The investment in stocks is a university entrance. Is the big company that has the reputation of investing in the stock market make sure that it doesn't pay any compensation?Perhaps, from the global economy to judgment, you can better protect you.

Since the earthquake in Japan, the most immediate problem has not been the nuclear security crisis. After all, even if there is a radiation leak, the impact is not something we can control. Life is still a matter of time.Power to Power is a bigger headache!In addition to the damage caused by the damage caused by the tsunami, the electricity rationing will make the capacity of the plants that are still operational cannot be improved, making it more difficult to estimate the losses later.(Extended reading: Five images, after the earthquake, we can accompany the child with itself )

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The global economy is tightly connected, and Japan is shaking the whole world. We only learned that although Taiwan is a so-called big electronic information country, the key components are in fact still in the hands of the Eastern visitors.Recently, newspapers and magazines have vigorously advocated the transfer of a single effect. In the current information, I am afraid it is only a declaration that it means more than the actual effect, and the more difficult it is that it should still be in the back.

In addition to specific groups of people, such as the Apple-related concept shares, as there are basic consumer buyout, there is a good performance recently, and there are special components that really benefit from the transfer effect, and this year's summer may be the winter of the electronics industry.

five-poor-six-year-old is an industry common saying, and historical experience shows that April is the relative low of the weighting index of each year. The crisis may also turn out to be a turning point.

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The impact is large, and it seems that the car supply chain is more serious, and then it is a tablet, NB, and so on.As of Saturday, the two cuts have fallen from 90 to 50, almost halving, and foreign investors have been selling their eyes, and investors should stay away from this type of stock and stop listening to the king.

As for which industries have benefited greatly, besides Apple-related stocks mentioned earlier, the nuclear crisis has brought about bright spots in the health care industry, the 12-fifth plan on the mainland, and the US and mainland medical changes. The medium and long term trends are more determined here, and investors can pay attention to it.(Recommended reading: Investment economics for young people: spend money on cultivating their value )