Interview with Tyty Tyla, this time we'll have a chat about sex.

This is the second time to see Tai Spicy himself, he wore a casual and formal white shirt, a new hair color.

Unchanged is, whenever facing the camera, Thai spicy is always comfortable and self-confident, what style is difficult to defeat him.

We invited Tyson to talk about his thoughts on sex. If you're curious, look down!

The first "no sleeve", the first screening.

For sex, Thai spicy advocates before the relationship to have a relationship, so as not to find that sexual things are not compatible, dilemma.

After all, there are hundreds of kinds of people, there are thousands of forms of relationships, and of course there are preferences for sex. From the length of time, the frequency of occurrence, to the process of interaction and hand-to-hand, are like feelings, the need for two people to run into each other.

To treat a person well, you must first learn to respect his body, his self-awareness, his want and not.

Tai spiced about a one-off experience that took place during his college years.

At that time, he and a school master in the course of sexual activity, the school master suddenly asked him if he could not wear a condom. 」

This scene, probably a lot of people have also experienced. You and the partner or date to do half, he wants to do not do protective measures to enter your body, you feel this does not seem right, but the current atmosphere is right, you are afraid of bad mood, so gritted teeth reluctantly agreed, but in hindsight but worried for a while.

"I hesitated a little, but I did it. "I didn't think it was serious at that time, " said Tai, slowly. 」

Although I do not know whether there is a correlation, but in the next two weeks, as long as the Thai spicy urinate, the lower body will be painful, and even began to pus. He went to the hospital and fortunately found it was only urethritis.

For the sake of insurance, the doctor asked about the history of sex, and Tai Spicy told the doctor about the case without wearing a suit.

"The doctor said, then you have to do an AIDS screening. Hear the two words of AIDS, let the Thai hot instant leg soft, stand not too up. "I just remember waiting for the process, I've been crying, the time has become so long, that state affects me very deeply. 」

At that time, Thai spicy is only in his early teens, and has not yet come out of the cabinet with the home. "If it does happen, all my future plans may be different. He recalled the scene, and everything was in sight.

The final test results were negative, no abnormality, he immediately fell in the arms of a friend crying. And after learning the lesson, and then every time the sex, Thai spicy will say to himself: "No matter how happy at the moment, must not wear a condom." 」

Gender issues or AIDS screening are not just gay issues.

All along, gay men have often been stigmatized and labeled aids. Many people of concern also often use this as a means of attacking the gay community.

On one occasion, Thai hot husband because of the decline of immunity led to a hole in the throat. After the consultation, the doctor suddenly asked them what the relationship was.

"I said we are partners. The doctor continued to ask, 'Are you gay? Thai spicy imitation re-emerged at the time, "Do you want to do a screening for AIDS?" 』」

Although to some extent they understood the doctor's position and considerations, but this matter still makes Tyson very unhappy.

Perhaps in such a social climate, gay men tend to be more active than heterosexuals. "I have a lot of gay friends who and their partners regularly do screening and know each other's results. However, heterosexuals are often less likely to feel that they are at risk of AIDS. 」

In fact, according to the Department of Health and Disease Control, in the case of HIV, there are only high-risk behaviours and no high-risk groups.

The general public may feel that sex workers, gays, clients, drug addicts will be infected with AIDS, this Council calls for an important concept, do not wear condom protection of sexual behavior, sex with unknown objects in the past, sharing needles and dilution and other unsafe behavior, is the main cause of aids transmission, and whether men or women, homosexuals or heterosexuals, there is a risk of infection of these actors. - Health Department of the Cdc.

It means that AIDS has nothing to do with sexual orientation, but with your habit of having sex.

The treatment and screening procedures for AIDS have been improving, but the perception may still linger in the belief that it is obscure and unclean and should not be discussed or hyped up in public. Imagine how many heterosexuals you have around you who have taken the initiative to do AIDS screening?

"That's what people are, they don't care about things that have nothing to do with him. Tae said with a frank ness.

It's true.

He cites his experience as A KOL as an example. The spicy YouTube channel, which has more than 150,000 subscribers, facebook and Instagram, also has more than 60,000 followers, but he found that the response to bullying was relatively small compared to emotional or variety films.

Nevertheless, these social issues must be addressed, and these reforms must be promoted.

Thai spicy: "Through different people to convey, can achieve different effects." 」

If everyone tries to exert a little influence, they can slowly change society. For example: Thai Spicy launched bullying photography collection, Cai Yilin singing rose juvenile, women fans to provide a gender perspective from the media community. (Same show: Sex bullying photography set: looking at the toilet ceiling, I know I'm dying, but I can't make a cry for help)

Whether it's the gender issue we're talking about a lot, or the AIDS screening we're talking about today, it's not just a matter for a particular ethnic group.

If you're gay, we want to tell you that you're not alone, and if you're heterosexual, expect you to focus on these things with us.

Back to the topic of AIDS screening, Thai spicy calls for a change in concept first. "It's about caring about your health. Now AIDS screening channels are many, easy, very secret, even you can online to order screening packages, their own at home, so do not have to be afraid to be labeled. 」

Feelings and sex require communication to be comfortable with each other.

Then I asked a practical question: What if someone's other half wants to try not to wear a suit, but he feels a little uneasy about himself?

After thinking about it, Tai said in a light-hearted tone: "If you don't want to, say how you feel, and then respect each other, just like everything else in your feelings." 」

It's close to his core values, and it's the focus he always talks about when it comes to love - that your partner needs to go long and get closer to each other. When there are big and small disputes in the process, the only way to resolve them is to communicate with each other.

Thai spicy: between the two, there must be a great distance. There can be no distance between man and man, no distance is terrible, but we can get close to each other together. 」

In the 20s to 30s, in about ten years, Thai hot has met a lot of people.

There is deep love for him, but he consciously does not cherish; there is him even if the whole to the extreme, the other side still do not pay; there is no lack of time or long or short date. Because Thai spicy experienced many different emotional patterns, in the vast sea of people and a variety of options, he finally found the best fit for their partner.

What's more, he and his other half are willing to communicate with each other, practice constantly, and polish the relationship patterns that belong exclusively to them, the happiest and most comfortable.

About sex. Do you know what kind of animal you are incarnate about in sex? Point me to quiz!