Go home in the summer table planning, and Laurel hand in hand, perhaps everyone, the heart has a food that can not be forgotten; It's a season full of senses, and when your body is hot, you long for a form of life that is unburdened and comfortable, and these imaginations may all begin with the first summer meal at home.

Summer footsteps, the arrival of no sound, a sudden failure to prevent, then the heat wave hit. Often, the body perceives it earlier than you, sweating. At this time, to eat the salad of cold shoots, detoxified heat, too classic choice, hot to no appetite, especially suitable.

The dish was like a fan that mother secretly brought to the table in the summer.

At first, the cold shoot salad was a treasure found by our family at a cheap Japanese restaurant. Master master kill bamboo shoots, cut plates, squeeze the united states, hands and feet, a few efforts, you can be on the table. The entrance is sweet, without a little burden, a table of children often squint, exclaimed, cool ah, this is summer, summer is hot wind, summer is cool bamboo shoot salad.

Mother asked the master, the original practice is simple, and then the whole plate of stealing school, packing away, became the family's summer summer habits three-in-one: ice sticks, electric fans, cold shoot salad.

When the weather is hot, it is the season when the children are noisy. In memory, the mother will go to the market to choose fresh green bamboo shoots, especially pick the bottom fat shoots, shoots tip not green, master's line instructions, so less bitter. Treatment is also simple, after going home, soak in a large pot of cold water, pour a little salt, roll over the fire for half an hour, and then fish out the shoots, slowly cool down, wait for cool, put into the refrigerator refrigerated ice.

Bamboo shoots after the hot and cold process, lock the original taste, wait for the children hungry, take out to rinse, peel ingen, cut pieces, you can under the mouth. It is the mother who makes the family meal that is easy and pleases the child. Waiting, the whole family can also open an electric fan together, sleep in the summer hot just sleep nap.

Cold shoot salad is a magic dish, a family to eat together, can be such, there is not much burden of things, you can be stained with hemp sauce, you can also be contaminated with miso, why go to war, divided into two dishes is good, this is probably cold shoot salad delivered to me the truth - some food, simple and effective, to maintain the feelings at home, no big dishes, the taste is actually very good. Simple food, but also sincere.

Later came to Taipei, began their own life, and sometimes do their own cold shoot salad, like what mother taught me to cook, I often walk to the traditional market on the way, while thinking about the mother's mood of taking care of the children, but also decided that it is so simple and light, take advantage of the summer to entertain themselves.