Not sure if you want to have a baby? Let's take a look at the five celebrity moms who have children.

You have been married for three or four years, life is generally passed, ordinary days occasionally eat in the restaurant, about two foreign trips a year planning, although there is a car loan, but not a problem. On the whole, you are satisfied with this marriage.

But the longer you get married, the more you feel boring. You love him, he also loves you, but every day after work home, is lying on the sofa to see the album, sliding mobile phone, the holiday may also sleep until noon, get up called a send-off, the day passed. Life has no purpose, so you and your partner start thinking about whether to have children.

In addition to thinking about actual money and physical problems, having children also includes whether you are doing enough psychological work. For example, with a child, you will need to adjust your life, perhaps give up twice a year to plan abroad, and take time to develop personal interests to take care of your children. Read:"If you can sleep enough, who wants to wake up in the middle of the night?" Han Xing Li Meidu's healing "Crash Mom" Photo Special)

How many sacrifices are you and your partner willing to make? Before we answer, we want to share with you that five celebrity moms have children after life, we always think that they can master everything, in fact, the birth of the child, still busy. However, they also get a taste of it:

Christy Bell: I'm not sure I'll like you, but roommate, we can develop our feelings.

Kristen Bell, who starred in "Good Land," told her partner, Dax Sharpe, before she became pregnant:

"I'm not sure I like him as much as I like my puppy. How can I be sure I'll like him? But 24 hours after the birth of my new roommate, I felt differently. 」

How can you make sure you like this uncommon man? Christine Bell asked each parent's question. Motherly love and fatherly love is not innate, the pregnancy process, there will be a lot of imitation and pressure, even if born, it is not certain that everyone can immediately love the baby. So before you have a child, you must first know if you and your partner have enough ability to support each other and take on this responsibility, and of course remember not to be too self-critical or deny your emotions, all your feelings are true.

P!nk: I've changed a lot for you, and I think it's going to change your life.

"I used to drink and smoke in the studio until dawn, but now I can't because I'm breastfeeding. See that glass of red wine? I used to have four drinks, but now one is fine. Oh, I've given up smoking. 」

Maybe a child can dig deep into a side you don't know?

Singer P!nk was a life-changing person before she became a mother, but since having children, she has decided to quit smoking and drink less for the sake of her health. Is the process difficult? It depends on whether you can accept that life has changed dramatically and whether you are willing to sacrifice in exchange for a healthy child. And P!nk is happy with the change, and she prefers to change her life for her children.

Breckley: Boy, do you know that mom and dad cried for you.

The story of Blake Lively, the lace-up heroine, is real.

"When the baby was born, my husband and I (Ryan Reynolds) often cried, and yesterday I slept for only two hours, and my husband, sometimes smelled like powder, and sometimes it smelled like a child's poop. 」

The child is like an unexploded bomb, because the night cry, night milk, so that you and your partner have to give up sleep, but also milking, feeding side food, diapers, really, sometimes you will want to cry a big, cry after also continue to coax the baby to sleep. And are you ready to pick it up?

Ali Wong: When you see me laughing, it's fake, fake, fake.

Through the period of dental language, even rolling belt climbing, the child is finally going to school. Many people say that this is the most angelic, but also the most demonic period, children will be innocent to ask questions, but also when you do not pay attention to make the family a mess. The school's presence has given parents a sigh of relief, as talk show actor Ali Wong says:

"Finally to start school, mother looks smile, but now I just want the teacher to take you away, I want to quickly level the bed." Thanks to the school, the thanksgiving school, the school is very good. 」

(If you don't know the world's most world-sick mom, trouble here: World-weary mom talk show Ali Wong: Do you think breast milk is great? I breast-feed just because it's free! )

Kelly Clayson: Kids take my confidence to the next level.

Why are the days so messed up that they are still willing to have children? Ask Kelly Clarkson about this:

"Kids inspire you to do a lot of great things, things you've never done before. It's a really great experience. I know, sometimes you're busy, but you're not just shaping life, you grow up with it. 」

The birth of a child will open up another orientation of life, and inspire courage to do more challenges you never thought of, and inject life into your stagnant life, not just to accompany the child to grow, you have been growing.

Having seen the stories of five celebrity moms, maybe your heart has an answer, no matter what your choices are, that's good!