Netflix,""Sex moms in the workplace" you think about a lot, including money, family, and everything is actually ready, but it's always hard to imagine what you're going to get and lose when you're a mom. Talk about the real problems directly from the mother's story in the play.

OK, let's all be honest: after having a child, it must be a rush to him.

You did not imagine the picture of taking care of children, the partner said will do your strong backing, parents said occasionally can take time to help, their hands also have a little deposit, mother-care fees, diaper money and so on, just need to save the usual thrift, reduce the installation and tourism funds, can take good care of the children, and most importantly, you feel time is similar, the physical condition is also stable.

However, having a child is much more important than this, for example, will current work and future careers be limited by children for at least a decade? What if life after having a baby is far happier than you think?

Netflix movie "Workplace Mom", working mothers take maternity leave to return to the workplace, parenting all kinds, real to you not joke, such as always sing a bad song, hard in the company breast milk, but also accidentally stained clothes, never understand how a pram folded up, and then the supervisor intentionally or unintentionally Say: Want this opportunity, you have to put the work first Oh, or I will give to another colleague, was the official tooth itch, but whenever the partner came to the child walking film, your heart is always sweet to soft well, even if the main character plays funny, you are laughing and crying. (Extended Reading: Parenting? I've heard of working moms, how can I never hear of working dads)

Photo of "The Mother of the Workplace"

Having a baby, you have a heart, not as good as we from the "workplace mom" to see the difficulties of parenting, but also look at the happiness of parenting, and then ask yourself, do you want to live this kind of life? And there's more to this life than that?

When you become a mom, why does every question seem to have only one answer?

"I was driving this morning, fantasizing about a car crashing into my side and taking me out of the sea of misery, not suicide, you know. Just let me brain die for a week. 」

Kate, who once called the wind and rain in the advertising industry, has given birth to a child to return to work, ability is not reduced, after squeezing breast milk rushed to the office, but also to convince stubborn customers, by the boss's attention. However, she also gradually felt that nine months of maternity leave can change a lot of things, another new staff is looking at her position.

After becoming a mother, Kate's life became different, waking up by her baby's crying and driving too tired to stop at the side of the road to fall asleep, but Kate still tried to find the past order from the chaos, listing To-do List on the blackboard, such as running every morning. If your baby is a little out of control today, it's okay to climb the stairs at home.

Photo of "The Mother of the Workplace"

Hey, you see, it's not hard to be a mom, although it's a bit out of order, but it's basically in control. Kate plays a mother who tries to strike a balance between work and family in the first two episodes, but it just doesn't feel right, like everyone tells their mother ,"" "Mom has the right to make any decisions", but when mom's standing at the intersection, there's always a force to push yourself in a certain direction, and you're not sure you want to or not, so give you more choices, like there's only one answer.

In the third episode, Kate's dog, which has been in care for more than a decade, bites people, and the family, fearing it will hurt her baby, constantly asks Kate to euthanize the puppy. Standing in the animal clinic, Kate was unable to bear it and finally gave the puppy to her co-workers.

The puppy, like Kate before becoming a mother, has a memory in mind, some "i", always lost, but everyone around you tells you that when the mother should give up something, and you know that you should move forward.

You can mourn the past, you can cry for the past, but remember that your "self" is not completely abandoned, you still have the right to desire, ambition, purpose, in the seemingly no option B choice question, you can always create another possibility.

You really want it, you love the kids, you want to work.

Becoming a mother loses a lot, but also can't deny that the baby broadens your imagination of ability, such as you suddenly feel that you have a lot of courage, can carry a pram in both hands, see the wild black bear dare to fight, because this black bear's roar is no more terrible than the baby crying and crashing. At the same time, the baby also let your life add luster, when the baby laughs, walking, learn the first word, ask you a question you never thought of, your heart can be soft and sweet, more proud of him.

Photo of "The Mother of the Workplace"

Working mothers, there is the joy of parenting, but also the difficulty of not exporting.

Remember in the first episode, kate's first day of work, in overtime in front of other colleagues shed tears, others are at their wand, ask ed'oe Kate said: "The baby said the first word today, he said 'bubble', he didn't even see the bubble, but I missed it, and that moment disappeared forever." 」

The boss asked her if she wanted to go home soon? She wiped away her tears and her eyes remained firm, saying, "I want to work(I wanna work.) "

You really want it, you love children and you want to work. Perhaps you imagined that becoming a working mother would have to be a second choice between achievement and a child, or you'll miss out on your child for the first time, like Kate. For those who are afraid to experience these conditions, the first thing to know is that even if there are more choices, the present, no matter what decision you make, is bound to be accompanied by regret. And you should ask yourself, "What do I want/ What kind of person do I want to be?" Then clarify where the bottom line is to be able to bear regret.

Some people say they don't want to miss the first word your child says, every step they step, and others, who want to work more, take advantage of every moment they spend with their children for a limited amount of time. No one is better, who is less responsible, because as long as you want, it is great. (Extended Reading: A Must-Study for Working Mothers: No More Guilty for Being Too Busy)

Having a child is like remaking the rules of life.

"Workplace Mom" is only a starting point, let you see different real imagination, but pull back your life, you have children very good, no children are also very good, after all, is how you explore yourself, for their own direction of life. So, rather than talking about loss and possession, ask yourself, is he willing to fight off practice, abandon the routine, and then explore a new self, establish a new rules of life, as born?

Whether your answer is Yes or No, we would like to say that it was a very brave and very proud decision.