stolen, mother can not bear to cut off their own meat for the children to eat.
At first it was the legs, then the arms, and the mother gave her limbs to the child, and finally climbed to the child, giving him the rest of the torso.
"It's Mentally Ill, It's Okay: Dead Child"

The Korean drama "Though Mentally Ill But It Doesn't Matter", which opened at the end of June, set off a discussion in episode four. The story that begins with a fairy tale is played to all the wounded adults.

With the development of the plot, we seem to start looking back at the inner child, found that the original childhood of their own injuries, previously dare not touch, no one to take care of, now may be able to follow the role, slowly heal themselves.

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When angry, self-paced butterfly hug sings

"Embrace" has a very important meaning in this.

His mother often told him that he was born to take good care of his autistic brother Wen Shangtai, while the fairy tale writer Gao Wenying, with the memory of being choked by his father as a child, grew up, the plot will slowly reveal the mother's injury to Gao Wenying. They are children who have not been well embraced.

And whenever Wen Shangtai felt panic, he would hold his hand tightly, and when Gao Wenying lay on his bed in his hometown, dreaming of his dead mother, touching the last childhood she wanted to recall, she remembered Wengang's butterfly hug method, he said he took a deep breath and closed his eyes:

"When the emotion is out of control, it's like crossing your hands and patting your shoulderalternately on both sides, which eases the emotion. 」
"This is a recommended method of self-pacifying for trauma patients. 」

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Have you ever had a low mood? Is it like a nightmare that never wakes up?

You cry out for help, fight for your life and exhale, but no one hears, and anger and fear drown you, struggle to give up, and finally let yourself be afraid to be pressed down. You really don't have much, as long as someone wants to hold you and pat your back, that's it.

Wengang too with the butterfly hug, is the emotional control of the right to give back to themselves, is from your feelings for the inner child, parents do not want to give love, may be a lifetime beg, but ah, you can use hugging to feed themselves.

Mental illness doesn't matter, I hope you don't forget to give yourself a gentleness.

What magic does hugging have, can hurt one person, can heal a person?

In Why Hugs Feel So Good?,Psychology Today says hugging is a powerful form of communication. When the skin is attached to the skin, it conveys and receives a person's intention - whether it's comfort, kindness, or threat and injury. So when you put on your shoulder, like your self when you grow up, say "it's all right" to your inner child, "I care about you" and "I love you", so the pain is understood and your love and tenderness will increase.

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Every day, you can give yourself some hugs, want to tell you, start to hold your own way. (Extended reading:"When you embrace the world, the world begins to embrace you" feel the healing set of your own existences)

First of all, feel the emotion of the moment, is anger, fear, panic, or anxiety? Then, put your hands on your shoulders and think about what kind of hug you want, if you feel empty and losing a piece of emotion in your heart, give yourself a strong, tight hug;

Next, hold yourself for more than 20 seconds, even if you want to be longer, shake your body or pat your shoulder and don't forget to say a few words to yourself. You can read your name and say, "I'm proud of you" and "You've done a good job."

Don't forget that there are many people who can hurt you, but you will always have the strength to love yourself.

Finally, the child held the mother with his arms tightly to the remaining torso, and for the first time said:
"Mommy is really warm. 』
"It's Mentally Ill, It's Okay: Dead Child"