Go home, good night story, when you're at bedtime, will your dad tell you the story? Bedside story before you go to bed is that you feel that someone has set aside for you for a period of time every day, no matter how long that is, it belongs to you. And it's not over today, it's going to be renewed tomorrow. Do you feel like you're full of energy during the day, but at night you're vulnerable? You feel more and more blind powerless, all the way to pick up, do not know how much they lost, but also too late to say goodbye? A story, to all want to find the brave you.

Good night, shall we have a chat before we go to bed?

R is a common office worker around you, after graduating from college began the first job, almost three or five years, with a little money on my body, life is still busy. She believes she has a life goal that hasn't been reached yet, but isn't sure where it is; she sometimes goes blind, gets busy and forgets the time, and her partner, who has been together for a long time, ends up away from her.

I do not know whether it is because of the time to run, she also can not wait to mourn the loss of life, just tell herself, go forward, and then continue to move forward, everything will be all right.

She often ends the week on friday nights, like a balloon that's been bulging for a long time and says she's tired; she'll go to the late-night hoist in the corner of the city to enjoy a few beers, then spend a full-empty weekend at home, filling her life with electricity.

However, the frequency with which she feels tired will become dense rife and the time it takes to repair will be longer and longer. She said that somehow she lived so hard, but there was no feeling of happiness.

'That's what it's like to grow up,' she told herself. (Extended reading:"The day is full of energy, the night is helpless" to become a true adult, is to admit that they are an orphan after all)

To your bedside story: so-called brave, is to get the lost things back.

The little boy fire brother one day in the park saw a puppy waghistail on him, and followed him all the time, so he took it home.

The puppy accompanied the boy for many days, and it would accompany him on an adventure, protect his master in times of danger, or wait at the door for the boy to come home.

But one day, when the boy came home from school, he found the puppy missing.

He was very sad and cried for days after hiding in the bed. Finally, he decided to go out to retrieve the dog. He wants to get back his most important good friend.

Along the way, he crossed deserts, towns, forests, rivers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

However, just as he was desperate, a well-wisher, the Leopard Driver, told him where the puppy was going.

The boy was finally reunited with his dog.

The leopard driver said to the boy, You are a brave boy.

The boy asked, "What is bravery?" 」

He replied, "It's about getting what you've lost back." 」

The drawing book I miss you today is the bravest man. The boy in the story sees the world from a child's perspective, breaking around like a game, knowing that losing will hurt, and that it is pleasant to lose. Follow his footsteps, you seem to have gone through a time that is not afraid of anything, see is this play-like process, will slowly forget fear, slowly grow brave.

And what exactly does that feel like? What was the secret hidden in your body as a child?

This is very much like the painting author blue and white drag said the sentence, "always to others to be brave, that is others; 」

Growing up you, experience more and more lost, more than you can not cope with;

After a few years, it seems like a frank, but you find that you are not happier;

And you know what? In fact, a lot of times, it's just a small step. Read: Facing Life's Uncertainty: Admitting You're a Brave Man)

Is you to tell yourself, let oneself more eager for that little bit, want a little bit, more not afraid of a little bit, you take a step, find yourself can. You're not trying to get things that don't belong to you, you're just going to get those that's next to you. You have to believe that this is what you originally had, a fundamental, spontaneous courage.

Dear big men, no courage, in fact, it will not be like, but take back the courage, you may get more happiness. Good night. Read more stories:"Goodnight Story" How I Want to Let You Know that you don't have to get better and someone will love you)