KOL Thai Tyla and photographer Kat have teamed up to launch a series of bullying photography collections that are startling, but not fabricated out of thin simulation, and are full of bloody real stories.

There is no sound in your complaint.
But talk more truth.
But awakened countless sincere.
- Cai Yilin Rose Junior

In recent years, bullying incidents have gradually come to the fore, and gender is often one of the subjects.

In 2000, the death of "Rose Boy" Ye Yongxuan led to the adoption of the Gender Equality Education Act, and in 2011, male students in Yanjiang Guo were called to the building.

For more than two decades, not only these two incidents, in the public attention or surprise, today, there are still many lives lost because of bullying.

In May 2020, Kimura Flower, who was involved in the live-action film "Double Apartments," committed suicide after being bullied by the Internet; in 2019, South Korean actress Choi Shirley and Khu-ho h-hsse h-Hsieh-Dea died, rocking the South Korean performing arts community, and looking back, the two had been attacked by women and acid.

To appeal to the public to confront the issue of bullying, KOL Tyla has teamed up with photographer Kat to launch a collection of photographs. These stories are not fanciful simulations, but are self-contained, and they are adapted from the real experiences that Tai Spicer has personally experienced, seen, or received.

They only think of my body as a game.

Photo photo credit to Kat .

The protagonist of the first story, he wrote a very long, long letter.

He is a soft-spoken boy, during the boys' school, often by the students forced to remove their pants to check whether there is a "chicken", but because of resistance by many people trampled down the body, resulting in multiple bruises on the thighs and abdomen.

He was afraid of the outside world, and he feared that he would not be answered after saying it. He wanted to live lightly, but he still struggled to live to this day.

Photo photo credit to Kat .

Thai spicy: "good at patience, camouflage, whitewash taiping, once you in order to hide their true appearance, secretly swallowed how much pain?" Behind the real strength is the broken and scarred heart. 」

Malice is not accidental, it is my daily routine.

Photo photo credit to Kat .

The second place is the boys who dress as women.

One day on his way home, he was attacked and robbed, and even dragged several meters, resulting in bruising to his body. By this treatment, he did not cry collapse, but calmly went to the police station to report, but instead the police were advised: do not dress like this fancy dress in the future.

It's cruel, but it's real. For the sexual minority, those malicious, bad words are extremely ordinary daily, like a thorn, holding the victim with force. On the surface, they don't seem to have changed much, but they're in a lot of holes.

Photo photo credit to Kat .

Tai Spicy: "Our experience of growing up tells us that being treated with malice really doesn't make too much fuss, anyway, they are the way to live a good life." 」

Do you see my wounded soul.

Photo photo credit to Kat .

The third story, adapted from the well-known Ye Yongyu incident, was presented by Tai Spicy himself.

He lay on the dirty toilet floor, his eyes looking straight at the ceiling, blood spilling from behind his head. The picture is scary, but the horror may be far less than what really happened. (Same show:"The world, that's what's so scary" interview with Tai Spicy: When I lay alone on the toilet floor, I realized how bloody bullying was.

Photo photo credit to Kat .

Tai spicy: "I know the gay men alone, there are dozens of people because of the toilet was bullied and afraid to use urinating in public, Ye Yong-yin that year is also because of this, before choosing to go to the toilet, and finally became lying in the toilet pool of blood, a cold body." 」

Born innocent, guilt is the world.

Photo photo credit to Kat .

Bullying incidents are on the rise, and some people choose to forget and pretend to be okay, and some choose to speak out, to inspire others who have been or are being bullied, and to give them the strength to stand up again.

Each of us can choose who is willing to listen to them, and each of us can be one of the factors in our influence.

Out of the cabinet is a thing heterosexuals won't understand, just as boys won't understand how uncomfortable girls are about menstruation, but at least we can learn to be considerate.

Thai Spicy Tyla.

Finally, we would like to say to the same wounded Rose teenager and the sexual minority: your pain is never your fault, nor is it because you are not normal.

Facing the pain and healing heartbreak is a long road, but you have to believe that there are many people who are with you. Like the words that rose the boy sang repeatedly: Don't let anyone change you, you are you, or you, all right.

There must be so much person, will love you with all my heart.

Rose boy in my heart.
Blossoming bright legends.
We've all never forgotten.
- Cai Yilin Rose Junior

Photo photo credit to Kat .